Friday, April 03, 2009

Peavy Again???

- The Cubs just can't shake this guy! Buster Olney said today that the Cubs were "much closer than anybody realized at the time" talking about acquiring Jake this winter.

- Towers said he may want to get another starter and may look at Gaudin or Guzman to fit the bill. Although Angels has come out and said he wants to stay with the Cubs.

That is it for a slow day!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gaudin Out?? Mike Lamb In?

- It seems that Chad Gaudin is gaining interest around baseball. He is owed 2 million and they Cubs would gladly take a PTBNL for Gaudin if the club acquiring him would take on most of the 2 million owed. Teams like the Rockies, Tigers, Pirates, and Padres all have interest in the righty. Even though the Rockies have said to be "cooled" on him recently.

- The Cubs have interest in signing Mike Lamb to a minor league deal for added insurance if Aram goes down. The Cubs have Jake Fox and Bobby Scales as good backups but they could use a veteran presence in Iowa at 3rd base. I much rather them sign Morgan Ensberg or Dallas McPherson. I think Dallas could have a similar comeback much like Josh Hamilton had.

That is it for now!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Padres and TIgers Eye Pitching.

- The Padres are looking for a late inning, hard throwing reliever for cheap. The Cubs currently have Angel Guzman available so that could intrigue the Padres. Guzman is out of options and is likely to be traded before Sunday if Gaudin is not traded, put on waivers, or released first.

- Another team that is in the need for big league pitching is the Tigers. Right now the Tigers and Cards are discussing a Ryan Raburn trade where the D would get a pitching prospect. In addition to that they need a big league pitcher who is very versatile. According to Jon Paul Morosi the Tigers have tabs on Chad Gaudin but do not like the 2 million owed to him.

- Chad Fox will start the year in Iowa according to may reports.

- Lou said yesterday that the Cubs would not put any of the pitchers on waivers. Lou's said "There will either be a trade or an option--anything but waivers." I could see the Cubs placing Guzman or Gaudin on the DL to start the year if a trade has not been reached by Sunday.

That is it for now, more to come!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here and There...

- Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has some predictions for 2009 and says that Peavy and Halladay will be traded this year. I rather the Cubs go after Halladay than Peavy to be honest.

- Jim Hendry has called the Angels recently to discuss a possible trade according to sources. The players are unknown but the Cubs may be trying to trade Gaudin or Guzman to other teams so that could be why he is calling the Angels. The other idea, that I recently came up with in regards to the Angels, is that they want to move Matthews. I purposed a Matthews for Fukudome swap, maybe Hendry is taking my advice??

- According to Paul Sullivan the Cubs want to sort out their pen arms and in a hurry. The Cubs have rule 5 pick David Patton, out of options pitchers Guzman and Gaudin, and Iowa bound Shark all fighting for two pen spots. The Cubs are trying to find takers for Angel and Chad so they can make room for Spring stud Patton. Angel is a better sell because of the upside and also because Gaudin is owed 2 million. They will likely make a decision by this weekend.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cubs send Bako and Stanton Packing

- The Cubs released catcher Paul Bako (who has had a good Spring hitting .364 with a .400 OBP) and Mike Stanton ( who struggled this Spring). This means that the Cubs will have Koyie Hill as their backup. They made the right decision on the closer and backup catcher.

- Bruce Miles says that the Cubs are getting "some trade feelers" for Chad Gaudin and Angel Guzman. The Cubs need to move one if not both so they can keep David Patton on the ML roster! I am hearing that the Padres, A's, Reds, Pirates, Royals, Tigers, Marlins, Rockies, and Giants all have some interest in Gaudin or Guzman.

- The Rays have just released Morgan Ensberg. I could see the Cubs inking him to a minor league deal for depth in AAA Iowa.

- Former first round pick of the Cubs, Mark Pawelek, has been released after failing to get past high A ball.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Moves Made Today....

- Kevin Hart and Randy Wells were optioned to Triple-A Iowa and So Taguchi was reassigned to Minor League camp. Mark Johnson, Esteban German and Andres Blanco were also re-assigned to minor league camp. So much for the idea of So Taguchi replacing Joey Gathright on the 25 man roster.

- Kevin Gregg is the closer for the 2009 Chicago Cubs. Marmol will stay in the set-up role. This is a good move for the Cubs. I have felt all Spring Gregg wanted the job more than Marmol and it showed!

- The Tigers are looking for pen arms and are dangling Ryan Raburn as trade bait. The Cubs should offer a guy like Angel Guzman, Chad Gaudin, or Luis Vizcaino it see if the Tigers will bite.

- The Reds are looking to trade out of options infielder Jeff Keppinger for some pen or depth at the minor league level. Jeff does not fit into there future plans and find it hard for a place on the team for him. The Cubs are still searching for a guy to backup Aramis and other positions on the infield regardless of what they say about them being comfortable with Fonty and Miles backing up Aram.

The Reds could take on out of options pitcher Angel Guzman or even young right hander Kevin Hart. The ideal situation would for the Cubs to send struggling, over priced, righty Luis Vizcaino. He is owed 2.5 million by the Cubs this season with an option for next season and could fill the role of setup man in Reds Camp. He would provide some veteran presence along with Arroyo and Harang on a very young team. Plus you know how Dusty loves his veterans( example- Macias, Perez, Bako, etc).

Keppinger would provide a good glove at all infield spots and a decent bat. He has a .984 fielding percentage in the past 4 years playing 314 innings at 2b, 50 innings at 1b, 12 innings in LF, 880 at SS, and 252 at 3b. He is a lifetime .287 hitter with a .338 OBP. Not a power bat but a very good guy to have on the bench. The only down fall is that he is out of options but then again the Cubs could just get him off waivers if the Reds go that route. Either way they should keep an eye out on the situation happening in Cincy.

That is all for now, more to come!