Saturday, August 23, 2008

Big Z spitting teeth, Dempster in Cubs uniform next year, and more.

- Big Z broke a molar and a half Thursday chewing gum on the mound. He had the trainer come out after he was noticeably in pain while Z was spitting out the remainder of the tooth as the visited with the trainer. Big Z said ""It's the gum, it has a lot of sugar, and I keep telling my daughter not to eat a lot of gum. I'm not a good example."

The "tooth injury" should not effect his next start.

- It seems Dempster would like to say with the Cubs next season. Dempster is a free agent after the season and could see 4-5 years 48 to 60 million next season if he hits the open market. The Phillies, Braves, Yankees, Mets, and Blue Jays are all really interested in Ryan.

"I want to play for the Cubs and will just see what happens," Dempster said. "I'm just trying to win a World Series more than anything else."

It is also expected that Wood will be back in Chicago Cubs pinstripes next season. They are both a vital part of the team this year and would be a good part of the team next season if Jim can get them locked up. I can see Wood getting a hefty contract like 4/40 million( similar to Cordero) if he goes on the open market. I feel if the Cubs offer Dempster 4 year 44 million and Wood 3 years 28 million they would take that deal to stay in Chicago. I also would not be surprised if Derosa gets a contract extension considering how valuable he is to this team!

I do not think the Cubs will offer a contract to Howry because of his stuff has not been good this year. I also think Ward will not be offered a contract since the Cubs have a younger, better option in Micah Hoffpauir. I do see Edmonds being a 50/50 shot that the Cubs offer him a contract considering they do not have an everyday option in CF. Reed Johnson will be in Chicago next season but he may not be an everyday player.

If the Cubs do decide to let Edmonds go and do not feel they have a good starting CF in house they could move Fukudome to CF and have Derosa/Hoffpauir platoon in RF. They could also sign either a guy for CF or RF and have Fukudome play either RF or CF. Here is a list of potential outfielders that could work for the Cubs-

Bobby Abreu- Good left handed bat, good defense, might be too expensive
Rocco Baldelli- Great club house guy, good speed, health issues, would like to see any combination of Rocco, Soriano, Fukudome, and Johnson.
Pat Burrell- Lots of power, hits well at Wrigley, is actually a LFer but could be used in RF if you want to take a gamble.
Adam Dunn- Same as Burrell above. Plus cost would be way too much!
Raul Ibanez- Average player, decent power numbers. Cubs had interest in him at the deadline.
Mark Kotsay- A left handed version of Reed Johnson, could be a nice platoon in CF.

Either way the Cubs are in decent shape next season. They have many options and things they could do to keep this team as good as it is now. Should be another interesting offseason, hopefully we will be coming off a World Series Championship!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pie "untouchable" status dropped.

Felix Pie has been struggling at every level this season and has been quite injury pron which could lead the Cubs to dropping his untouchable status. Felix Pie is looking like a Cory Patterson prototype to all us Cubs fans and even management. Pie has all the upside in the world but so did Cpatt, which could mean the Cubs shopping him this winter. There are many teams that showed interest in Pie before like the Jays, Padres, Rangers, and Yankees, but with his trade stock down the Cubs would be wise to package him with other prospects to address some of their holes left this offseason. Either way, I think Cub fans will not see Felix Pie in the outfield for the north-siders anytime soon.