Saturday, March 24, 2007

Box Score for 3-24, Other thoughts.

Here is a link to the cubs box score-

- Aram hit his 5th homer of the Spring and his 2nd in as many days. He went 1 for 2, RBI, and a walk

- Theriot had a RBI triple in the game. He also played LF

-Lee had another decent day having a hit and a walk

- Miller was great today and put alot of pressure on Prior. He pitched 5 innings giving up 3 hits and 0 walks! He also hit a double today.

- Guzman looked like he is out of the race now. He pitched 3 innings, gave up 2 runs on 4 hits and 4 SO.

- Ohman got the Save



Here is some ideas I have on our SP situation. I do think after today's outing that Miller has the 5th spot in the rotation. The only thing that could prevent that is an injury to Miller or Prior pitching 7 innings of scoreless, minimal hits and lots of SO.

Now it looks like Guzman and Prior will start in AAA or be traded. Here is where my speculation begins. Wang of the Yankees will start the season on the DL out for at least 3 weeks. He was projected the number 1 starter on the team. Also with Pettitte still sore and having back spasms all of the sudden the Yanks need more starting pitching. Yes the have Hughs, Pavano, and Kei, but they don't have any backup if they go down. So why not trade one of our pitchers for one of there players. They have some decent young talent and we have a surplus of starters.

Let me say this is just speculation. But I think the yanks and cubs should make a deal( It would be great to get Arod but that happen lol). Not sure what players we need but they have some good MI in there minor league system.

Newspapers continue to push Barmes to Chicago.

It seems the newspapers and Internet sites continue to say the Cubs or Rangers are going to acquire Clint Barmes( who was one of two players yesterday sent to AAA, the other Cory Sullivan). Lou has said he likes his team and doesn't need Jim to make any more deals. But having said that no gm is ever not checking on players available. Is Clint Barmes one of those players?? If you asked me 2 weeks ago I would have said yes. But since then Cedeno has caught on fire both offensively and defensively. He will take the last position spot on the team sending Perez and Pagan to AAA( thats if Pagan has options, if he doesn't he will probably be traded). Barmes would be a nice player to have in AAA tho. He can play everyday and if someone goes down he can be called upon. So a trade for him wouldn't be bad if he will be at AAA Iowa, but it wouldn't be good he is on the MLB opening day roster.


It seems talks are heating up that Prior could in fact get the 5th spot in the rotation. Prior had a great outing his last time out hitting 89-90mph. His breaking pitches looked good and he lasted 60 pitches. Now before that outing everyone said the race was up to Guzman and Miller. Prior had his supposed "loose shoulder" which wasn't even credible enough to put on my site. And it seemed like Wade had the 5th spot locked up. But then Prior came around, looked good in his minor and major outings and will have one more before the season starts. If he can in fact have a good outing and get through 6 innings, Lou will have a hard decision on his hands. Either Miller or Prior!? the other thing to think about is Guzman, is he going to get a spot in the pen?? I say no, Lou will carry 12 pitchers( Demp, Howry, Eyre, Cotts, Ohman, Wood, and Weurtz are the relievers) leaving Guzman in AAA Iowa with another guy who has an argument that he should be on the roster in Rockey Cherry. I should be great to watch how this unfolds, Lou has some tough days ahead of him!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Box Score and other cubs news

Here is the link to the cubs victory today-

- Cedeno did well( probably earning the last position spot on the team). He hit a 3 run homer going one for three today

- Aram also added some power with his 4 homer of the Spring

- Barrett showed patients drawing 2 walks and getting 2 hits

-Wood pitched a inning giving up one hit

- Z pitched 6 innings giving up one hit one run and had 5 SO

Other Cubs News

- Wood will have more 3 games of relief to get ready for the season.

- Prior ready to go and wants 5th spot in rotation. He said he is ready for Opening Day.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Box Score for 3-22-07 and other Cubs tidbits

Here is the link to the 6 inning game today-

- Lee, Theriot and Prior are the only players to get hits off of Maddog

- Prior pitched extremely well. 4 innings pitched, 4 hits, 1 run, 2BB and 3 SO. His command still isn't all there but his breaking ball was breaking at the right time. He had alot of movement on his fastball. His fastball topped out at 93 and he was consistently around 89 mph. Good news for Prior and the Cubs.

-Here is a quote from Prior-

As far as Prior is concerned, he's still in contention for the job.
"I felt good, my arm feels great," Prior said. "A lot of stuff we've been working on in the last week or so is starting to pay off. When I came out [to the mound], I had a little adrenaline running through me a little more than I wanted to. They weren't taking that many good swings off me and they weren't hitting the ball hard, so it was a good outing."
Could he be ready when the Cubs need a fifth starter on April 7?
"Yeah," Prior said. "There was never a doubt."

Don't count him out yet Cubs fans. Its a long shot but if he can prove himself he will have a spot in the rotation.

Here is another interesting note about the Prior and Miller battle for the 5th spot-

The Cubs have one spot open in the bullpen, and one spot on the bench. Piniella didn't want to say the fifth starter spot was "100 percent decided" in fairness to Mark Prior, who is battling Wade Miller for the job.

- The last spot in the rotation is down to Guzman and Wood. If Wood shows he can pitch his next outing Guzman will be sent to AAA.

Here is Lou's pen-

Dempster, Howry, Wuertz, Eyre, Ohman, and Cotts.
with one spot left for Wood or Guzman.

Jones to Tigers? Arod article links and Zambrano's multi year deal

This according to

The Tigers are likely including Marcus Thames in any trade discussions as they look for left-hand help in the bullpen and outfield. But most teams will be inclined to go with players already in camp as they form their 25-man rosters.
Thames, like Durbin, will find that he is not the only player on the block. And one of those available players, Jacque Jones of the Cubs, might be an answer for the Tigers as they hunt for left-hand outfield and bench help.
Jones, however, will make $4 million this season and $5 million in 2008. The Tigers will no doubt decide that Jones salary is better off being Chicagos responsibility.

This is absurd. First off all we will not just give Jones away let alone pay his contract. I bet we keep Jones and why not he hits 285 with 25 home runs a year. You just don't give that kind of player away.


Here is a couple of articles on Arod if anyone wants to read them-

According to the Suntimes-

ON ZAMBRANO TALKS: Hendry and pitcher Carlos Zambrano's agent, Barry Praver, talked Tuesday at Hendry's office, and Praver said he expects they'll talk again this week as they try to work out a possible five-year contract extension for the Cubs ace.


The Final Roster Spot-

NO NEED FOR TRADE: Piniella said he told general manager Jim Hendry Wednesday morning that he doesn't see any need to make a trade to help the Cubs bench -- the only place where a job remains open in camp.
''I don't really think that we need to go out and do anything unless he really thinks he can improve our team,'' the manager said. ''I'm comfortable with all the pieces that we have here, and we can make it work with what we have here, and leave with a good baseball team and all the components in place.''
That includes young middle infielder Ronny Cedeno, who looked good at the plate Wednesday and, playing shortstop, made a spectacular barehand catch of a bad hop of a Sammy Sosa grounder and threw out Sosa at first.
''I've been very comfortable with seeing the progress Cedeno's made in camp,'' said Piniella, who also has veteran infielder Tomas Perez and versatile outfielder Angel Pagan battling for the final bench spot. ''He's worked hard. We've asked him to do a few things both offensively and defensively and he's responded.''

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

5/21/07 Cubs box score

Here is the link to the Cubs victory over Sosa's Rangers-

- Lee continues to tear the cover off the ball. He went 2 for 4 with 3 rbi, bringing his average to .512.

- Ward won the game with a walk of Grand Slam!

- Floyd had a good day going 2 for 4 and so did Jones going 2 for 4 with a 2 run homer.

- Marquis didn't fair well giving up 9 hits, 5 runs 3BB and 4 SO in 5 innings


- Wood says he is feeling better but probably not have the innings to start the season

- Prior will pitch tomorrow and Lou hopes he goes 3 or 4 innings. Hill will be following Prior and hopefully finish the game.

- Here is another tidbit on a trade from

Cubs may have interest in dealing for him or Tony Pena Jr...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cubs box score, more reports on Barmes

Here is a link to box score today-

- Sori hit his 3rd homer of the Spring.
- Lilly finally got roughed up. He pitched 5 innings, gave up 4 runs and 9 hits and 2 BB.


It sound like the Cubbies are very interested in Clint Barmes. The Sun Times backed up the rumor that was all over the net yesterday. Makes you wonder if the get info from message boards?? Well Clint Barmes is definitely better than the two players that are battling for the last spot( Cedeno and Perez). His OBP is really low(.264) and low avg with no power. The Cubs should look else where for utility players. Like the players i mention yesterday/


The Sun Times seems to think the last man on the 12 man pitching roster is Guzman. I tend not to agree. First of all I think there will be a 11 man pitching roster not 12. Leaving Guzman off. With Weurtz and Wood starting the season either in AAA Iowa or the DL it is a possibility that he is on the ML roster but only if Lou will carry 11 pitchers because he wants a strong bench.




Monday, March 19, 2007

Box Scores for Split Game. Prior and Wood not ready for Opening day!

Here is a tidbit from

Neither Wood nor Prior has had enough innings this spring to be ready, and only two weeks remain before the start of the regular season. Wood has pitched in three games and gone one inning in each. Prior has totaled 3 1/3 innings in two games, and he also threw four innings in a Minor League intrasquad game.

At least we were planning for them not to be ready this year. Any takers on what day they will make there first appearances?


Here is a link to both ST games today-

-Jones had a 3 run homer in the first inning
-Ward had a great day with 2 hits in 5 AB, with 4 rbi and two runs
-Pie did well with 3 hits and a 3 bagger

Wow the cubs had the bats going today!

- Barrett homer twice! with 4 rbis
- Lee had four hits and 3rbis
- Miller got knock around a bit but his ST era is 5.11
- Sori and Aram also had HRs!
- Floyd had 2 hits in 3 AB but his defense is still suspect

All around a good day for Cubs bats!

Trade rumors, Big Z long term deal, and utility men cubs should look at.

According to Big Z-

Daily Herald: "It’s probably news to Cubs general manager Jim Hendry and Carlos Zambrano’s agents, but the big right-hander said Sunday he believes he’s close to a new multiyear contract."

I think it would be great if they get a deal done before opening day. I have just as much faith as Z on them getting a deal done. I think they are very close and will get it done during Spring.

Thanks to

Should Cubs Trade Jacque Jones?
Respected Cubs beat writer Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald writes that a Jacque Jones trade is within the realm of possibility. However, Miles does not think a Jones trade makes sense.
Miles points to the reasonable $9MM due to Jones over the next two seasons. He mentions how Jones's left-handed bat and defense are needed. Plus, his .284/.334/.499 performance last year was solid (the average NL RF hit .268/.345/.453).
These are all good points. In my opinion, the Cubs should certainly listen to offers but only if they help the team. I know the Cubs don't want to upset the $136MM man, but he should be moved to right if Jones is dealt.
Felix Pie's defense would go a long way, and he can develop his bat with low pressure at the bottom of the order. That alignment would make the Cubs a better team compared to the current plan. I wrote that the Jones signing was a mistake at the time, and he proved me wrong for one season. Why not sell high?

While I agree with the majority of this, I tend to disagree with if Jones is dealt moving Pie to center and putting Sori in RF. Your creating more problems there. First Sori has played CF all Spring and the 136 million man shouldn't have to move. RF at Wrigley is a tough place to play, why not put your best fielder there?? I think Pie would do well in RF and that way you don't create a problem by moving everyone around. Personally I say don't trade JJ.. He has played good defensively in ST and he can hit you 25 hrs a year. The only way you do trade JJ is if your certain Pie is ready and you have him play RF.


Thanks to Mlbtraderumors-

The Cubs and Rangers would like to add shortstop Clint Barmes as a utility man (might even make sense for the Cubs to start him). The Rox still like Barmes though and may keep him around as a 2B option for '08. Rosenthal mentions the Royals as another fit for Barmes. The Royals need a shortstop like the Marlins need a center fielder.

We all know Lou wants a strong bench, not to mention him saying he wants another middle infielder. You can do worst than Clint Barmes but not much. He is a good fielder and Ken said he could start for the cubs( which I don't think he would). He would be a decent 25th man here is his stats-

Well since we are on the subject why don't we speculate other players that could make a good utility men that may be available or a reasonable fit for the cubs-

Mark Bellhorn- Decent switch hitter with power, OK defender, can play all infield positions. He is currently a non-roster invitee for the Reds. He would be the ideal 25th man in my opinion.

Chris Woodward- Right handed hitter, good middle infielder. Not a bad choice for the 25th man.

Eric Bruntlett- Good hitter with high OBP, good fielder. Would be great off the bench

Joe Inglett - One of the best guys out there in my opinion. Don't know if he is available but the cubs should give the Indians a call about him. He is young, lefty .284 avg 332 obp, decent speed and a guy who can play infield and outfield. He would be a great addition to this team!

Those are the names I came up with. What does everyone else think? who would you want at the 25th man?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cubs box score, Z and Cubs talks renewed, and other cubs notes

Here is the link to the Cubs box score-

-Dlee had a good day. He had a 3 run homer in the first. Overall he went 2 for 4 with 3rbi and a run.

- Sori showed patients at the plate by walking to lead off the game and also had a little bloop hit.

- Hill did OK on the mound, 5IP 3 hits 3 runs with the blow being that 3 run homer by Cruz.

-Dempster had some back spasms the last couple of days and will be available to pitch on Monday.

- Prior is expected to pitch Thursday against the Pads


According to the Daily Herald-

Talks starting: The agents for pitcher Carlos Zambrano were due in town Saturday. Cubs GM Jim Hendry was supposed to make contact by Saturday night or today. The two sides will begin negotiating a multiyear contract for Zambrano, who can become a free agent this fall.

This is nothing new lets just hope they get it done soon!


Arod tidbits-

Here is some links to Arod/Cubs speculation-,1,5301926.column?coll=cs-whitesox-utility

I would love to see Arod in Cubbie Blue! Just like any baseball fan would like to see Arod on there team. My feeling is yes he will opt out of his contract, and yes the Cubs would be interested in him. But so will all the teams in MLB. If the Cubs can afford Z and Arod it would be huge but I personally don't see that happening unless Arod wants to reunite with Lou again and is willing to sign a lower contact. You have to believe that the Angels, and Dodgers would be the big spenders in the Arod bidding war. Should be interesting how the Arod situation develops!


Here is an interesting tidbit from

Jacque Jones, Cubs. He had a decent first year with the Cubs, hitting 27 homers, yet he's mediocre defensively, and the Cubs would like to create more playing time for youngster Matt Murton and former Met Cliff Floyd. Jones, with poor on-base and defensive skills, is not quite in demand. As one official from an American League team put it, the Cubs are "continuing to try to foist Jacque Jones off on someone." Ouch.

I don't know why the Cubs are so hell bent on trading Jones. He has showed some good D this Spring, which makes me believe he wasn't healthy last year and that is the reason he had throwing problems. Not to mention Jones did well against the central last year. The only way that trading Jones makes since is if Pie is ready to play RF at Wrigley. Since Soriano is already slated in CF and hasn't played RF, moving him now wouldn't make since. I say keep JJ, if he can play OK defense and hit like he did last year you cant go wrong with keeping him.

Here is what says-

Here's a solution: Aggressively market Jones, even offering to pay much of the two years left on his salary to facilitate a deal, and welcome Pie to the big leagues. It's guaranteed to be a big hit with the pitching staff.Because you don't want Soriano moving around in only his second year as an outfielder, let him stay in center with Pie playing right.Floyd and Pie would give Piniella the two left-handed bats in the outfield that he currently figures to have with Floyd and Jones. Piniella also would have a choice of essentially platooning Pie and the right-handed-hitting Ryan Theriot (who continues to look like David Eckstein with pop) by shuttling DeRosa between second and right. He played 60 games in the latter spot last year for the Rangers, and some scouts think it's his best spot.These would be aggressive changes to make this late in spring training, but the alternative is to shrug your shoulders and continue sacrificing outs and bases because of your outfield defense.It's clear Pie did not get the memo that said he was out of the running for a big-league job.He played all nine innings with verve Friday after the bus ride down I-10, grinding all the way through the ninth inning walk off Bobby Jenks that put him in position to score the tying run from first on Casey McGehee's double to the gap in right-center."I thought it was good," Piniella said of Pie's patience at a time when a walk really was as good as a hit. "Pie has done well. He has played well all spring."He can catch the ball too.