Saturday, November 18, 2006

Manny rumors heating up!!!

Ken Rosenthal of say theres 8 teams including the cubs that would be intrested in aquiring the power hitting righty. Its intresting the moves the cubs have made recently and how it lines up with articles and what Ken wrote. Lets review. The cubs have be linked to signing Lugo, but already signed Derosa which gave them a surplus of middle infielders.. making one expendable.Then trading for a RP that puts an overstock in our pen. As Ken writes he feels the cubs would take on Manrams pay and give up Izzy and a relief arm.. Is this all coincedence? or is Jim making sure he has a backup plan in case Sori doesnt want to play here? or all along has he been preparing to get Manram for Ceasar and a relief pitcher? we will have to see... Lets just say if Jimbo pulls this one off it would be huge! getting a 290 40 110 rbi player to put in with Lee and Aram would scare the hell out of the pitching in the central!

lugo ss or matthews jr cf
cf or ss

Cubs: Ramirez would be a perfect fit if the Cubs struck out on Soriano; general manager Jim Spendry — er, Hendry — could sign Julio Lugo or Gary Matthews Jr. to hit leadoff, and a lineup that featured Derrek Lee and both Manny and Aramis Ramirez would be obscene. The Cubs could part with shortstop Cesar Izturis and bullpen arms; and the Sox could reinvest their savings; the Cubs still would need starting pitching.

Normal chats with Soriano, cubs looking at lugo, Hendry workin OT

Daily Herald

Cubs sources say Hendry has had “normal chats” with the representatives for free-agent outfielder Alfonso Soriano, who may command upward of $100 million over seven years.
J.D. Drew, the free-agent outfielder late of the Los Angeles Dodgers, isn’t on the Cubs’ front burner yet, but that could change as the market continues to take shape.

Good news that he has at least had a normal conversation twice this week with Soriano, it looks like Jim was also working overtime to maybe set up deals to get finished by saturday.. i was suprised no deal was made yesterday or a free agent signing but maybe today will be a big day!

Lou Piniella is a backer of Julio Lugo, who played shortstop for him in Tampa Bay. The presence of 2005 Gold Glover Cesar Izturis would argue that Lugo would be redundant on the Cubs, but sources indicate they are pursuing him, as is Boston.

Im with Izzy, why would we need another middle infielder? unless we plan to shop Izzy, cedeno, or Theriot. It scares me that were considering him in cf, if were considering that we better be getting Manny, Tejeda, Soriano, or any other big name to help us out with our bats!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Rumors... Rumors... and more Rumors...

I have recieved many emails stating the same thing from different people(or so i assume) .Here's the unfound rumors i have been hearing.

-The cubs are set to complete the Westbrook trade with cleveland. It is said that the deal will involve bynum, marshall, and Ohman for Westbrook. (4 different emailers)

This would be huge for the Jim Win Now Campaign.. He has fithy stuff and will create alot of ground balls at Wrigley

- The cubs have made offers to Gil Meche and Jason Marquis. The numbers werent mentioned in the email i recieved but if this is true you gotta think prior wont be ready by spring time or a trade will come shortly after the signing.

- The cubs have met with Soraino's agent already this week and will meet with Soriano and his agent today to exchange numbers. The emailer also stated that the cubs will make an offer to the impact player.

Wow how big would this be if the cubs all did this before the weekend! we will have to see how things unfold in the coming hours and days!!

Red Sox offer deal, Cubs match it!

Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News has overheard a few possible offers to free agents.
He says that J.D. Drew is "expected to sign a two-year, $30 million deal with Boston." It makes sense for the Sox to pay an extra $2MM or so annually to keep the years down on this deal.

Meanwhile, in a separate article, Larry LaRue writes, "Boston has offered J.D. Drew a huge contract - and Lou Piniella's Cubs have matched it."

While i dont feel like Drew is a 15 mil guy.. he can do nothing but help the cubs. Hes a left handed bat with power, great outfield arm, and is a rbi machine!!!

I have a feeling here will be at least an announcement today that we signed a impact player, or at least traded for one.. Just a hunch tho.

Manny to the Cubs?????

Buster Onley says Cubs and Astros as possibilities. The Cubs have promising young players like Donald Veal, Felix Pie, Carlos Marmol, and Sean Gallagher to offer. The Astros might offer players such as Jason Hirsh, Brad Lidge, Chris Burke, Luke Scott, or Willy Taveras. Certainly seems like Houston could offer a better package.

If the cubs could land Manram that would be a huge boost in the offensive department.. his feilding is questionable but we delt with jones last year didnt we?? Wouldnt be bad but i dont wanna give up Pie or Veal in a deal like Buster states.

More intresting articles

The cubs once again say they are ready to make there stong push towards Soriano. The talk is so hyped all he can do is win the bidding. It also states that Jim will make some noticable improvement to the rotation, possibaly adding Marquis and/or Lilly and trading for Westbrook. I think you will see alot of action today considering the meetings are beginning to come to a close.

It states the cubs may bow out if a bidding war takes place, i tend to dissagree. Earlier in the week Hendry came out and said the only way Soriano wont come to chicago is if he doesnt want to come here. So i believe this is just an opinion of the writer. I do hear Jason Jennings name alot latley.. he will cost pie and young pitching, id rather past on him and get Westbrook.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cubs and Sox make a trade

NAPLES, Fla. (AP) - The Chicago White Sox traded reliever Neal Cotts to the Cubs for reliever David Aardsma and minor league pitcher Carlos Vasquez on Thursday.
Cotts, who had a career year in 2005 while helping the White Sox win the World Series, went 1-2 last season with a 5.17 ERA. He had a career-high 70 relief appearances, but gave up 12 homers after yielding one in the previous season.
Cotts went 4-0 with a 1.94 ERA and won Game 2 of the World Series in 2005.
Aardsma was 3-0 with a 4.08 ERA in 45 relief appearances over four stints for the Cubs last season.
Vasquez, a 23-year-old left-handed pitcher, was signed as a non-drafted free agent by the Cubs in 2000. He was 6-5 with a 2.75 ERA in 54 relief appearances between Single-A Daytona and Double-A West Tenn in 2006.
The trade between the clubs is the first since July 29, 1998 when the White Sox acquired pitcher Jon Garland in exchange for reliever Matt Karchner.

Thanks to!

Its definitly a even trade, we add a good lefty to our pen in Cotts, and the Sox got a young fireball in David.. A very boring trade.

Intresting Phil Rogers article...,1,1613350.column?coll=cs-cubs-headlines

Its stated that lou would like to add three starters to his rotation. Honestly its not a bad idea considering it would insure us of not being in the postion we were in last year. Plus it would give us trade bait either before spring training or at the deadline. I like the idea of Marquis in a cubs uniform, he had an off year last year but he starts and finishes alot of games, he battles and i like that about a pitcher.

The one thing that i still find intresting that the cubs are still targeting Soriano and Drew. That means they want 3 pitchers and a power bat. Good lord well will go over budget unless they get creative.. Now if Jimbo gets that done, theres no reason cub nation should say "its Hendry's fault"

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cubs going to sign Meche? Got Blanco back!

According to Bruce Levine of ESPN Radio 1000, the Cubs have inked backup catcher Henry Blanco to a two-year, $5MM deal. Gil Meche could be the next player the team signs.

Blanco is a great sign, he is the best backup catcher in the game and the best defensivly not named Pudge.

I have always been a great fan of Gil Menche. He's under 30, has great potential, and will cost less than alot of free agent pitchers. Here's his numbers.

11-8 156k 4.48 era in 32 games... he has been great at times and terrriable at times.. Ilove to see him in a cubbie uniform!

More intresting articles on the cubbies

"Soriano may command more than $100 million for seven years, and the Cubs will be bidders, even at that price.
Pitching plans: The Cubs still must assemble a starting pitching rotation, which at this point consists of only Carlos Zambrano and Rich Hill.
Big name free agents such as Barry Zito and Jason Schmidt may be too pricey for the Cubs, who may seriously consider Seattle righty Gil Meche, a free agent.
If the Cleveland Indians are serious about obtaining bullpen help, the Cubs may offer a package of young relievers for right-hander Jake Westbrook, a groundball pitcher who would fit nicely at Wrigley Field. "

That says alot to me, looks like they actually want to start winning next year!,1,1170608.story?coll=cs-cubs-headlines

"Piniella confirmed that the next piece in the puzzle would ideally be free-agent outfielder Alfonso Soriano... That list is believed to be headed by free agents Ted Lilly, Miguel Batista, Vicente Padilla and Japanese lefty Kei Igawa. Righty Gil Meche is another possibility."

Looks like Lou is aiming for the stars!!!

Lugo, Marquis, and Cliff Floyd

They're going to be big players in the Alfonso Soriano sweepstakes, and Piniella has his eye on his old Tampa Bay shortstop, Julio Lugo, who is also being pursued by the Red Sox and Blue Jays. Piniella actually views Lugo as a potential center field/leadoff hitter as an alternative if the Cubs are unable to sign Gary Matthews Jr. And very quietly the Cubs have been exploring DeRosa's best friend, Jason Marquis, as a potential bargain reclamation project. Marquis had a horrible season with the Cardinals this year, falling out of favor with Tony ..La Russa and pitching coach Dave Duncan, after winning 28 games the previous two seasons in St. Louis. But, on his own, he recently worked under the tutelage of a major league pitching coach in Florida and is said to have straightened out two mechanical flaws Duncan couldn't find. Hendry got good reports on Marquis and is strongly considering him for one of the two rotation vacancies. And if the Soriano bidding gets too rich, the Cubs are looking at Cliff Floyd, who, upon recovering from his Achilles surgery, would love to go home to Chicago.

Article by New York Daily News

I wouldnt mind Jason Marquis, he did have an off year and he is almost a lock to get you double digit wins. The downfall, he also can get you as many loses.

I have always been a Cliff Floyd fan, he is a Chicago native, has a great arm, decent bat and once again i feel we need a left handed bat.. not the bad back up plan to Sori

Lugo is a good player, now in cf i have no idea.. i dont see him fitting the cubs mold for some reason.. if we are going that route, mite as well resign pierre.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cubs land DeRosa?

Cubs Close On DeRosa?
According to Bruce Levine of ESPN Radio 1000, the Cubs are about to finalize a three-year contract with 2B/3B/RF Mark DeRosa.
DeRosa could start at second base and also play right field when the Cubs face a southpaw.
UPDATE: ESPN says the contract is for $13MM. Jim Hendry has a tendency to buy high on guys

This is a great move by Jim, he is a proven utility player who has decent pop, good arm, and thats a decent deal for about 4 mill a year. That really is a good start to a strong bench.

Heres his stats

.273 life time hitter
.297 last year
13 homers last year
.357 obp last year
74 rbi last year
all in 136 games

he did strike out 106 times, but he does have good numbers. Great pick up!!!

Indians and Cubs trading partners??? Ray Durham?

Cubs Info From Bruce Levine
Bruce Levine of ESPN 1000 has some new Cubs info for us. He reports that the Cubs have asked the Indians about a possible deal involving Cliff Lee or Jake Westbrook in exchange for relief pitching.
In addition, the Cubs may consider Ray Durham as a source of power for second base.

My stance-

First off Levine is hit and miss on alot of his stuff but im hoping he is right about Lee or Westbrook. Lee posted 14-11 in 33 games, low base on balls 58 and ok era 4.40. im ok with trading for him if it doesnt involve relief pitchers named Howry or Eyre. The same with Jake, he's not worth Scott or Bobby. While Westbrook posted a 4.17 era winning 15 and losing 10. He is basically a right handed Lee only a year older.

Now Ray Durham, he does have power but my main concerns is his health. He has knee problems and is getting older.. I dont think he is an answer at 2nd base, i believe you keep Theriot there and use your money else where. Thats my own opinion.

Two great article today.. Soraino,Batista,lilly, and...Padilla

There are two great articles today in the Sun Times and the Tribune.. check them out.,1,695844.column?coll=cs-cubs-headlines,CST-SPT-deluca14.article

Its amazing to me we are still going after Sori, the winning team will pay a heafty price of 6 or 7 for 105-115 million.. Jim once again pushing for him says to me he wants to win now(also that he has pressure from both sweet lou and John). Padilla would be a great pick up for the cubs, he's firey and an inning eater, lilly is also an interesting choice. crafty lefty, decent pitcher, good for the price. This offseason is different then any other i have followed, hopefully im correct!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Lilly, Jay Payton, and Kei Igawa Cubs?

The cubs rumors and news keep on coming! The cubs have made contact and are showing intrest in plenty of players. Some mentioned in the past are Schmidt(which seems as a lost cause to me because he already stated he want to stay on the west coast, preferrably Seattle or the giants), Batista(good #4 or#5 pitcher), Soriano( and for obvious reasons), Padailla( will cost 10 mill but would be an effect #3 starter), Matthews Jr.(good glove, decent last year.. might be a trap tho), J.D. Drew( good bat, rbi machine, left handed, injury pron), and many others. but here are 3 more you can add to the list. enjoy!
The Cubs still want to add two starting pitchers, and free-agent left-hander Ted Lilly appears to be one of their principal targets. The team has made early contact with Lilly's agent, Larry O'Brien, who describes the Cubs as an "intriguing" possibility.

According to KNBR radio in San Francisco the Cubs have made an offer to free agent outfielder Jay Payton, it is said to be a three yeardeal, no dollar figure was given.This is from the espn boards. With Lou saying he wanted a strong bench, i find this one easy to believe.

According to espn 1000 today the cubs are going to bid heavily on lefty Kei Igawa, were not talking the 20 mil we bid for matz but are expected to make the biggest push for him. Our scouts have gave great reviews and from his video on i tend to agree. He is expected to be posted by friday so we will see

Cubs Centerpeice Soriano???

Cubs eyeing SorianoNovember 13Chicago Tribune
"After deals with Aramis Ramirez and Kerry Wood were finally in the book Sunday, general manager Jim Hendry turned up the volume on the off-season, confirming the Cubs' interest in Alfonso Soriano."Soriano could end up in Chicago"

November 13Chicago Sun-Times
"Next up on Hendry's to-do list is making a strong run at the market's top free-agent prize -- outfielder Alfonso Soriano. Sources confirmed that Soriano was the centerpiece of discussions during the Cubs' organizational meetings last week in Mesa, Ariz."

Interesting but not shocking news. We have always known that Jim has liked Soriano, but finally we have some idea how much he wants the power hitter. He will certainly cost big(the word to use now i guess is Beltran money) and we do have other concerns but maybe this is a sign that the Win Now attitude is for real. I wont hold my breath but i like the new hendry look this offseason. Especially since he didnt lose Aramis!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I have been checking my email today and i have several "unknown" people that identify themselves as "sources." i have been burned by this before so to cover my a## i will say these are rumors and have to link or any source of concrete news.. having said that here is what i have----

- During managers meeting coming up 13-17 jim hendry is expect to begin disscussions with J.P. Ricciardi for vernon wells. the deal isnt going to be cheap but also J.P. has a problem on there hands with wells wanting beltran money. my emailer says the deal will defintly include Pie and young starter not named hill(probly marshall, marmol, or mateo)

my notes- this would be a steal.. check my previous article on wells and you will see why

- Also stated that during the managers meetings next week jim is expected to revisit prior for tejeada action that started last year.. by doing this i think the payroll will go out the window.. it will be intresting if it gets as much exposer as it did last year

- what i also had emailed to me is some free agents that i havent heard before, for one trot nixson.. another injury pron guy who i dont understand why we would need. considering we have jones, murton, bynum, and pagan.. unless we plan to shop one of the previous. the only other target he/she stated that was a suprise was Ronnie Belliard.. i would actually prefer we let theriot play 2nd base and save the money

it will be fun to see who heard right and who heard wrong and who is a prophet.. i will try to update this under rumors.. rumors.. and more rumors..

by the way if you hear anything dont hesitate to post something to me!


Report: Cubs Offer J.D. Drew 3 years 40 million

A report coming out of a L.A. radio station is saying that the Cubs have offered J.D. Drew a 3 year 40 million dollar deal. That is 13,300,000 a year. I say that is fair, he would be a great number 5 hitter and would fill the void in center, or right field if there is a trade.

Makes alot of sense to me.. he is a rbi machine when heathy.. 100 last year and he hits around .280 and will hit 20 hr or more.. hits well at wrigley, something like .500 i think. .393 obp and most important he is a lefty.. i like the thought of him in cf or rf if we decide to trade JJ.. wouldnt be suprised if this is done quickly or if it just goes away like most rumors.. we will have to see!!!


the cubs didnt stop today at aram 2day.. inking wood to a 1 year deal.. it was just reported on espn news.. wood will assume a reliever roll in 07 more than likely.. his deal which isnt detailed is incentive stock and should be in the 1 to 4 million range annually with incentives reaching like a wade miller deal.. good job cubs... now gent hank white!!!!!


Ramirez staying put after all
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Ken Rosenthal / Posted: 11 minutes ago

Rather than test free agency, third baseman Aramis Ramirez has decided to remain with the Chicago Cubs.
Ramirez, 28, has agreed to a five-year contract with a vesting option, has learned. While exact terms of the deal were not immediately available, it was believed to be for at least $70 million.
Just in time, too.
The Cubs' exclusive negotiating period with Ramirez ran out at midnight Saturday. And the Angels were reportedly expected to make a big push for Ramirez as early as Sunday.
But the Cubs shouldn't be too fired up about keeping Ramirez in the fold, at least from a financial perspective.
Think maybe now the Cubs regret giving Ramirez an escape clause rather than additional money in the four-year, $42 million extension he signed at the start of the 2005 season?
If the Cubs had increased the size of that contract, by, say, an additional $10 million, Ramirez likely would have dropped his demand for the out clause. The Cubs then would have had him signed through '08, at a far lesser salary than they will pay him in his new deal.
Talk about a hollow victory: Proud as the Cubs might be that first baseman Derrek Lee is signed through 2010 and Ramirez through 2011, they still must pursue two starting pitchers, an outfield slugger, a center fielder and maybe a second baseman this off-season.
It seems doubtful the Cubs would sign free agent Alfonso Soriano to a deal in the $100 million range when they've already got big money committed to Ramirez and Lee.
It also seems doubtful that they would expend their trade chips on a hitter such as Blue Jays center fielder Vernon Wells, who is eligible for free agency after next season.
Then again, in a market short on quality starting pitching, overpaying for hitters rather than pitchers might be the right idea — particularly when the Cubs are bracing for a major investment in right-hander Carlos Zambrano, who is a free agent after next season.
The Cubs likely will attempt to trade for one starting pitcher and sign another in free agency. Right-hander Jason Schmidt is a logical free-agent target, but if his price grows astronomical, the Cubs might need to settle for an under-the-radar veteran on a short-term deal.
If nothing else, at least they won't need to replace Ramirez, who triggered his escape clause in part because few quality third basemen are available. Aubrey Huff and Mark DeRosa are among the leading free-agent possibilities, followed by Pedro Feliz, Aaron Boone and David Bell.
If the Cubs had lost Ramirez, they might have chosen to tap into the deep second-base market - which includes Ray Durham, Adam Kennedy, Mark Loretta and Ron Belliard - and gone with a lesser third baseman.
The team's current second-base options, Ronny Cedeno and Ryan Theriot, both are unproven. The Cubs likely will pursue a veteran infielder to complement them, but no one too expensive.
They just sunk in the neighborhood of $70 million into Ramirez. They need to sign Zambrano to an extension. And they've got a whole lot of work to do in between.



According to

A Cubs source of mine tells me that Hendry offered the original six year, $90MM contract that agent Paul Kinzer wanted. Kinzer of course rejected it, as he feels his client is worth Beltran money now.

wow if this is true u cant blame hendry for trying.. thats exactly what he said he wanted and he rejected it. obviously this Paul Kinzer thinks he is scott boras!! obviously aram never wanted to stay in chicago cuz if he did then him and his agent would be signing on that contract now... I am now bitter toward this whole situation, first of all them leading the cubs, hendry, and the fans on with this media game of cat and mouse through the papers was ridiculous. aramis saying he wants to stay in chicago and will give them a "hometown" discount is total BS..if thats the case he should be here for 6 years 90 million... Good bye ARAM.. we will miss your hr and rbi but not the person you have become.. a greedy, self-centered player.. karma comes back remeber!!!!!


As you probly already know aramis is offically a free agent.. the cubs could still talk with him but not without the angels waiving 6-7 years and 100-120 million in him and his agents face.. this is a lose lose situation.. overpay for him kills the possiable money on other free agents... then again lose him and have an enormous gap at 3b again.. who knows how long this time.. but look at it this way you have all the choices for your 3rd base below in my "3rb replacement article." which in my opinion is pretty weak. now is this jimbo's plan? does he have a scheme? Probably NOT! but a cubs fan can hope, cant he?