Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Webbing Together the Rumors...

Here is the latest on Brandon Webb-

- The Cubs remain interested in Brandon Webb according to sources but it appears the Rangers have the inside track maybe offering more money.

- Today we heard Brandon Webb will make a decision but now we are hearing that is not even true.

- We also heard he is nearing agreement with the Rangers but that was shot down as well.

- I am hearing the Cubs will not go beyond 6 million a year including incentives with an option for 2012. The Rangers may go 6-8 million a year plus incentives and an option for 2012. Maybe overpaying for a guy coming off shoulder surgery.

- I am less optimistic about Webb becoming a Cub than I was two weeks ago. I bet he signs with the Rangers because they will overpay to get him.

Here are the latest non-Webb rumors-

- ESPN Chicago says Jim Hendry needs to pull the trigger on a top of the rotation pitcher if they want to compete in the central. They name Matt Garza and Fausto Carmona. This is the first time we have heard Carmona’s name and could be a good option for the Cubs but they would likely battle the Yankees and Rangers stellar farm system.

- Many teams have called the Cubs about Robinson Chirinos and Hak-Ju Lee. Chirinos I view as a trading chip while Lee I view as being with the Chicago Cubs in 2012.

- WGN signed Pat Hughes to a 5 year extension. It is much deserved because he is one of the best in the game.

- Matt Garza will likely not be traded until the deadline according to reports.

- The Cubs are still shopping Gorzelanny and Fukudome, maybe even as a package. The Mets and Tigers remain interested in Tom while there are little to no interest in Kosuke.

- The roster is standing at 41 so a roster move is expected very soon.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Aces over Cubs and other notes...

- The Brewers made another bold move this offseason sending Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain, Jermey Jeffress, and Jake Odorizzi to the Royals for Zach Grienke. The Brewers have really made their rotation solid this offseason adding Marcum and now Grienke. Add them to Narveson, Gallardo, and Wolf and you have a really good rotation.

- With the Yankees, Nationals, and Rangers again missing out on another Ace expect them to up the pursuit of Matt Garza who is apparently not available now (just posturing). Clubs could also try to trade for Jeremy Guthrie but he is not in the same league as Grienke, Garza, and Lee. This hurts the Cubs because now their chance of landing an Ace is slim to none because a team will have to overpay for whoever they land. Something the Cubs will not do and I do not blame them.

- The Cubs are still in on Brandon Webb but are in no rush signing him. Bruce Levine calls him a project and may need time to be in game shape. I disagree, I think Brandon Webb will be ready by ST and this is the Cubs trying to drive down the price of Webb. They better stop fooling around because I can see the Nationals signing Webb very soon if the Cubs do not.

- Jim is shopping Gorzelanny and Fukudome aggressively. The Tigers and Mets really like Gorzelanny but not trade appears to be close. Fukudome on the other hand maybe tougher to trade.

- By now you have heard that rumored Fukudome for Rowand trade. It does not make any sense for the Cubs because they would be taking on two more years of bad money and only giving up one. Not a good trade for the Cubs which is why it was killed before it even got off the ground.

- With the signing of Kerry Wood it pushes Andrew Cashner to a chance to win a spot in the rotation.

- The Cubs would like to trade either Gorzelanny or Wells before the season starts. If they trade one away look for the Cubs to sign Webb soon after.

- Carlos Pena was paid a $2 million signing bonus, which went on the 2010 books. Pena will be paid $3 million in 2011 with the remaining $5 million paid in January of 2012 ... only $3 million of his $10 million contract will be counted on the 2011 payroll according to Bruce Levine. Pena is on my list for stand up guys.

- The Cubs may release Carlos Silva before the season starts if they cannot trade him.

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