Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cubs ink Aaron Miles, DeRosa to the Indians?? UPDATES!

UPDATE-3:30pm- There is some speculation and talk around baseball that the 3 players acquired from the Indians maybe used to get Brian Roberts and not Jake Peavy. This is just talk and speculation but still something I wanted to let you guys in on. I find it curious that the Cubs would sign Miles if they planned on getting Roberts so that seems fishy, unless they include Cedeno, Theriot, or Fontenot in a deal for Roberts. That is the only way it makes somewhat sense to me.

UPDATE- 2:10pm- According to Bruce Miles and Bruce Levine, the Cubs ownership situation will have to resolved before a deal for Peavy is completed. It also should be noted that the Cubs have saved about 9 million dollars by making deals for Miles and Vizcaino, that 9 million will likely go to the first year of Milton Bradley's multi-year contract.

UPDATE!!!!!!! 12:30pm- Levine and Onley are saying it is a done deal for Mark DeRosa to the Tribe for three minor league pitchers; Jeff Stevens, Chris Archer and John Caub.

Here is stats on each-

Jeff Stevens
Chris Archer
John Caub

It is rumored that these 3 pitchers will be sent along with others( maybe Pie, Cedeno, and/or Guzman) to the Padres for Jake Peavy. It is just a rumor right now but so far Levine has been right on with everything he has said that past 24 hours. Will Peavy be a New Year surprise??? Only time will tell!

-According to Bruce Levine and Chicago Sun-Times the Cubs have signed Aaron Miles to a two year deal worth 4.9 million dollars. This will allow the Cubs now to trade Mark DeRosa and give a full time starting job to Mike Fontenot at 2b(which I think he will do great at).

Miles by the way is a switch hitter and did very well in a Cardinal uniform. He hit .317 with a .355 OBP with 4 homers and 31 RBI last season. It will definitely lessen the blow of losing DeRosa while Miles can play every position on the infield, he too has played some outfield.

- Bruce Levine has been working some overtime today saying that a deal is close that would send Mark DeRosa to the Indians for two or three young pitchers. Levine has scooped the Aaron Miles, the Marquis to Rox, Milton Bradley "done deal" signing, and that the Cubs are "back in the mix" for Peavy. He has really poured in the news and rumors over the last 24 hours. So far he has been right on all!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bruce Levine Update!

UPDATE-10:45pm- According to David Kaplan on Comcast Sportsnet Chicago, the Cubs are on the verge of signing Milton Bradley to a multi-year deal. A deal is expected to be announced next week after the new year.

UPDATE-7:25pm- The Marquis/Vizcaino deal is done and will be announced next 3 to 4 days.

Bruce was just on ESPN 1000 and has some good Cubs updates. Lets have a look-

- He said the Cubs ownership situation should be resolved "sometime in January."

- The Marquis trade will be completed the next 3-4 days and the Cubs will save 5.5 million or so.

- They are planning to use that money to sign Bradley, which he said the deal is done and will happen by next week.

- He also said there is about 2 to 3 teams that are talking to the Cubs about DeRosa and he could be traded within the next 3-5 days. WOW! That is a surprising comment from Levine!

- The prospects gained from trading DeRosa would be added to a deal for Peavy.

- Hendry is moving money around so these deals will happen.

- Vizcaino maybe traded before he puts on a Cubs uniform.

I would hate to lose DeRosa but if it nets us Bradley and Peavy, I am all for it!

Finally Marquis Traded???

Thanks to a poster for this!

ESPN's Steve Phillips is reporting that the Rockies and Cubs are close to trading Jason Marquis for Luis Vizcanio. Vizcaino is owed 3.5 million for next season with a 4 million dollar option for 2010 and 500K buyout.

Vizcanio is a 34 year old righty with some issues off the field but is a decent RP. He did well in 2006 with the Dbacks but watched his ERA go up each year after that. He would be a nice guy to add to the pen especially if the Cubs decide to let Jeff Samarjiza start next season. It could also open the door for Sean Marshall or Angel Guzman to join the rotation.

I am wondering if the deal would involve the Cubs sending money to the Rockies or if it is just a straight trade with each team swapping contracts.

I will let you know when more details come out.

Cubs News and Notes.....

- Buster Olney said something on Sunday that got a lot of people stressing. He said that the Cubs "have maxed out their spending for the winter." With the talks about Abreu, Bradley, Dunn, Lowe, and Peavy throughout the winter how can Olney say something like that. This is his thoughts in my opinion. He does not site a source on this information and I think it is just so he can have people read his column. Honestly not a lot to worry about.

- I do think the Cubs would prefer to wait until the ownership situation is somewhat resolved before they make deals. They said that the new owner could complete a deal by ST but it is likely the Cubs will know the owner sometime in January, which them would give the Cubs the go ahead to spend money on a left hand hitting RF. I also think the Cubs are waiting for Tim Redding to sign so they can trade Marquis and about half his contract. The Rockies have been saying they can only absorb about 3 million( which will not work for the Cubs).

I suggest the Cubs call the Mets and purpose a Brian Schneider for Marquis trade. Brian is owed 5.4 million for this season(earned extra .5 million for being traded) and 4.9 for 2010. Marquis is owed 9.875 million for this season. The Cubs would get a good defending left-handed hitting catcher to back up Soto. The Mets get an inning eater to fill out the 5th spot in the rotation that will only cost them 4.475 million for one year( which is a steal). The Mets then could sign Hendry Blanco for less money than Schneider and have a veteran presence and better defensive backstop to mentor Castro. This trade makes sense for both teams.

- Rumors are very slow, I will try to update this site as much as possible during this slow period. If you hear any rumors or Cubs talk feel free to post!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Randy off the Market, Marquis headed to Coors, and Cubs to get bullpen help?

- Randy Johnson will not be a Cub next season but Andy Pettite could be. The Cubs want to add some kind of veteran lefty to the rotation but first have to trade Marquis and about half his contract. The Cubs have discussed Andy internally according to a source close to the Cubs.

- The Rockies have shifted their focus from Tim Redding to Jason Marquis according to Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News. Some names rumored in a deal for Marquis are Jason Hirsh or Franklin Morales. The Rockies do not want to get in a bidding battle with teams like the Mets and Orioles for Redding. The Mets are using Marquis as a backup plan if they can't sign Redding. An ideal situation is some team besides the Mets and Rockies sign Redding that way the Cubs can play both the Mets and Rockies against each other so they can get the best players and pay not as much for Marquis' contract.

- The Cubs are looking at Japanese pitchers Ken Kadokura and Shingeki Noguchi according to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune. Both were let go by the Yomiuri Giants and maybe signed but more than likely invited to Spring Training. It is also said that the players could be used to make Fukudome feel more comfortable.

- Here is a good read why the Cubs should sign Adam Dunn. We agree on a lot except moving Soriano to RF and putting Dunn in LF.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays To Everyone!

Thanks For Reading and Posting on Hot Stove Cubbies!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Radio Rumors and More....

Here is some Christmas Eve rumors for everyone.

- Ed Randall reported during his show on XM Radio Tuesday night that he heard Milton Bradley was heading to the Angels. We have not heard anything about him becoming an Angel today's so it seems it is just a rumor and nothing more.

- Dan Haynes and David Kaplan discusses Jake Peavy on Monday. He said talks between the Cubs and Padres are not totally dead. This supports Rosenthal's comments Monday somewhat and Towers quotes recently.

- The play by play of the Nationals said the Nats are interested in Adam Dunn but also heard the Cubs had some talks with the power hitting lefty.

- It has been rumored that the market for slugger Alfonso Soriano has taken shape. We heard earlier this winter that the Cubs have made and taken calls about Soriano but there was only some interest. Now that the bats of Ibanez and Teixeira have found new homes more teams are contacting the Cubs about Soriano. Soriano has 106 million over 6 years which looks like a steal to some teams compared to the deal Tex got. Plus the Cubs would pay a portion of this contract which is also a plus. Teams that are rumored already to be interested in Soriano are the Angels, Nationals( yet again), Dodgers, and yes even the Yankees(only if they unload 2 of their outfielders though). Keep an eye on this situation because each of these teams have good pieces that I would love to see in Cubbie blue! I will keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.

- Here is an "Unfound Rumor" for you guys. I am getting some emails regarding the Angels calling the Cubs about the availability of Derrek Lee. Lee has 2 years 26 million left on his contract which is a steal at rate this free agent market is going. I did not hear any names that we would get in return but I would love to get guys like Figgins, Willits, Aybar, Nick Adenhart, or Kenny Morales. I will let you know if I hear anything more on this situation as well.

Happy Holidays To Everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Outfield Guys on the Radar and Other Notes..

- Since the signing of Mark Teixeira by the Yankees they are going to look to trade one or two of Melky Cabrera, Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, Xavier Nady, or Nick Swisher. The Cubs were interested in trading for Swisher before they signed Fukudome last season, so there might be interest there. Nady does not appeal to the Cubs because he is right handed, nor does Cabrera because he is an unapproved hitter. But Matsui, Damon, and Swisher are all guys that could interest the Cubs.

- Ken Rosenthal says the Cubs are confident about signing Milton Bradley. He also says do not be surprised if the talks for Peavy heat up and get centered around the Angels and Cubs. Here is some quotes from Towers-

"If it heats up, nobody is going to know it," Padres GM Kevin Towers said. "As of right now, we're not talking to anybody. And we don't plan on calling anybody.

"We've got a pretty good idea which teams that Jake would maybe consider. If they call, we'll listen to what they have to say. If it's enticing enough, we'll approach Barry and Jake."

I would still prefer if the Cubs got him but the price would have to come down for sure!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Marquis WIll Be Traded?? Adam Dunn... Hendry talk....

- It seems like the Cubs will trade Jason Marquis before opening day or even before the new year. The O's, Rockies, Mets, and Brewers are all looking for back of the of the rotation inning eaters. Those teams are looking at guys like Redding, Looper, and Marquis. The Brewers seem close to signing Looper, leaving three teams fighting for 2 players. My bet is Marquis to the Mets.

- The Adam Dunn situation is picking up some steam. Reported on Friday, I dropped the idea of Adam Dunn signing a discounted deal to play for the Cubs. It is reported that he is not looking for not a huge deal but a fair one. A source with MLBTR says the Cubs have"expressed pleasantries" with Dunn's agent, nothing more. Bradley is still the Cubs first choice, but would you take Adam Dunn for less money and/or years??? I would!

Bradley is reportedly wanting 3 year contract around 10-12 million a year. He has some injury concerns and whether he can play 140+ games. He is a good bat, switch hitter, and can play CF, so that is a plus.

Adam Dunn made 13 million last year but is unlikely to make that this year due to Ibanez's 3 years 31 million dollar contract labeled as a "ceiling" for an outfielder. Dunn has some defensive liabilities but can rake. It is likely he would take a 2-3 year contract worth about 7-9 million a year.

Which would you prefer-

Dunn- 3 years 26 million- Good Guy- Cubs are first choice-healthy- can play RF/LF/1b- less of a complete hitter.

Bradley- 3 years 32 million- Hot Head- Still talking to other teams- health issues- switch hitter- can play all three outfield spots decently- a complete hitter.

I pick Dunn!

- Hendry was on with Kaplan Friday, so lets check out the points-

****** Hendry would like to add a left-handed or switch hitting bat to the lineup.

****** Hendry said the Cubs would love to add a starter, but the new owner would have to sign off on it.

****** The Cubs do not know who their new owner is yet.

****** Hendry said the Cubs always have the door open if Maddux wants to return as a coach, player, etc.

****** Hendry was asked about Adam Dunn and he said he likes his power numbers and how he is an on-base guy.

****** He said the Cubs have not counted out adding anyone.

I am sure more is to come!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dunn, Bradley, and others...

- According to David Kaplan and others sources, Adam Dunn wants to play on the northside if the Cubs will have him. Kaplan went further to says "he wants to play here in the worst way." I have also even heard that Dunn would be willing to take below market value to play for the Cubs. I say sign him and let him hit 40+ homers for the Cubs!

- The Cubs have interest in southpaw Fu-Te Ni. He is a free agent but recently played for Taiwan.

- Lou and Jim really want Bradley but have concerns about his health and price of 10 million a year. If Bradley becomes a cancer, the Cubs would not have much space for another over paid player that does not fit. The Cubs also have been said to have "limited" interest in Abreu because of his age, asking price, and he is not a Lou "kind of player."

- The Rockies are trying to decide whether to sign Redding or trade for Marquis. The Mets also have interest in both. It seems whoever gets Redding the other will get Marquis. It would be nice to unload about half his contract on someone.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Trades To come and Bradley "framework" being talked about?? Really Bored!

- It seems that Jim has been busy after the Winter Meetings in Vegas. He has been contacted by several clubs proposing trades according to Hendry. He of course did not disclose the teams or players but it is interesting! It has been rumored a lot of teams are interested in outfielder Felix Pie with the Pirates, Orioles, and Marlins named potential suitors. I like Nate McLouth from the Pirates, Luke Scott from the O's, and Jeremy Hermida from the Marlins. Get one of those Jim!

- According to the Sun-Times, the Cubs "have had talks about at least the framework of a potential deal" for switch hitter Milton Bradley.

- Could the Cubs trade both Soriano and Lee to the Angels???( No this is not a rumor, just a thought) Here is my thoughts-

****** If the Angels do not land Tex then they could turn to Manny or another big bat for a similar price. Why not Soriano and Lee?? There combined salary for next season would be 29 million and they reportedly offered Tex around 20 million a year. The Cubs would of course have to put some money into a deal( I am guessing 10 million for this season and maybe 30-40 million over the next 5 seasons) but what a salary purge it would be for the Cubs. The Angels would get a good defensive glove at first and two good bats in their lineup.

****** If the Cubs did pay about 40-50 million over the next 6 seasons for 6 years for Soriano and 2 years of Lee they would actually be saving 70-80 million over the next 6 seasons(12 to 14 million a year).

****** Why would the Cubs trade Soriano and Lee besides salary relief?? Well Lee's numbers have not been the same since his wrist woes and Soriano is a streaky hitter and the Cubs need less of those on this team. Plus if you did in fact trade them to the Angels I imagine you could get some nice ML ready players or prospects to stock the minor league system or flip to get a guy like Peavy, Roberts, etc. They have guys like Reggie Willits, Howie Kendrick, Erik Aybar, Brandon Wood, Jared Weaver, Ervin Santana, Nick Adenhart, or Kevin Jepsen could be in a deal for Lee and Soriano. I would not mind any of those names on the Cubs.

****** Now why would the Cubs create two big holes in the lineup as well as in the field by trading them?? Remember the 70-80 million you could save over the next 6 season you would use that to get a more balanced lineup, more power, higher OBP and solid hitters. The Cubs budget as it stands can take on a contract like Bradley( he will get about 10-12 million a year). Here is what I suggest they do. Sign Bradley to a 3 year deal worth 11 million a year, sign Adam Dunn to a 3 year deal worth about 13 million a year, stick DeRosa at 1b in a platoon role with Hoffpauier, and use some of the players you acquired from the Angles along with players like Cedeno and Pie to get Brian Roberts. The Cubs would basically have the same amount in payroll for next season if they were just to keep Lee and Soriano and sign Bradley. But instead they would get a switch hitter with decent defense and hard nosed attitude, a big power bat in Dunn to play LF, and finally a legitimate leadoff man.

Check out the lineup-

Against Lefty

1.Roberts 2b
2.Theriot SS
3. Bradley RF
4. Aram 3b
5. Soto C
6. Dunn LF
7. DeRosa 1b
8. Johnson CF
9. Pitcher

Against Righty

1. Roberts 2b
2. Fontenot SS
3. Bradley RF
4. Aram3b
5. Dunn LF
6. Soto C
7. Hoffpauier 1b
8. Fukudome CF
9. Pitcher

***** It would give Lou so many options for the lineups and positions. DeRosa can play everywhere, Dunn can play RF/LF/1b, Font and Theriot can play MI, Bradley, Johnson, and Fukudome can play all three outfield positions. The only 3 position players in the everyday lineup that can't play any other positions are Soto, Aram, and the pitcher.

Like I said this is just a thought and by no means a rumor but I honestly think this could work if Lee and Soriano waive their no trade clauses, the Angels lose out on Tex, and they are willing to take on salary that they would have gave to Tex anyways.

Guess I am just bored with the lack of rumors. LOL

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cubs in on Lowe??? Trading Marquis?? Cubs Need a Right Fielder!

- Derrek Lowe could land with the Cubs?? According to baseball people that Jon Heyman talked to, Chicago could be a landing spot for Lowe. He said since the Cubs were trying to trade for Peavy and his 63 million dollar contract over 4 years they could sign Lowe to replace him with a similar contract and not have to trade anyone to get him. He also says some baseball guys think the Peavy talks will heat up and I think so too. The Cubs do have competition for Lowe like the Braves, Red Sox, Mets, Phillies, Dodgers, and Angels.

- The Cubs are still trying to trade Marquis but with the market flooded with middle to the back of the rotation pitchers, he will not likely get traded until the market slims down. The Rockies and Mets remain interested.

- If Bradley signs with someone else besides the Cubs, there fall back option is Bobby Abreu. The Cubs do not like his price or age but he is the next best thing according to some Cub officials. If the Cubs do not get Abreu or Bradley expect them to turn all there attention to Adam Dunn. Another rumored option is Garrett Anderson.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cubs to sign Gathright??? UPDATE

UPDATE @ 11:45 am- The Cubs have signed speedy defensive outfielder to a one year deal worth $800,000. He has a lifetime 74% success rate on steals, which is pretty damn good!

According to and the Score out of Chicago the Cubs have Joey Gathright on there radar and could sign him soon. He was non-tendered by the Royals on Friday. This guys is considered one of the fastest guys in baseball and would compete for a spot on the bench. He would add speed and a left handed bat to this team. If the Cubs sign him it would be hard to argue that it is not a good signing. Low risk, high reward.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Tidbits and.... OH NO! Peavy Talk????

- Bruce Levine said the Cubs have worked out Bradley and he is the main priority of the Cubs. He also thinks he will be signed right around the new year.

- The Brewers were a player in a potential deal for Peavy in a round about way. Kevin Towers was ready to take on Marquis and then flip him to the Brewers for two pitching prospects. The Brewers like Marquis and the fact the Cubs would pay 4-6 million of his contract would help. I think this is one deal that should be made within the division. How about Marquis for a couple of pitching prospects??

- Are you ready for it??? Bruce Levine said on talking baseball that "most people think it's over, its is not." This referring to the Jake Peavy to Cubs saga. There is a lot of people who do not agree with him but that is what he is hearing. He said the two sides continue to talk and unless the Cubs trade players that would be involved in a deal for Peavy or he is traded somewhere besides the Cubs they will still work towards a deal. He added the Padres must trade Peavy and cannot wait. That is why Towers had a self imposed deadline at the meetings and him saying they will hold onto him is just posturing to see if the Cubs or another team will flinch. He has been told by the owner of the Padres to deal Peavy and his contract because of the divorce settlement. He remains to say that Peavy has only approved trades to teams named the Cubs, Stros, and Braves. It also should be noted that neither Towers or Hendry would tell Levine that a deal is dead.

Stay Tuned!

- The Cubs still like Mark Teahen but not as a everyday player. Levine said the Cubs want to add two left-handed bats this off season and like the Teahen and how he is a lefty version of DeRosa.

- With the tendered contracts and 1 year deals the Cubs payroll is now sitting at 131.875 million the way the roster is right now. The Cubs still need a switch hitting or lefty bat( Bradley), maybe a lefty reliever(??), bench bat( Teahen/Figgins), and catcher(Blanco/Bako/or in house Hill??). With those in mind the Cubs payroll could reach 145-150 million for start of next season.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bradley is Cubs "Singular Priority"...and a new name????

According to the Chicago Sun-Times the Cubs have made Bradley their only priority. The Cubs did consider Raul Ibanez but he signed with the Phillies. Now the Cubs are just focused on Bradley according to Cubs officials. Another person close to Bradley says the Cubs are at the top of his list of teams to play for. No agreement or formal offer has been made although.

I think Bradley would not only bring a big switch hitting bat to this lineup, he would bring his hot headed attitude(which I love and the Cubs need). To me Bradley is the perfect fit as far as attitude, switch hitter, decent speed, can play all three outfield positions, and the best defensive out of the three big names remaining.


The Cubs are still in the mix for Randy Johnson, especially if they trade Jason Marquis. The Cubs like Johnson's hard nosed attitude, his veteran leadership, and the upside of his stuff. He would likely cost less than Marquis and would be only a one year deal worth about 6-8 million. If the Cubs trade Marquis they would like to sign Johnson. Johnson has also received interest from the Giants and Dodgers.


If the Cubs decide to trade one of there infielders( probably Cedeno) they could target 41 year old free agent Omar Vizquel. Vizguel could take a one year deal worth 1 million from a team. He would be nice veteran presence along with DeRosa to mentor guys like Fontenot and Theriot. God knows Omar could help Theriot take better routes to the ball. Omar would provide a good late inning defensive replacement, plus he is a switch hitter!

To me this would be a no brainer for the Cubs!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Peavy Details Come Out and Other Rumors.

I just thought you all would like to know some of the Peavy details that we have not heard yet-

- Towers kept putting Sean Marshall on the table and the Cubs never agreed to trade him according to the Chicago Sun-Times. He also says the main sticking point in the deal was the 2010 season with raises due to a lot of players.

- Check this out from the Daily Herald-

Hendry certainly didn’t seem happy that Padres GM Kevin Towers kept throwing names of other teams’ players out to the media. Hendry put up with it for a chance to get Peavy, but it galled him nonetheless. Maybe that’s a lesson learned for “Tampering Towers,” as he’s called by some in the baseball industry. Towers really has no one to blame but himself for painting himself into such a corner.

- Here is what Barry Axlerod said on XM radio last night-

***** Peavy was looking forward to pitching in Chicago.
***** They were sure a deal would get done.
***** As of right now the talks are off the table(could this mean they could start up again?)
***** Peavy is frustrated about the whole situation
***** According to Towers, Axelrod, and Kaplan the talks have been "tabled" and they are "not dead"
***** According to baseball sources the Cubs are still optimistic they can acquire Peavy.
***** Peavy was writing GO CUBS GO on autograph baseballs in Vegas.

That is it for Peavy, FOR NOW!


- The Phillies have officially signed Raul Ibanez for a 3 year 30 million dollar deal, leaving the Cubs likely to sign either Abreu, Bradley, or Dunn. Bradley is the most likely because he can play all three outfield positions, he has more speed, and a guy with good avg and OBP. I expect the Cubs to sign Bradley for a similar deal like 3 years 33 million dollars.

- Lou was really uspset about the idea of him losing Mark DeRosa. I can't blame him , he was the Cubs MVP last season.

- No non-tendered players this year. Gaudin avoided arbitration and got a one year deal. Gregg, Cedeno, Weurtz, Cotts, and Johnson were all tendered contracts.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peavy talks off or are they?? Other Rumors.

Lets start with the Peavy thing-

- Kevin Towers said the proposed deal with the Cubs for Peavy is dead. The Cubs pulled out of the deal. The Angels are still interested but Kevin Towers does not want to discuss any deals for Peavy at this time. Thank God!!!!

- The Cubs "remain optimistic that they can acquire Peavy, all but ignored Towers' self-imposed deadline." Link

- This is something from MLBTR-

Talked to a person familiar with the Cubs' thinking...he really could not see the Cubs revisiting a Peavy trade. The Padres need to get Peavy's $63MM off the books soon, yet were trying to swing 6-for-1 or 7-for-1 deals for him despite the extremely limited market. Marshall was never in the mix, by the way.

- Buster Onley said today on Baseball Tonight that he feels the trade is not dead and could come full circle if the Cubs are to trade Marquis and get there left-handed bat.

This whole Peavy situation really angered me. All this back and fourth reminded me of the Brian Roberts situation( even the demands). If you think about this, Hendry did the right thing. If you look at the deal the Twins got for Santana and the rumored 7 for 1 trade for Peavy along with the contract, it is ridiculous. I understand Towers was trying to get as much bang for his buck but the Padres owner said he wanted Peavy's deal off the books and he did not get it done. I still think it is possible a deal could get done but first and foremost the Cubs need a middle of the order left-handed hitter.

I think Hendry did the right thing here. Good Job!


- Jon Heyman says the Cubs and Mets are now talking about a Jason Marquis trade. The Cubs will have to eat some of his salary unless they do what Heyman suggested and take Scott Schoeneweis.

I would take Scott Schoeneweis for Marquis straight up. He would be the other lefty in the pen plus he posted 3.34 ERA last season. He is owed 3.6 million next season.

Other guys that would help and be a good trade for the Cubs is Ryan Church( who is arbitration eligible) or Brian Schneider(who is owed 4.9 million next season) who could provide a veteran behind the plate and a part time catcher who bat lefty.

- Raul Ibanez says his preferred destination is Philly. It is also stated that that the Phillies are stepping up their efforts. This makes the Cubs choices down to Bradley, Abreu, or Dunn, they have not had any other talks recently with other clubs or players. It should be noted that the Rays, White Sox, and Mets like Abreu and the Rays are also in on Bradley. With hardly any interest at the moment for Adam Dunn. Bruce Levine also said Bradley wants to play for the Cubs by the way.

- The Cubs are still interested in Randy Johnson. I would prefer him over Marquis.

- The Reds selected one player in Thursday's Rule 5 Draft and immediately traded him in a pre-arranged deal. Right-handed reliever David Patton was selected from the Rockies' Triple-A roster and was subsequently sent to the Cubs in exchange for cash. Patton was 4-5 with a 3.54 ERA in 50 relief appearances.

- I think the Cubs should still entertain offers for Mark DeRosa, especially since the Cubs would get Figgins as a replacement if he is traded. I love Figgins!

Working today.

I have to work today unfortunately so I will not be able to update the rumors like I have the past 2 days. Here is some links already for today-

Cubs talk to Angels about Figgins

Cubs like 3 outfielders

Peavy update

I will update after work today!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Peavy Update

Here is some more updates-

-East coast bias Jayson Stark said Peavy to the Cubs doesn't seem inevitable anymore, and the sides have not made progress in the last 24 hours. He also says the Cubs do not want to trade DeRosa.

- Corey Brock said Towers should know one way or another if Peavy will be traded by the end of the Meetings. He also says a 4th team will be required. He also says Marquis and DeRosa maybe hangups. He said the Padres may have to pay some of his contract even though they do not want to. He went on to say a Padres source said one rumored deal that would land the Padres shortstop Jason Donald or pitcher Carlos Carrasco from the Phillies was entirely false. He did say the Cubs package would include Josh Vitters, Pie, and Hart in a deal.

Day 3 of Winter Meetings. UPDATE!

BIG NEWS!!!!!- is reporting there is a mega trade proposed that will land the Cubs Jake Peavy. ESPN's Steve Phillips reported a 3 team, seven-player scenario that would land the Cubs 07 Cy Young award winner.

The Phillies would send either Happ or Carrassco plus SS Jason Donald to the Cubs for Mark DeRosa. The Cubs would them send they two young Phillies to the Padres along with Jason Marquis, Felix Pie, and Josh Vitters. Both the Cubs and Phillies would be giving up a lot, but the Cubs would not give up Marshall or anyone that would create a huge hole in the lineup or rotation. The Cubs would have to pick part of Marquis' contract( 4 million or so) to make it work.

DeRosa was labeled untouchable by one source but another said he is not and has been talked about in several trades since he is owed 5.5 million next season and is in the final year of his contract. DeRosa would be back home if traded to Philly because he played QB at Penn.

Gotta be honest this is a great trade for the Cubs. They will be getting rid of 5.5 million of DeRosa's contract while putting Fontenot at 2b full time or platooning him with Theriot at 2b allowing the Cubs to get a SS thru trade or free agency. Also the Cubs would be getting rid of 5 million of Marquis' contract, cancelling out Peavy's contract for next season. Which leaves good money to land a middle of the order left-handed hitter or leadoff man. Plus the Cubs do not have to give up Marshall who would be the 6th starter on this team and lefty long reliever in the pen.

Love this deal! Hope it goes down!

To add to the BIG NEWS POST-

Bruce Levine's blog said that Jim Hendry has had lunch with Seth Levinson, who represents Milton Bradley and Raul Ibanez. Also at lunch today Lou told Bruce that the Cubs will have a left-handed hitter for their lineup within the next couple of days. He thinks it probably Bradley and I tend to agree with him.

It should be noted that baseball sources told him that Bradley has already been looked at by Cubs trainers during the last month.

Great News!!!!


UPDATE @ 6:45 pm- Corey Brock of says a Padres source said the Twins are not involved in a potential Peavy deal.

UPDATE @ 6:30 pm- Buster Onley of says the Yankees have talked about Peavy with the Padres but those talks did not really advance. Poor Buster trying to get his east coast bias in the trade for Peavy talk. He fails to realize that Towers has said it is either the Cubs or he will keep Peavy plus Peavy will not accept a trade to any team except the Cubs. Too bad Buster!

UPDATE @ 4:30 pm- Buster Olney says that Peavy's agent Barry Axelrod has left the meetings with no word of a deal but the Cubs are still expected to get it done.

UPDATE @ 4:15 pm- Corey Brock says the Padres might want Scott Hairston in a deal.

UPDATE @ 4:00 pm- Carrie Mustkat says according to her source the Cubs will not trade Derosa. She adds there is no time table for a deal to get done even though the Phillies, Cubs and Padres still are talking about a deal.

UPDATE @ 11:58 am- Bruce Levine is reporting a deal is still being worked on but the scenario is being mentioned. The Cubs sending DeRosa to Philly for Happ and a second pitcher. The Cubs would then send Happ, Hart, Marquis, Vitters and the other Phills pitcher to the Padres in exchange for Peavy. The Cubs would eat about 4 million of the contract.( Bruce might be off a bit on this one or missing some pieces, because that does not sound like enough).

He also said along with the deal for Peavy the Cubs are working on a trade to bring in an outfielder.

This contradicts almost all reports earlier today.

Here is some rumors from day three-

- No Peavy deal is close according to ESPN.

- Gordon Wittenmyer says the Cubs biggest challenge is the Cubs moving Jason Marquis' contract and the other is the Padres clearing spots in the 40 man roster. He also says the Cubs' is not an issue. ( regardless of what other media says)He also goes onto says the Phillies do not expect to get DeRosa but other players( I am assuming maybe Cedeno or Guzman??) and he also said the idea of Carlos Zambrano being traded after acquiring Peavy is untrue.

- Jim Salisbury says that Kyle Kendrick could be included in this three team trade.

- StarTribune says the Twins and Cubs have talked about a deal that would send them Mark DeRosa and get them involved in the Peavy trade( I am wondering if Delmon Young could be apart of this). The Twins also have a lot of young pitching that could help the Cubs land Peavy. They also like Kevin Kouzmanoff.

Lets try a 4 way trade with the Phillies, Cubs, Padres, and Twins-

Cubs get Peavy

Phillies get Guzman and Cedeno

Twins get Derosa, Pie, and Kouzmanoff

Padres get Vitters, Kendrick, Marshall, Delmon Young, and two young pitching prospects from Twins.

- It looks like the O's maybe falling out of the three way trade. They just signed Cesar Izturis.

- Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune said a Phillies source said a deal is in place if the Cubs will pull the trigger with the Padres. Sullivan talked to Crane Kenney who implied the projected budgets for the bidders did in fact include Peavy's contract if they acquired him.

SO no more BS about the "sale of the team" and "having to get permission from prospective buyers" mainstream media!!!!!!

- Towers said that the two sides have made a lot of progress since last night and said "we're just not there yet"

-In non-Peavy news Bradley might be close to signing with the Cubs according to the Chicago Tribune. The Cubs have said they want a middle of the order left handed bat and deal Marquis before moving onto "other business" and they might be close to crossing one off there list. The Cubs also have some interest in Bobby Abreu but there has been no formal talks, even thought Peter Greenberg said Abreu is interested in the Cubs.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Peavy Deal Done By Thursday?!?! UPDATE!

Here is the latest Peavy rumors from Vegas-

UPDATED @ 9:30 pm- has Kevin Towers saying "looks more likely today than yesterday" that a deal gets done with the Cubs. Jim and Kevin met today and will meet again tonight to try to get Jake dealt to the Cubs. The main hold up is Marquis' contract.

- Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said today "if we can get one or two teams to agree on something, we're ready to move." I think he is talking about the Peavy trade.

- Stark rolls in with another comment from his source that down plays the Cubs and the Peavy trade. He says no deal is imminent and if a deal is agreed upon it will no happen until after the meetings because the Cub and Padres "still have a lot of work to do" to get the deal done. He also says both sides should have some sort of an announcement Thursday whether they are moving on or a trade is complete.

- According to sources the Cubs are not close with Bradley, in fact the Cubs are now looking at Abreu because he will not cost any draft picks and may cost less because the RF is not as strong as everyone thought.

Thought this deserved a new entry-

According to ESPN NEWS, Peavy is close to being traded to the Cubs in a three team deal. Kevin Towers said the deal WILL be done by Thursday.

Now Peter Gammons have come on ESPN and said the Cubs, Padres, and a third or fourth team are close to a trade that would send Peavy to the Cubs. It could get done as early as today but will get done by Thursday at the latest.

Great News!!!!!


There is also an "unfound rumor" that the Cubs are nearing a deal with Milton Bradley. It is unknown the amount or years but this could be why the sudden turn it talks for today went from "near deal" to "not close" to "close to trade."

More to Come!

Peavy Update! UPDATE!

UPDATE @ 3:30 says Peavy talks are slowing down and the Cubs do not want to give up more than the 5 players that the Padres are asking according to another source.

UPDATE @ 3:00 pm- Kevin Towers says nothing has changed in the past 24 hours. This according to Yahoo's Tim Brown and Gordon Edes. The Cubs are having second thoughts about the 4 team trade and sources says the price maybe too steep right now.

UPDATE @ 2:30 pm- Tom Krasovic says the Padres are not seeking Happ or Coste as we heard recently. He also said Cedeno does not seem to be a top of the Padres wish list to play SS.

- According to league sources the Cubs are slowing talks down so they can concentrate on dealing Marquis in a separate deal and get a left-handed hitter for the middle of their lineup. If the Cubs land a Lefty or switch hitter, soon after the deal, the deal for Peavy should be completed according to one source.

WOW, a lot of going back and fourth. I just hope the Cubs do not leave the meetings with nothing accomplished!

Here is the latest Peavy Updates-

- Rosenthal says the Cubs are not close on a deal with Peavy. He continues to say the Cubs need to have an idea who their owner is before they make a deal. The Cubs are considering Randy Johnson as a backup plan.

Where is he hearing this crap??? There have been reports across the board saying a deal is close and from local media. This main stream media like ESPN and Foxsports are not in tune with teams not named the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Angels, and Mets. I take local word over mainstream any day!

- Jayson Stark had this to say-

A Chicago Cubs source vehemently denied reports that a trade for Jake Peavy is imminent, telling Tuesday that the club is not "remotely close" to a deal for the San Diego Padres ace.

PeavyThe Chicago Sun-Times reported Monday night that the Cubs were very close to a deal, according to a source close to GM Jim Hendry.

But according to's source, there are multiple reasons the Cubs can't move forward on any trade for Peavy right now.

First, the source said, the Cubs' "No. 1 priority" is adding a left-handed-hitting outfielder, not a starting pitcher. And the team isn't close to acquiring that bat. The Cubs have interest in a half-dozen outfielders who meet that description, with free agents Raul Ibanez and Bobby Abreu seemingly at the top of that list.

Second, the Cubs' muddled ownership situation leaves Hendry and his baseball people unsure about whether they would be permitted to take on a contract as large as Peavy's. The 27-year-old right-hander will make $11 million next season and has as much as $81 million remaining over the next five years if his team picks up his 2013 option.

The source didn't deny that the Cubs have had numerous discussions about a deal for Peavy, including three-team and four-team scenarios that could involve the Baltimore Orioles and/or Philadelphia Phillies.

But the Cubs have also pursued other, less-expensive starting pitching options, including free agent Randy Johnson, who is only looking for a one-year deal.

Padres GM Kevin Towers told Monday that his team needs to leave the winter meetings Thursday with a clear sense of whether there's a deal to be made for Peavy. If not, Towers said, the team needs to announce to its fans that Peavy is staying and begin trying to fill its needs in other ways.

Once again a disagree with Stark saying the Cubs ownership in flux complicates things. Crane Kenney has come out and said the payroll will exceed 140 million and it is "business as usual." Another thing I would want to know is why his source said they are not "remotely close" then say they discussed a 3 or 4 team deal for Peavy??? Sounds like there at least somewhat close if they are discussing teams and players. I just do not see the main stream sports media getting the details before the Chicago or Padres guys do.

- Peavy sang GO CUBS GO at a bar in Vegas last night. Not sure how credible it is but hey, it is interesting.

- The Cubs along with the Mets and Phillies are the front runners to land Raul Ibanez.

Day 2 of the Winter Meetings.....

WOW! What a busy day yesterday. It is only going to get more exciting and let me tell you how much fun this has been. It has been the most active offseason I have ever witnessed for every team involved. Lets check out the early morning rumors-

- Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says the Cubs are in "intense discussions" with Milton Bradley. The Rays and Cubs are currently the only active players with Bradley since the Royals bowed out.

- Jake Peavy is close to becoming a Cub-

***** UPDATED @ 1:02 am- Ken Rosenthal has a source that says the Cubs' attempts to bring in a third team include 20 names with 4 or 5 teams. Rosenthal also says an agreement is still not close.

*****UPDATED @ 2:40 am- Chris De Luca has a different source close to Jim Henry that says a deal is "very close." The source also says the O's and Cubs part of the deal is already set up. The O's would send the Cubs Garrett Olson for Felix Pie and the Cubs would then fip Olson to the Padres. A second team is also rumored to be the Phillies, who could send more prospects for a guy like Mark DeRosa. Jim declined to comment on the recent trade talks.

***** The Cubs would like to still trade Marquis and get a lefty bat before the trade is completed for Peavy( which explains why Bradley talks have heated up). One scenario is sending Marquis in a separate deal or in the same deal as Peavy. Talks should get very hot in the next 24 hours.

***** UPDATE @ 10:40 am- Phil Rogers jumps into the Peavy discussions saying the key to a four team deal would be the Phillies or O's taking on part if not all of Marquis contract. I like this quote from Rogers "it will be a stunner if the Cubs don't acquire Peavy"

I am gonna take a stab at this 4 team trade-

Cubs get Peavy and an unknown player from the Phillies or O's

Phillies get Derosa and Guzman

Padres get Olson, Vitters, Happ, Cedeno, and Marshall

O's get Pie and Marquis


Monday, December 08, 2008

Peavy Trade Taking Shape!

The Peavy trade is really taking shape now, lets have a look-

- Rosenthal says the Phillies are now in the mix as the possible third team in the Peavy trade. He says the talks are preliminary. He also says the Cubs can't complete a deal for Peavy until their new owner is decided. ( That is an untrue statement according to other reports)

- Scott Miller of says Jason Marquis and Angel Guzman could end up with the Padres in the three team deal. The Pads also could get Happ and Coste from the Phils. Miller says the Phils are known to have interest in Mark DeRosa.

I want to add according to my sources it is a 4 team trade where the Cubs will be sending several players to the Padres, O's, and Phillies. But in turn the Cubs are going to end up with Peavy and Roberts or Scott or Huff in a deal. The Cubs want Font to get more playing time and moving DeRosa would do that. The Padres are not getting Marquis according to my sources. He is either going to the O's or Phillies. Stay tuned for more!

-'s Corey Brock says the Peavy trade " has essentially been completed." No deal has been reached, but Towers says he has facilitated a three or four-team deal. The third and fourth teams have agreed to players. The hang up right now is the remaining players sent from the Cubs to Padres.

If the Cubs trade both Marquis and Derosa in the same deal assuming they will pay none of DeRosa's contract and 4 million of Marquis' then they will purge 10 million which would create no problem for them to take on Peavy's contract for this year.

- Jim Hendry has met with Milton Bradley last night but it is rumored he is likely to sign with either the Rays or Royals.

-'s Lyle Spencer says the Angels have not taken themselves out of the Peavy sweepstakes. Where has this guy been?? Towers is only dealing with the Cubs.

- Tom Krasovic says that DeRosa would wind up a Phillie and Micheal Wuertz is a new name the Padres like. Axelrod also said Peavy would require a full no trade clause for Peavy upon a trade.

Cubs Rumors Fly on First Day in Vegas.

I was at work all day today so we will have to get caught up on the latest Cubs rumors-

- The Cubs are eyeing Rich Aurilia but only if Ronny Cedeno or Mike Fontenot is moved according to Ken Rosenthal. Mike will not be traded according to Lou and Jim Hendry.

- Lots of Peavy Rumors so here it is-

***** The Cubs are the only team in on Peavy according to Towers and the only team Towers will deal with.

***** Jayson Stark says there is just about a zero chance Jake Peavy is dealt at the meetings but the Cubs and Padres still have a potential deal in place that involves Sean Marshall, Kevin Hart, Josh Vitters, and maybe Cedeno according to Tom Krasovic.

*****Jon Heyman looks like he is backing down from his statement the other day saying talks are on "life support." He reports that Kevin Towers "envisions a way to do a deal now with only the Cubs."

***** The Suntimes says "a rumor floating around the Bellagio lobby Sunday evening had the Tampa Bay Rays being a possible third-team partner in a Peavy deal" Although it is likely that the third team is the Orioles.

*****Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times says the Cubs want to trade Marquis and find a left-handed hitting outfielder before the get Peavy. Fordon's source also said that the Cubs will eventually acquire Peavy.

*****Bruce Miles says the Cubs and Padres will start talks today.

***** Joel Sherman was told by Towers that if he does not deal Peavy to the Cubs at the meetings, he will keep the pitcher to start the season. He also says the Dodgers are the only other club that Jake will approve a trade to.

- The Rockies like Jason Marquis especially if the Cubs pick up 4 million of his contract. I predict Marquis is traded tonight or tomorrow. Now the Rockies are discussing Marquis internally according to's Thomas Harding.

- The Tribune Company filed for bankruptcy today but did not effect the Cubs.

- Jeremy Hermida is high on the Cubs wish list and they are also looking at Milton Bradley. Lou loves Raul Ibanez and even asked Seattle reports if Raul can play the outfield. Bobby Abreu is a fan and media favorite but the Cubs are still in love with Brian Roberts who could be available if he does not sign an extension with the O's.

- Ibanez and Abreu rank much higher than Adam Dunn and Bradley according to Jayson Stark. Stark also said that Hermida's asking price is more than just prospects and the Cubs may not be able to do that. He also stats the Cubs payroll is not frozen and can go over budget if the subtract payroll later.

I honestly think the Cubs should target Dunn, Bradley, Abreu, and then Ibanez.

- Roch Kubatko says the O's still like Pie but may only get him if Olsen is flipped to the Padres in a Peavy trade.

- Ron Santo once again was not elected into the HOF. It is very upsetting to say the least!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Peavy Deal on Life Support?? Not Likely.

This is according to Jon Heyman-

If the Padres want to deal star pitcher Jake Peavy to the Cubs, it appears they have some work to do.

"The Peavy thing isn't dead, but it's on life support," one person familiar with the Cubs' dealings said.

With the Braves out of the talks, at least for the moment, the Cubs appeared to be San Diego's best hope for a trade. One reason for that is that Peavy seems willing to consider waiving his no-trade powers to join the Cubs.

Meanwhile, the Cubs are surveying the lefty hitter market, which is strong. Bobby Abreu, Raul Ibanez and Adam Dunn are among about a half-dozen hitters they're considering.

While I do not have the sources that Jon Heyman does, I do disagree with this statement. We have heard this back and fourth talks all winter long and I think it gets resolved this week when Jake Peavy is traded to the Cubs. There has been a half a dozen reports in the last 48 hours saying talks are about to resume today and throughout the entire week about a Peavy trade. Could Jon be talking to Lou??? Because he is the only one saying this trade is not happening( and that is only because he has to). I trust guys like Bruce Levine, Rosenthal, Onley, Tim Brown and others that talk to Towers and Hendry a little more than Heyman. I am wondering who this "one person familiar with the Cubs dealings is????" Until someone in the media besides Heyman comes out and supports this, I am really not going to read into it.

I do think the Cubs want to add a left handed hitter first before Peavy like Heyman said and many others have stated. I like two of the 3 names he has listed( Abreu and Dunn) because it will not cost Cubs draft picks and will cost about the same as Ibanez with Dunn being younger. The other three he maybe hinting at are David DeJesus, Hermida, and Milton Bradley.

I will keep you posted on the latest cubs rumors!

Marquis Traded This Week and Other Moves

-Bruce Levine thinks Cubs GM Jim Hendry will have a really busy week. Saying he expects Marquis to be traded this week in Las Vegas. I am hearing from sources it is to the O's, Rockies, Reds, or Mets.

- Levine says the Cubs are still getting calls for Rich Hill even though he is struggling mightily. He might be the missing piece in a potential Peavy three way deal.

- Bruce also says a lot of deals and rumors take shape and get done late. A lot of this has to do with GM's meeting at a bar and talking deals and finally getting things hammered out.

- Levine says the Cubs main concern is a lefty or switch hitter. He stats the Cubs are looking at guys who can either leadoff or bat in the middle of the order. He says it would be a Cubs dream to add Peavy and two left handed hitters. My ideal thought would be Peavy, then Figgins or Roberts or Furcal( preferably Furcal), and then Dunn, Abreu, Hermida, or Bradley. I might be dreaming though!

- It is now unlikely that Gaudin will be non-tendered since Jim likes him as a long reliever. Cubs officials also said that Shark will start the season in the Cubs bullpen unless "things change"

- The Tribune says that Javier Valentin or Koyie Hill could be Soto's back up next season. What about Gregg Zaun or Paul Bako as options??

- We will find out Monday whether Ron Santo will be finally voted into the HOF. HE SHOULD!!!!


Store this in the "Unfound Rumors" section of Hot Stove Cubbies. I received emails from some of my readers and this has not been able to confirm with with a source yet. Still interesting so here it is-

Cubs get Peavy and Aubrey Huff

Orioles get Pie, Cedeno, Hoffpauier, Atkins, and Cubs PTBNL

Paders get Vitters, Marshall, Olsen, and Hart

Sounds like a legitimate trade, although the Cubs are giving up 8 players for 2 which seems like a lot. The reader does says Huff would platoon in RF with Derosa to give Fontenot more playing time at 2b. Seems interesting since Huff does my play good defense in RF, LF, 3b, and 1st, and would give Lou a lot of options for lineups and positions.

I will try to see if I can confirm this trade through on of my sources, until then it is an "Unfound Rumor"

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Higher Payroll, Roberts, Peavy, and more

- The Cubs will raise payroll higher than expected. Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times was told by CEO Crane Kenney that the team's payroll will exceed 140 million. The Cubs have 133MM committed to the current group so that is a significant amount. Wittenmyer said the Cubs would be willing to eat 4MM of Marquis' 9.875MM to move him. If the Cubs were to add Peavy they would be around 138 million allowing the Cubs to add a left-handed hitter. Gordon also said Kenney said that he thinks the Cubs' sale will be complete by Opening Day.

- This is according to the San Diego Union-Tribune-

"The chances of the Padres and Cubs pulling off a Jake Peavy trade appear on the rise, if the latest financial report on the Cubs is to be believed"


"are now optimistic they can afford a left-handed hitter and a starting pitcher without great difficulty."

- Buck Martinez was on XM and thinks the Cubs will revisit trade talks for Roberts. Ron Santo said " the Cubs will try to get a leadoff hitter", also saying if doing so Soriano would hit 4th or 5th.

- According to a report from the Sun-Times, Jim Hendry "will be working former boss Andy MacPhail in his latest efforts to land leadoff hitter Brian Roberts."

- A report in the San Diego Union-Tribune said Padres like their chances of getting the Cubs best prospect(Vitters) and mention a 5 for 1 trade that involved Sean Marshall and Kevin Hart. Plus a talent from another club.

- Jim and Kevin plan to meet face to face at the meetings where is deal is likely and identified a couple of clubs that would work as the third team.

- Kevin Towers has already reported in Las Vegas according to a source with Jim Hendry expected to arrive on Sunday. Jim has said he would like to add a left-handed hitter before anything with Peavy takes place but that might not happen with major signings going at a slow pace.

- Jim Hendry would rather acquire players via trade rather than free agency according to sources with Hermida and others on his radar. He prefers Giles according to a baseball exec, but he blocked a trade to Chicago last year and is unknown what it would take to acquire him.

- Cubs sign 3 players to minor league deals, RHP Angel Castro, LHP Jason Waddell, and C Mark Johnson. Here is their stats-

Castro: ... pid=502162
Waddell: ... pid=455730
Johnson: ... pid=150322

- Maddux will announce his retirement Monday. Maddux was loved and/or respected by everyone associated with baseball. He finishes his HOF career with a lifetime 3.16 ERA in 5008.1 IP. He had 3371 SO, 355 wins, 109 CG, and 35 shutouts in 744 games. He is one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history and an all around great human being. Good luck Greg, you will make a great coach someday( hopefully for the Cubs!).

Friday, December 05, 2008

Cubs looking hard at a left handed bat and other notes.

- According to Jon Heyman the Cubs may cut payroll. But they will not do anything until ownership is settled. That makes no sense to me, sounds foolish.

- Ken Rosenthal says the Cubs want to acquire their left-handed hitting outfielder before they trade for Peavy. He says Brian Giles is a perfect match but has a no trade clause. He also names Ibanez, Hermida, DeJesus, Teahen, Randy Winn, Adam Dunn, Griffey,and Abreu but notes none of them are a perfect match. He says Bradley is a good fit if he can play 140 games and be able to play for Lou.

- The San Diego Union-Tribune mentioned said " the Cubs offered reserve shortstop Ronny Cedeno as part of a package for Padres ace Jake Peavy, and Towers said he will revisit talks with Chicago GM Jim Hendry next week at the winter meetings in Las Vegas."

- indicated that the Cubs may unload Soriano and his big contract at the winter meetings. The only teams I see that could be interested is the Yanks, Angels, Dodgers, and Mets as potential suitors and willing to pay most of his contract or exchange for a contract. I purpose these trades-

Yanks get Soriano
Cubs get Swisher and Matsui

Their contracts the first year would come close to canceling out with Matsui owed 13 million in 09 and Swisher owed 5 million. Soriano is owed 16 million next season. The difference is the Cubs after 09 would just be responsible for 15 million for Swisher and Soriano would be owed 72 million. Soriano would play LF for the Yanks and Swisher would play RF for the Cubs with Matsui in LF. One problem is that Soriano would have to waive his no trade clause.

Angels get Soriano
Cubs get Matthews Jr. and Figgins

Cubs would have to pay a lot of his contract to get the deal done. Figgins would leadoff for the Cubs and Matthews would take over in RF or LF and with the money the Cubs would save they could add a guy like Abreu or Bradley. The Angels would get a lot of fire power in the offense they have been looking for. It is a long shot to happen.

Dodger get Soriano
Cubs get Andre Either or Matt Kemp and Juan Pierre or Andruw Jones

The Cubs would get one left handed bat and one righty for the outfield. They would of course take on the bad contracts of Andruw Jones or Pierre to make this deal happen and be less of a blow to the Dodgers. Another long shot.

Mets get Soriano, Marquis. and Kevin Hart
Cubs get Carlos Beltran, Heilman, and Ryan Church

I think this blockbuster could get done. Their contracts would cancel out nicely for 2009. Beltran, Heilman, and Church would be owed 26 million for 2009 and Soriano, Hart, and Marquis would be owed 27 for 2009. The Cubs would get Church to play LF and platoon with Derosa from time to time and Beltran would take over at RF since it is the toughest place to play at Wrigley and he is a gold glover. Heilman could be used to land Peavy or even used in the pen as long reliever or spot starter.

The Mets get Soriano who will provide them with speed and power. They get rid of Beltran who the fans and media of NY has been getting tired of . They get a NY native in Marquis to fill out their rotation as an inning eater and a young guy who could be in their rotation or pen next season. This actually could work.

It is tough to says if Soriano could get traded but it still remains a possibility.

- According to, the Cubs are one of four teams with Hermida on their radar. I still really like the guy!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

OUCH! That Hot Stove is Hot!

Here is the latest from the Cubs Hot Stove-

- The Cubs have Chad Gaudin as a non-tender candidate. I do not think he should be non-tendered, he is too valuable in my opinion.

- Ken Rosenthal says that the Cubs and Padres talk daily about Jake Peavy and also notes that the Orioles do not seem to be the third team at this time.

- Buster Olney says the Cubs and Padres " have the basic framework in place" for a deal for right hander Jake Peavy. He says the deal is built around Josh Vitters. He also says things will pick up after the Cubs ownership starts taking shape.

- With Greene headed to the Cardinals it seems the Jake Peavy trade will really heat up because Towers has been instructed by ownership to trade Peavy and Greene.

- According to a report on FOX said that the Mets had talks with the Cubs about a deal that would send Aaron Heilman to Chicago for right hander Jason Marquis. The Cubs were willing to pay part of his salary but the Mets are currently passing because they are trying other deals for Heilman. They see Marquis ending up in a Reds uniform, or Rockies, or Dbacks.

- The Cubs are looking to add a veteran presence in the bullpen and preferably left handed. The Cub are eyeing Joe Beimel, Alan Embree, Dennys Reyes , and Arthur Rhodes as potential left handers to round out the bullpen.

- Peter Gammons said yesterday he sees the Cubs landing Abreu for their RF woes. I would love if the Cubs got Abreu and Peavy. What an offseason that would be!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lots Of Rumors Today! Jake Peavy Rumors of Course!

- The Cubs made a minor signing today. They signed Chad Fox to a minor league deal. Fox is a great clubhouse guy and could make the team if healthy.

- Bruce Miles says that Milton Bradley would be a good match for the Cubs but the biggest issue is that if he can play RF on a regular basis.

- Some Peavy news from Yahoo's Tim Brown-

Despite reports to the contrary, the Cubs remain engaged in talks to acquire Jake Peavy from the Padres.

Indeed, a Padres source said the club had uncovered two teams which could provide the players to complete a trade. The Orioles are believed to be one.

Negotiations are expected to continue into next week’s winter meetings.

I think the other team is the Angels or Royals.

- Braves are officially out of the Peavy race. They have offered Burnett a 5 year contract and according Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News and's Jon Heyman the Braves are no longer interested in the Ace Jake Peavy. Great news for the Cubs!

- John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus says that the O's want Ronny Cedeno and Felix Pie in a potential 3 way Peavy deal. Maybe the Cubs could get Greene from the Pads to take Cedeno's spot on the 25 man roster??

- Giants signed Bobby Howry to a contract. Thank god we will not see him in a Cubs uniform next season. I wish he signed with the Cards or Brewers, that would have been nice.

- Jayson Stark might be a little clueless but hey it is ESPN what do you expect. Here is what he had to say-

It's funny how none of the Jake Peavy-to-the-Cubs rumors these days seem to be originating on the north side of Chicago. In fact, one Cubs official told a source that they consider their talks with the Padres to be "not active" at the moment. The Cubs actually appear to be stuck in serious payroll limbo right now until the identity of their new owner is revealed. And that might be weeks away. So unless they can subtract salary (namely, Jason Marquis), they have no room to add a salary as hefty as Peavy's -- for now, at least.

- The Cubs have placed some calls in for Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu now that they have found out neither one has been offered arbitration according to some baseball execs. Both are the big left handed bat in the middle of the lineup the Cubs crave. Abreu is better defensively but older and Dunn has more pop in his bat. Although it has not been confirmed that the Cubs have put in offers for either.

- If the Cubs fail to acquire their big left handed bat they will turn their attention to a leadoff left handed bat. Guys like Orlando Hudson, Furcal, and Roberts names have came up.

- Here is some various news concerning Bobby Abreu-

***** According to a report from the New York Daily News, The Cubbies "have reached out to Bobby Abreu's agents" and "things could move rather quickly" with either the Cubs or the Mets.

***** Phil Rogers mentioned on Sports Central that Bobby Abreu is probably closer to becoming the Cubs' right fielder than Raul Ibanez. He brought up the fact the Yankees did not offer him arbitration and called Abreu a much better fit than Ibanez.

More to come!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More Peavy Talk and Cubs Offer No One Arbitration.

-UPDATE- The Braves are close to acquiring right hander Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan for Brent Lillibridge, a young starter( maybe Jo-Jo Reyes), and Tyler Flowers. This means the Braves have indeed moved on from Peavy because Brent, Flowers, and Reyes were rumored to be apart of a potential Peavy trade. Good news for the Cubs!

-Towers has the latest on the Peavy talks when he sat down with Tom Krasovic of the Union-Tribune. Towers says a deal to Atlanta looks doubtful because of the Braves' no-clause policy. He also wonders whether Peavy would even OK a trade to the Braves considering how much he prefers the Cubs.

Krasovic said that the Cubs and Padres have talked about a 5 for 1 deal where the O's would net the Padres more pitching. My guess he is talking something like this-

Cubs get Peavy
O's get Pie and Greene
Padres get Olson, Marshall, Cedeno, Vitters, and Hart

Seems pretty fair to me considering you get an Ace for 2 guys without options( Cedeno and Pie), a decent #3 or #4 starter in Marshall, possible bullpen/long relief/5th starter in Hart, and then the main prize Vitters who could be an All-Star in the ML in less that 3 years.

Towers also notes the Cubs' payroll concerns could make it tough for a deal to get done. One way is to trade Marquis but that might be a tough sell at 10 million. Jim could resolve this situation by approaching the group that won the bid to buy the Cubs and see if he can get more money. We have still yet to find that out but it should be known soon!

- The Cubs declined to offer anyone arbitration including Wood or Howry. I think if offered both players would have accepted so it is a good move by the Cubs with their payroll in flux.

- Players like Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu look a lot better to potential teams looking for a middle of the lineup lefty type hitter. They were not offered arbitration and would not cost their new teams draft picks unlike Raul Ibanez and Milton Bradley who will cost their new team draft picks.

Monday, December 01, 2008

More on the Peavy Front and did Dlee Block a Trade??? Other Rumors

UPDATE- I recieved an email from Tim Dierkes of MLBTR about the possibility of Lee blocking a trade to a club and he says "Seems to be false" and we know if he has not heard the rumor then we can assume that it is untrue in my opinion.

-Here is a quote in Murray Chass column today from Kevin Towers-

I would say the Cubs are still in it. Lou said they’re not in it, but their general manager says they’re in it. The Dodgers have bigger fish to fry. That’s not to say they might not circle back later in the winter. Our primary goal is to trade Peavy."

- Here is an interesting tidbit that was emailed to me and found on ,, and Cubs message boards-

From Jason Churchill-

"I was told this morning by Lee's agent Casey Close that Derrek has blocked a trade already. Not sure how far along the trade actually was, but sometime in the last 10 days, they went to Close and asked him about an AL team and the answer was no."

Now I would not put too much stock into this considering it is a word of mouth kind of rumor but still this could be huge. If this in fact is true, it would mean the Cubs are trying to cut payroll to land Peavy or even acquire a guy like Roberts or big left handed bat. I think the rumor team he rejected was probably the O's but who know is if this is even true or made up.

- Monday is the last day for potential buyers to submit bids to purchase the Cubs. Jim is currently waiting on word who will be the next owner so he can determine what he can spend on next years team and most notably to make a deal for Jake Peavy.

- Jeff Zrebiec and Lee Hamilton talked on XM radio Sunday said that a three way deal including the O's, Padres, and Cubs is very possible but still a ways away. He said the deal would looks something like this-

Cubs get Peavy
Padres get Olson, Mitch Atkins, Sean Marshall, Ronny Cedeno, and maybe another player
O's get Pie and maybe Greene or maybe another player besides him from the Cubs

-Hamilton did say if the deal did fall through for Jake Peavy, the O's would get Olson back and the Cubs would get Pie back.

- Zrebiec also noted that a lot of this depends on the impending sale of the Cubs.

- The Tribune is also reporting that a deal is not close to being completed and that it will probably take place at the Winter Meetings starting next Monday. They also mention Roberts involvement(UH-OH).Link

- According to Baseball Prospectus the Cubs have more interest in David DeJesus than Mark Teahen. They also said it will take more than Marquis.( How bout Marquis and Hart??)

-The Ricketts family is to be rumored as the top bid for the Cubs according to sources. They were my 2nd pick to own the Cubs.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rosenthal talks Peavy, Wood, and Marquis

- Rosenthal backs up the third team being the O's rumor.

-According to major league sources, the Giants, Rockies, and Reds have shown interest in Jason Marquis. This could be really important to a potential Peavy deal. If the Cubs can't unload Marquis on the O's or Padres, they will in fact need to deal him before or soon after a deal with Peavy goes down.

- According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs do not want Kerry Wood back even for 1 year deal worth 9-10 million( which he is expected to get through arbitration if he accepts). It is also said if Wood does not agree to reject arbitration he will not be offered any and the Cubs will lose some draft picks. I honestly think Wood wants to come back but the Cubs do not want him back for 9-10 million. I still think their is a good chance for the Cubs to have Wood in their bullpen next year. I think it all depends on who is the highest bidder for the Cubs. We should find that out Monday.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

O's Third Team in Peavy Trade??

Jeff Zrebiec and Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun say the third team in the Potential trade that nets the Cubs Jake Peavy is the Baltimore Orioles. They say a deal that could include Felix Pie going to Orioles for Garret Olson then flipping Olson with a package of players to the Padres to land the Cubs Ace Jake Peavy. While this could just be speculation, it does make a lot of sense. I also would not be surprised if Greene is in the deal either coming to Chicago or going to the O's(assuming Cedeno goes to one or the other). Maybe Marquis is also in a deal to the O's??

Here is my guess on the potential deal-

Cubs Get- Peavy and Greene

O's Get- Felix Pie, Cedeno, and Marquis

Padres Get- Garrett Olson, Josh Vitters, Sean Marshall, and Kevin Hart

We should find out by next week!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Big Peavy News!!!!

Yahoo's Tim Brown has the latest on the "Peavy Saga"-

Padres general manager Kevin Towers said Wednesday night he might have identified a third team that would facilitate sending the standout pitcher to the Cubs, who don’t possess the depth in prospects or big league-ready talent to meet the Padres’ asking price.

Talks are suppose to resume after the Thanksgiving holiday according to Tim Brown but I would not be surprised to hear something today just to get the deal done.

Brown suggests that the main chip in the deal could be Josh Vitters and I would agree with that. For the 3rd team involved, he does not have that info because Towers would not name the 3rd team. I have three guesses; the Twins( they have like Greene for a while and the Pads could get rid of Greene and Peavy in the same deal), Royals( all this Teahen talk and how he would just be an "addition" and not the starter in RF makes me think that he would be flipped to the Padres), and the Angels( they are currently in limbo with the recent Texiera and Sabathia race and maybe not be able to afford both, if the Angels are involved as the third team then I have a feeling Dlee is involved, going to the Angels to free up Cubs payroll. Also to give the Angels a good 1st baseman so they can concentrate just on Sabathia and sign Lackey to an extension).

Either way this is big news for the Cubs considering they could be moving toward the best rotation in baseball!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More on Peavy and a New Name on the Hot Stove? Guys for RF??

- We have heard back and forth, back and forth that the Cubs are in talks with Peavy and then no longer interested. Each day it is different news and it is starting to smell a lot like the "Roberts Saga" of last year. But still I have to let you know what is the latest on the Peavy Rumors so here we go-

***** Lou said that the Cubs do not need a starter and they have 6 starters already. He keeps saying they need a middle of the order lefty bat.

***** Sources say Lou's comment is just posturing because in realty he cannot talk about other players that are not either free agents or on his teams. It is considering tampering. Also if he came out and confirmed that the Cubs are in fact interested in Peavy it could disrupt the clubhouse because many of the players involved( or rumored) would be effected by his comments whether the trade went through or not.

***** The whole thing comes down to that Jim Hendry and Kevin Towers are the only people who truly know what is going on.

- In other news, the Cubs have a new name on the radar according to Jeff Passan, Rocco Baldelli. I am a big fan of Rocco's, he is another hard nosed player who has been through a lot of bad times in his playing career. He by no means is an everyday player because of his condition but would be very valuable as a 4th outfielder/5th outfielder on this team( especially if Pie is traded). Although it is purely speculation, I could see him here in a outfield sub role. Here is Rocco's stats.

- On a personal note, I think the Cubs should see what the asking price is for these outfielders-

Gary Matthews Jr.- Could swap Jason Marquis contract for his. They make the same amount next season, although Matthews has 23 million left on their after this coming season. He is a switch hitter who might benefit from switching leagues. He is a great fielder and would give Lou options in the outfield.

Ryan Church- A decent left handed hitter who plays the field well. Will hit for a .280 avg and about 15 homers. Might come cheap.

Brad Hawpe- The most ideal guy for RF at Wrigley!

Jack Cust- A big bat and I think he could play RF at Wrigley about as well as Ibanez or Bradley. Can straight up hit with power and decent OBP but low average.

Luke Scott- Not a sexy name but the guy can hit for good power numbers.

Aubrey Huff- Can play the corner spots in the infield and outfield. He put up monster numbers last season hitting .304 with 32 homers and 108 RBI. He is in the last year of his contract and the O's might be willing to sell high. He would be used primarily in RF for the Cubs. It should be noted that Jim tried to trade for Huff when he was with the Rays.

Nate McLouth- It was rumored before last season began the Pirates wanted Nate McLouth for Felix Pie straight up but the Cubs turned it down( if only we knew!) The Pirates are quietly shopping Nate to see what they could get for him. The Cubs tried to get him again at the deadline but the Bucs wanted a power arm and a deal was not reached. He would be great in RF for the Cubs both defensively and offensively!