Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going Waiver Crazy?

I just had some very interesting news sent to me via email-

There are numerous moves the Cubs were not able to make before the deadline but that does not mean they are done. Here is a list of players the Cubs will place on waivers that I received verbally from a person inside the Cubs organization.

Xavier Nady
Jeff Baker
Derrek Lee
Aramis Ramirez
Kosuke Fukudome
Alfonso Soriano
John Grabow
Mike Fontenot
Carlos Silva
Ryan Dempster

The Cubs are looking to cut cost as much as they can and become major players in the next two free agent markets while developing a young energetic core out of their farm system. I thought I would pass this along. I love your blog, keep up the great work.


Pretty good stuff! What do you think Cub fans? Are the Cubs making the right move by doing this? I do! Putting a player on waivers really hurts nothing. In fact up until a couple years ago tons of players were put on waivers and pulled back without even knowing. Usually the only time you knew back then is when you were eventually traded to the team that claimed you.

To see some of these players moved would not surprise me. We have seen bigger shockers like Alex Rio and Adam Dunn moved after the deadline.

Just something to keep your eye on!

Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot to Dodgers.

It is official the Cubs have traded Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot to the Dodgers for Blake DeWitt, pitcher Brett Wallach and pitcher Kyle Smit. The Cubs also sent 2.5 million to the Dodgers to help the cost of the players. Here is more information from CCO.COM.

At a first glace I feel the Cubs did not get enough value in return for Lilly and Theriot but Blake DeWitt is a valuable utiliy guy who is under team control for a while. The two arms the Cubs received are not highly regarded but are young and have a ton of upside. The Cubs also save money this season along with next season because Theriot is expected to make 4 million in arbitration so this deal looks better that it originally did on the surface. The only thing that bothers me is the Cubs could have gotten Kelly Johnson for Theriot and Russell which I view as a great trade for the Cubs but again Johnson would be owed more money and the Cubs want to cut cost.

Overall not a terrible trade but not a great one either.

A New Day of Rumors, Hopefully more action! UPDATE!!!

UPDATE!!! 12:15 pm-

- The Dodgers are feeling confident they will acquire Ted Lilly.

- Jayson Stark says the Cubs are likely to send Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot to the Dodgers. No word on what prospects are involved but rumblings suggest maybe Dee Gordon, John Ely, and/or Blake DeWitt.

- Bruce Levine said the Luis Castillo/Oliver Perez/Zambrano deal was made up by the NY media. I can believe that!

- Lilly is still an option for the Yankees if the deal fall through with the Dodgers.

- It may look like the Dodgers will get Lilly and Theriot for Blake DeWitt and two other prospects.

- If Theriot is not included in the Lilly trade then he will head to Arizona for Kelly Johnson. Other media outlets say it is likely Theriot will be traded because at least 3 teams have offers out there for him.

UPDATE!!! 10:45 am-

- The Cubs turned down a deal that would have sent Zambrano to the Mets for Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo. There was a huge difference in price so it is likely the Mets wanted some cash from the Cubs. Heyman did say the Cubs did not want Luis Castillo though so that could have been the hang up. I think the Cubs are making a mistake unless they acquire a guy like Blake DeWitt or Kelly Johnson before the deadline.

- The Yankees will pass on Lilly unless he is given away to them according to Buster Olney.

I will be updating this post all day long as the deadline approaches. Look for "UPDATES" in different colored text at the top of the page.

- The Dodgers and Cubs are making good progress on a deal but have not pulled the trigger yet. Jayson Stark says they are moving in a positive direction.

- Ken Rosenthal says the Cubs are sitting on multiple proposals for Ted Lilly. He says the Dodgers are in the mix but find out they two teams cannot agree on money or players. Someone will give in today with the deadline nearing. It should be noted the Dodgers are also discussing Maholm but are having the same issue with the Pirates.

- Carlos Zambrano said he would waive his no-trade clause but would like to stay with the Cubs. The Cubs think they can trade Z this winter.

- The Cubs are holding out on pitching Z until after the deadline because the Cubs are currently trying to deal him.

- The D'backs have a trade out there to the Cubs that would send James Russell and Ryan Theriot to Arizona for 2nd baseman Kelly Johnson. The issue is the Dodgers want Theriot in a deal with Lilly but the Cubs want Blake DeWitt in any deal with the Dodgers. All this from Bruce Levine this morning. The Cubs would be crazy not to make the deal with the Diamondbacks.

- Therehave been "minor sniffs" on Nady and Fontenot.

- I am hearing Fontenot, Nady, Lilly, and Theriot will all have new homes before the day is done.

- The Dodgers, Twins, Yankees, and Tigers are all likely landing spots for Lilly.

- The Cubs are pushing hard to trade Fukudome to someone before the deadline.

More Later.....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hot Stove is HOT!

UPDATE!- The Cubs are discussing various trades with the Yankees and Dodgers. Although Buster Olney says the Cubs and Dodgers are close to a deal. Tony Jackson of ESPNLA says there is two possible trades, one including Theriot and Lilly, the other just with Lilly. The Yankees are also talking to the Cubs about a deal that would send Lilly and Theriot to NY.

The only thing new I have heard is that if the Cubs fork over more cash they better prospect they get. Jesus Montero from the Yankees could be a part of the package while Jon Ely or Dee Gordon could come the Cubs way from LA. One thing is for sure is that Lilly will likely be dealt before the deadline.

Rumors are flying around the Cubs and the Cubs could look a lot different in coming days-

- The Padres are looking for a left-handed hitting outfielder who can also play in spacious Petco. They are said to be interested in Rick Ankiel and Kosuke Fukudome. The Padres want the Cubs to pay almost all of this contract though.

- The D'backs are interested in Ryan Theriot especially if they deal Kelly Johnson or Stephen Drew.

- The Red Sox tried to make a run at Sean Marshall but the Cubs shot down that talk.

Here is the latest on Lilly-

- The Dodgers are trying to work out a trade for Theriot and Lilly but want the Cubs to kick in money so they can get a deal done according to Ken Rosenthal.

- Tim Brown of Yahoo says the Dodgers are waiting for Lilly's cost to come down. George Offerman says names he is hearing are Blake DeWitt, Dee Gordon, and John Ely. Gordon would be a steal for the Cubs.

- Rosenthal tweeted the Dodgers will likely get Lilly without Theriot.

- Jayson Stark says the Tigers are not out of the hunt for Ted Lilly and a "mystery" team is involved. According to a Padres source "they are not interested in Lilly"

- The Dodgers are talking to the Cubs about Lilly and a position player says Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times. Dylan says the other position player is NOT Theriot.

- Jon Paul Morosi says the Reds have a remote chance of obtaining Lilly. They could be the mystery team. He also notes the Reds are not on Lilly's no-trade list.

- George Ofman just tweeted Theriot is still in the picture for the Tigers and Dodgers.

- David Kaplan just tweeted that Ted Lilly would approve a trade to the Twins. The Twins are currently on this no-trade list.

- Bruce Levine says the Yankees are still in on Lilly.

More later I am sure!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lots of Moves... None including the Cubs...

UPDATE!- The Padres are "in talks" with the Cubs regarding two Cub pitchers they are interested in. Sources say the Padres are looking for an inning eater to save their young arms and willing to absorb "some" money in the process. Just speculation but they maybe looking at Carlos Silva or maybe even Tom Gorzelanny. I will keep you updated.

With Oswalt heading to Philly, Tejeda heading to San Diego, and Rangers acquiring Cantu you would think the Cubs have been busy but they have not. Here is the latest rumors surrounding the Cubs-

- The Rockies are now sellers but still really like Ryan Theriot because he can help beyond this year. The Tigers are now the only other team really interested in Theriot because of other players heading to other cites.

- The Mets asked about Tom Gorzelanny but nothing has came of it yet.

- The Mets are still calling the Cubs about Lilly but will not give up Josh Thole.

- Now it has come out that Lilly has the Twins on his no-trade clause so it is reported that it is unlikely he will be heading to Minnesota.

- The Padres are looking for outfielders and pitchers to bolster their rotation. The Cubs might be a fit for both. They have Gorzelanny, Lilly, Silva, Zambrano, Fukudome, Nady, and Soriano that could appeal to the Padres but money may be an issue for some of the players listed.

- The Dodgers are the favorite to land Ted Lilly according to sources. Some say the Cubs could ask for John Ely but would love to pry away top prospect Dee Gordon but that is unlikely. I also heard rumblings that a three way trade could be in the mix that would send the Cubs James Loney, Dodgers Ted Lilly and Lance Berkman, and the Astros Tom Gorzelanny and prospects from the Dodgers.

Until Next Time....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lee... Lilly... and more....

- According to Muskat and Levine the Angels made a trade offer for the Cubs (which the Cubs liked) but Derrek Lee exercised his no-trade clause. To me this is foolish for Lee. He has a chance to go where he makes his off season home, chance to make it to the playoffs, and to start from scratch to get a nice contract for next season but chose not to. There is something seriously wrong here because according to all media outlets, Derrek Lee will not be offered arbitration and will not be resigned with the Cubs.

- The Cubs maybe more willing to absorb some of the 4.43 million left on Ted Lilly's contract. Especially to get some good prospects.

- The market is booming for Ted Lilly right now! The Twins, Dodgers, Phillies, and Tigers all really want Lilly.

- The Mets are waiting to hear from management before they make an offer for Lilly.

- Rumors are circulating about a J.A. Happ for Lilly scenario but the Phils are on Lilly's no trade list so that might be a roadblock.

- The Twins may include Wilson Ramos if the Cubs pick up half of Lilly's contract. While the Tigers may include Ryan Raburn and prospects in a deal for Lilly.

- Ryan Theriot could be in purple by Saturday. Word is the Rockies like Theriot but will see how the next couple of games go before they start buying.

- The Mets maybe interested in Carlos Zambrano. Here is what the Mets seek!

- This just in... The Angels are now taking a run at Lilly because of Pineiro arm injury. Get Mark Trumbo and another prospect and you have a deal!!

More to come......

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zambrano being shopped and Lilly still a Cub....

- Buster Olney said via twitter that the Cubs have made Carlos Zambrano available. Zambrano is owed 42.7 million in the next 3 years with a vesting option for the 4th. It is likely that the Cubs will hold onto Zambrano given the amount of money he is owed and the "problems" he has had on and off the field. But a strong showing after the deadline could land him a new team this winter. I am hearing there is some interest from the Yankees, Mets, and White Sox although they would expect the Cubs to pick up a large portion of the tab.

- The Padres and Rockies both really like Ryan Theriot. With the Padres being the most aggressive.

- David Kaplan said the Cubs tried to trade Fukudome to the Nationals in June. The Cubs were willing to pick up 2 million this season and half his contract for the next season but the Nats said NO!

- Kaplan also said Tyler Colvin or Aramis Ramirez will be the Cubs first baseman next season. The Cubs also expect Brett Jackson to be on the big league club next season. Kap said Lee will not be a Cub next season.

- If Shark ever returns to the Majors it will be as a reliever. The Cubs expect to turn Andrew Cashner back into a starter.

- Aramis Ramirez said he will likely exercise his option for next season. This is good and bad news for the Cubs. The good is that Aram is swinging the bat like he is his old self the bad news is he is owed a ton of money which could hurt the Cubs badly if he does not turn back into a .300 30 HR 100 RBI guy.

That is it....for now!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rumor Round-Up...

Cubs rumors are jammed pack with the trade deadline less than a week away. Many rumors you have heard and some you have not. Lets check it out-

- The Cubs hope that the deal the D'backs got for Dan Haren is a fluke because they expect to get more talent wise than what they got for Lilly.

- Bob Nightengale said via Twitter that the Rangers are in deep conversations for Cantu and are taking a close look at Derrek Lee. He also says they are looking at another starter.

- According to my sources, the Cubs tried to deal Lilly and Derrek Lee to the Angels before they acquired Dan Haren. Those same sources say that the Cubs are offering Derrek Lee and Ted Lilly to the Rangers but want the Rangers to pick up the tab on both all while getting two close to ready ML top prospects.

- is looking to add a bat at first base for the injured Kendry Morales. They are looking at Garret Jones and Derrek Lee but it has not been confirmed that they have had talks with the Cubs or Pirates. If the Cubs did trade Lee to the Angels they could ask for 1st base prospect Mark Tumbo. He would immediately come in for the Cubs and play first base if Lee is dealt.

- The Cubs expect to trade Lilly before his next start, which it tomorrow.

- The Yankees are really starting to like Ted Lilly especially with Andy P. on the DL. I am hearing the Cubs are asking for Jesus Montero (who could be moved to 1st if acquired by the Cubs).

- According to Jayson Stark of ESPN, he said that Derrek Lee is unlikely to waive his no-trade clause. He got this information from a friend of Lee's. Remember days ago Ken Rosenthal said that he talked to a friend that said he would welcome a trade if it was the right situation. It is hard to believe what will happen. All Derrek is saying is he would like to stay in Chicago.

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