Friday, February 04, 2011

Two NL Central Teams, One Trade....

It is very rare that two NL Central teams ever pair up for a blockbuster trade without one team overpaying the other. An exception is when the Cubs matched up with the Pirates which sent Bobby Hill among others to the Pirates for Aramis Ramirez and Kenny Lofton. But even then the Cubs did not full realize the impact the trade would have on both teams; both positive and negative. Here is one trade I think would benefit both teams involved for the now and in the future but if only Albert Pujols signs an extension with the Cards.

Cubs get Scott Rolen, Brandon Phillips, and Yonder Alonso.
Reds get Aramis Ramirez, Blake DeWitt, Marlon Byrd, and Josh Vitters

The money is close (Cubs taking on at lease 26.5 million and the Reds taking on at least 28.5 million) depending on what the Cubs do with Philips option and what the Reds do with Aram's option. Another variable in this trade is Aramis and Rolen's no-trade clauses. I have heard rumblings that Aram would waive his no-trade to go to a contending team while Rolen I have no knowledge of.

Looking at if from the Cubs side they remove 2 million dollars and thee players out of their starting lineup and their 4th best prospect in the system. What they receive is an all-star gold glove 3rd baseman with pop left in his bat in Scott Rolen. Rolen had a good season batting .285 with 20 homers and 83 RBI. Rolen is usually constant minus the HR totals. He is a career .284 hitter with a .369 OBP, and .968 fielding % which is .012% higher than Adrain Beltre! You also get a veteran leader.

They also get Brandon Phillips, a gold glove 2nd baseman which they have not had in a long time. He also can steal a base (16 steals last season) and hit for power (no less than 17 homers since 2006). Not to mention he is a genuine Cards hater! An infield with Rolen, Castro, Phillips, Pena, and Soto looks pretty good offensively but even better defensively!

Yonder Alonso is known as a "blocked prospect" and will try to make the Reds squad as a backup 1st/OF. He has had his share of injuries but broke out this season hitting .290 with a .362 OBP, 13 SB, 15 homers, and 36 doubles in AA/AAA at the age of 23! Of course acquiring him means Pujols signed an extension with the Red Birds.

Cincinnati gets a "healthy" Aramis Ramirez who could have a breakout season in a possible contract year. Not to mention his glove is good and younger than Rolen. Playing most of his games at GAB could boost his home runs past 40!

They also get DeWitt who provides just enough at 2nd base and could platoon with one of their young middle infielders. DeWitt could have the possibility to hit 12+ homer and hit .280 with the Reds. Marlon Byrd would provide the Reds with a true leader and CF. He is an immediate upgrade over all their outfielder except Jay Bruce.

The Reds also get a prospect to replace Yonder in Josh Vitters. Vitters is being groomed either a 1st baseman or 3rd baseman. He could provide the Reds with insurance in case they don't pick up Aram's option for 2012.

The other factors for both teams are this. The Reds are getting younger by trading both Rolen and Phillips. They are getting more power with Aram and a prospect that could be on par with Yonder with the bat and glove but would not be blocked since he plays third.

The Cubs would be getting veteran leaders in Phillips and Rolen, both have Gold Gloves, both have solid bats, and both make this team overall better. The other thing this trade provides is a starting job for Brett Jackson in CF and finally address the Cubs leadoff needs. Yonder provides the Cubs with a young, left-handed power hitting first baseman for years to come and can get another full year in AAA until Pena leaves either at the trade deadline or at the end of the year.

This trade makes sense for both teams in my opinion but a lot of thing would have to fit for this trade to happen. Of course if Albert becomes a free agent this trade does not happen unless you subtract Vitters and Yonder in which case a Rolen, Castro, Phillips, Pujols, and Soto infield looks pretty nasty.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Thank You!

I want to thank everyone for their responses to the latest blog entry, although some of them still bad comments, I like to everyone a voice. One thing I would like to mention is that I have nailed a few rumors since I started this site in 2006. I actually nailed the Alfonso Soriano signing 8 minutes before Fox Sports and 14 minutes before made their breaking announcement. I was one of the first to announce the Cubs were going to sign Jason Marquis two weeks before it was even announced thanks to the same source. I was one of the first to express the Cubs deep interest in Jim Edmonds before he signed. There are some others here and there. Go ahead and check the archive!

I will not deny that I have had my share of misses and rumors that were shot down immediately by media that obviously has more credentials than me. But that is what you get when you are rumor site. 90% of rumors never come true so obviously I have missed the mark many times. I will tell you that I do not make up rumors, I get my rumors from the radio, other sites and blogs, and via the small group of sources I actually have.

I will continue to work hard on making this blog better and try to post more often like some of you have suggested. The tough thing is balancing a family, my work, and my blog. My blog is one that usually suffers out of the three. I am still looking to add a contributor and going through the overwhelming responses I have had to "the ad" so I will keep you updated.

I want to thank everyone again from the bottom of my heart for what you bring to this blog. Less than a month until the Cubs first ST game and I leave you with these two things.

- Yes, I do realize I put "Jeff" Jackson (it is supposed to be Jay) on the previous post just proving that even the best minds and writers in baseball make mistakes.

- Many execs do believe Albert Pujols will sign an extension with the Cards but if he does not sign an extension by ST one exec believes the Cubs are in the "best position" to sign him. Thanks to MLBTR for this!

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Levine Latest....

- The Cubs are not close to signing Orlando Cabrera.

- Levine says Jeff Jackson should be a surprise in ST.

- The Cubs are still very much interested in signing Garza and Marmol to an extension.

- The Cubs will only pay money to Reed Johnson, Wellemeyer, and Looper if they make the team out of ST, otherwise they cost the Cubs nothing.

- He sees Dempster as the opening day starter.

- Brett Jackson has good upside and Levines sees him being the CF/leadoff guy of the future.

- McNutt could be apart of the big league club this season.

This to all my blog haters-

If you hate this site so much why do you continue to read and post everyday under "anonymous?" Is it really because you wish you had a site like this or it angers you that you cannot break rumors? Or is it simply because you cannot stand anyone to do something they love so you have to try to discourage and destroy it?

Here is what I have to say to you. Thank you for reading my post and posting comments. Whether it is bad or good publicity, at least my site is getting noticed. :)

I do want to thank everyone out there that has read this site, posted to this site, and let others know about my blog. It is greatly appreciated. God Bless you!

Until Next Time...