Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Hits...

- Dempster gets the Opening Day nod.

- Garza and Zambrano will pitch the first Spring Training game against the A's Sunday.

- Colvin will start a few games at first this Spring.

- Wellemeyer will be looked at as a starter or reliever.

- Kerry Wood and Aramis Ramirez look and feel good.

- Ricketts talks Pujols and the Cubs at CubbieCrib.com.

- The Cubs are posing themselves well for a Pujols run. One exec believes the Cubs will start the bidding at 7 years 200 million.

- The Cubs will be winners even if they do not sign Pujols, as long as he elects free agency. If Pujols becomes a free agent one of three things will happen in which all will benefit the Cubs. He signs a long and expensive deal with the Cards forcing them to cut corners in other areas like pitching, he signs with the Cubs and they steal a future HOFer from their rivals, or he signs elsewhere which gets him out of the NL Central and away from torturing the Cubs. It is a win-win situation for the CUbs.

Until Next Time...