Friday, November 17, 2006

More intresting articles

The cubs once again say they are ready to make there stong push towards Soriano. The talk is so hyped all he can do is win the bidding. It also states that Jim will make some noticable improvement to the rotation, possibaly adding Marquis and/or Lilly and trading for Westbrook. I think you will see alot of action today considering the meetings are beginning to come to a close.

It states the cubs may bow out if a bidding war takes place, i tend to dissagree. Earlier in the week Hendry came out and said the only way Soriano wont come to chicago is if he doesnt want to come here. So i believe this is just an opinion of the writer. I do hear Jason Jennings name alot latley.. he will cost pie and young pitching, id rather past on him and get Westbrook.