Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cubs Chatter....

- Tyler Colvin has been taking grounders at first base. He played there in High School along with some in College so it is not totally new to him. He is expected to play some games there starting next week. The Cubs are seeing if he can handle the position because if he cannot then they will likely target a left-handed hitting 1st baseman this off season.

- Rosenthal says the Cubs will bring in at least one new starting pitcher regardless of what they do with Zambrano. Chatter says the Cubs still really like Ted Lilly (as do I). I also think they should look at Brandon Webb, Jake Westbrook, Carl Pavano, or Javier Vazquez. I am not going to even mention Cliff Lee because the Cubs cannot afford him.

- Rosenthal also said the Cubs number one need is a power bat for RF or 1st depending on where Tyler Colvin plays full time. At first base we have heard the Cubs have interest in Carlos Pena and Adam Dunn but they could also check out Lance Berkman, Aubrey Huff, or Lyle Overbay. None of the latter three impress me at all. As far as players for RF the Cubs #1 target should be Carl Crawford but he will cost a ton of money. Others the Cubs could take a run at is Johnny Damon, Adam Dunn (defense in RF would be scary), Rick Ankiel (not bad), or Brad Hawpe. Even though he is not left-handed, Jayson Werth would be a nice addition.

The Cubs could also trade for an outfielder or first baseman. They should call about Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Luke Scott, Nick Swisher, Kila Ka'aihue, or Adam LaRoche. Those players maybe available via trade this winter. Two other players that will likely not move but the Cubs should check in on is James Loney and Justin Morneau. Dodger fan and management are growing tired of the lack of power from the hot corners and the Twins could look to cut some cost by getting rid of Morneau. The Twins are also worried about Justin's health so they could deal him while his stock is still high.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lee Gone! More to Come? Notes....

UPDATE!- The Cubs have traded Derrek Lee to the Braves for three prospects. The Cubs are also saving some cash in the deal sending 1.7 million of the 3.4 million left on Lee's contract. The Cubs received a nice return for Derrek by nabbing right-handed pitchers Robinson Lopez, Tyrelle Harris, and southpaw Jeffrey Lorick.

Robinson Lopez is a 19 year old righty with a good curve ball and low 90's fastball. He ranks 16th best prospect in the Braves system.

Tyrelle Harris is a 23 year old righty was the Braves 19th round draft pick in 2009. He is a strike out pitcher and could contribute to the Cubs in a couple years.

Jeffrey Lorick is a good lefty pitcher at just 22 years old. He pitched in Class A ball and had a 2.32 ERA.

This was a much better return the Cubs got compared to what I thought they would. I commend Jim Hendry on this deal and I wish Lee the best.

- According to Bruce Levine the Cubs and Braves are discussing a trade that would send Derrek Lee to the Braves. David Kaplan also confirms this and says the Cubs are close to sending Derrek Lee to the Braves. The only that will hold this up some is the bulging disc in Lee’s neck that has held him out since Monday. Kaplan did say that the “trade is nearly done” though. Rosenthal says the deal “has legs” and Crasnick says they are “way along in the process.” Lee is expected to accept the trade. No word on who the Cubs would get in return but there is some speculation that it could be a PTBNL. One thing is for sure the Cubs will not get a good return for the struggling Lee.

- The rumor that the Braves were interested in Aramis Ramirez maybe still in play because they view him as a good replacement for Chipper Jones beyond this season. The Braves still need an upgrade at 3rd base if they do not shift Troy Glaus over there. Although there are other reports that state the Braves are not interested in any long term players like Chone Figgins or Aramis Ramirez.

- The Cubs are still looking to deal Fukudome, Baker, and Nady but no word on if they have been put on waivers yet. Same goes with Aramis Ramirez as well.

- The Cubs are unlikely to target an outfielder this off-season unless they trade two of Marlon Byrd, Soriano, and/or Fukudome. The Cubs are less likely to deal Byrd because of this leadership, smaller contract, and hustle. The Cubs would like to deal Soriano and Fukudome but may not find takers because of the amount of money owed and the production of each player. I am still hearing the Cubs want to get a big lefty bat for 1st base if they do not move Colvin or Aramis there, they want to upgrade there bullpen with solid relievers, and maybe add a veteran starter to the rotation especially if they trade a Zambrano and/or Silva.

- According to sources close to the Cubs, their main target this off-season will be Adam Dunn. Jim Hendry internally admits he made the mistake signing Milton Bradley over Adam Dunn two seasons ago when Dunn was lobbying the Cubs to sign him.

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