Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cubs Talk: Price, Prospects, and More....

Here is the latest-

·         Mr. Jon Heyman labels the Cubs and Rangers as landing spots for Tampa Bay’s David Price.  This is purely speculation because of all the things that could happen between now and then but is it from an anonymous source so that is at least something.  Find the story here.
·         I talked to source of mine who I have not spoken to until last year’s off-season but he says the Cubs will being going into this trade deadline to acquire as many top prospects as possible to flip to other teams for young ML talent that maybe available at the deadline or next off-season.  The prospects he said the Cubs may might get in a trade not “make sense” for the Cubs but may make sense for another team.  He tells me the Cubs have their sights set high to somewhat accelerate the rebuilding process by attempting to acquire players like Stanton or Price.  He even said the Cubs could try to deal for a player like Jurickson Profar to attempt to move him for a player like David Price.
·         The same source also told me that while the Cubs have not given up on Brett Jackson or Josh Vitters they may look to trade them both at the deadline or next off-season.
·         Brett from Bleacher Nation has a Cubs injury update found here.
·         The Cubs plan on taking either Appel or Gray with their 2nd overall pick.
·         Cubs Den has two great pieces on players being a building block or on the trading block found here and  here.  Make sure you look for the 3rdpart soon at www.chicagonow.com

Bruce Levine Chats it up-

·         The Cubs have very left-handed which is why Sappelt is still with the Cubs and why he is still getting starts.
·         The Cubs may DFA Michael Bowden to make room for Fujikawa who comes off the DL next week.
·         Bruce sees the Cubs trading 3-5 players are the deadline.  (I honestly see about 6 ML players dealt named Garza, Marmol, Soriano, DeJesus, CarVill, and Russell.)
·         DeJesus is more valuable to this team in the next two months than trading him now.
·         Sounds like Bruce has some concerns about CarVill and thinks he may come back down to earth once the weather heats up.
·         It is too early to determine who will play SS in the future for the Cubs but the Cubs have a nice problem with Baez and Castro.
·         Baez could be up in the big leagues by next June and Soler is probably about a year away.
·         Levine says the Cubs do not have the players to get David Price but mentions Baez as a piece even though he does not view him as a realty to trade. (I think if the Cubs started with Baez and added Johnson among others they could get that done.)
·         Szczur is a top of the order hitter while BJax is a HR-RBI hitter.
·         The front office will trade anyone if it benefits the Cubs and follows the direction the front office has.

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