Monday, March 19, 2007

Trade rumors, Big Z long term deal, and utility men cubs should look at.

According to Big Z-

Daily Herald: "It’s probably news to Cubs general manager Jim Hendry and Carlos Zambrano’s agents, but the big right-hander said Sunday he believes he’s close to a new multiyear contract."

I think it would be great if they get a deal done before opening day. I have just as much faith as Z on them getting a deal done. I think they are very close and will get it done during Spring.

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Should Cubs Trade Jacque Jones?
Respected Cubs beat writer Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald writes that a Jacque Jones trade is within the realm of possibility. However, Miles does not think a Jones trade makes sense.
Miles points to the reasonable $9MM due to Jones over the next two seasons. He mentions how Jones's left-handed bat and defense are needed. Plus, his .284/.334/.499 performance last year was solid (the average NL RF hit .268/.345/.453).
These are all good points. In my opinion, the Cubs should certainly listen to offers but only if they help the team. I know the Cubs don't want to upset the $136MM man, but he should be moved to right if Jones is dealt.
Felix Pie's defense would go a long way, and he can develop his bat with low pressure at the bottom of the order. That alignment would make the Cubs a better team compared to the current plan. I wrote that the Jones signing was a mistake at the time, and he proved me wrong for one season. Why not sell high?

While I agree with the majority of this, I tend to disagree with if Jones is dealt moving Pie to center and putting Sori in RF. Your creating more problems there. First Sori has played CF all Spring and the 136 million man shouldn't have to move. RF at Wrigley is a tough place to play, why not put your best fielder there?? I think Pie would do well in RF and that way you don't create a problem by moving everyone around. Personally I say don't trade JJ.. He has played good defensively in ST and he can hit you 25 hrs a year. The only way you do trade JJ is if your certain Pie is ready and you have him play RF.


Thanks to Mlbtraderumors-

The Cubs and Rangers would like to add shortstop Clint Barmes as a utility man (might even make sense for the Cubs to start him). The Rox still like Barmes though and may keep him around as a 2B option for '08. Rosenthal mentions the Royals as another fit for Barmes. The Royals need a shortstop like the Marlins need a center fielder.

We all know Lou wants a strong bench, not to mention him saying he wants another middle infielder. You can do worst than Clint Barmes but not much. He is a good fielder and Ken said he could start for the cubs( which I don't think he would). He would be a decent 25th man here is his stats-

Well since we are on the subject why don't we speculate other players that could make a good utility men that may be available or a reasonable fit for the cubs-

Mark Bellhorn- Decent switch hitter with power, OK defender, can play all infield positions. He is currently a non-roster invitee for the Reds. He would be the ideal 25th man in my opinion.

Chris Woodward- Right handed hitter, good middle infielder. Not a bad choice for the 25th man.

Eric Bruntlett- Good hitter with high OBP, good fielder. Would be great off the bench

Joe Inglett - One of the best guys out there in my opinion. Don't know if he is available but the cubs should give the Indians a call about him. He is young, lefty .284 avg 332 obp, decent speed and a guy who can play infield and outfield. He would be a great addition to this team!

Those are the names I came up with. What does everyone else think? who would you want at the 25th man?

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