Friday, April 06, 2007

Iowa Cubs send Prior to DL.

Thanks to MLB RUMORS-

Iowa Cubs, that is. The Iowa Cubs announced today that pitcher Mark Prior will be place on the seven day disabled list for what they are calling, "shoulder fatigue." They are calling it fatigue because he is not ready to pitch yet. "If he needs another seven [days], we'll give him another seven," Hendry said. "Until he's ready to go five or six [innings]." After pitching for the first time in Spring Training in two years, the Cubs still felt he wasn't ready to go, and optioned him to Triple-A. Career wise, Prior is 42-29 with a 3.51 ERA. However, in 2003, Prior had 18 wins. Since 2003, Prior has had 18 wins with 17 losses compared to the six he had in 2003. He had a 2.43 ERA in 2003 and since then, he has a had a 4.97 ERA. Although many people see him returning to the bigs in May, it is much more likely to see him around June, possibly July.

Who is honestly suprised??

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sorry I have been gone for a while, lots of cubs updates and news

Here is the low down on what has gone on for the past three days-

- Sam Zell will buy the cubs at the end of the season for 8.2 billion dollars.

- Zambrano talks on hold-

One person near the negotiations between Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs for a contract extension said that both sides have agreed to let things "cool down".
But that's not to say the possibility of a deal has been greatly reduced. Zambrano and his agent have decided to extend the deadline for completion of the deal "indefinitely". Originally, the Zambrano camp had placed a deadline at Opening Day, but has since backed off of that given the news that the Cubs parent company, the Tribune Co., will be sold and that the buyer will then sell the Cubs in the offseason.
Both the Cubs, Zambrano and his handlers are saying that they think a deal can still be worked out despite this turn of events.

Thanks to MLB trade rumors

I still think a deal could be done here soon, especially now that they have extended it through the season. Its just being held up because Sam Zell's announcement of him buying the cubs. There will be a deal made in the coming week or two.

- Zambrano looks nervous first outing, Lilly looks masterful!

-The cubs are 1 and 1 overall

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Zambrano deal very close, no more opening day deadline

thanks to mlb rumors for this-

The Cubs are closing in on a five year contract, worth at least 85 million dollars with ace Carlos Zambrano. Zambrano has decided to waive his deadline to finish the deal by Opening Day that his agent says is in the final stages. "Our discussions have progressed to the point where we're going to extend the deadline for an indefinite period of time," Praver told on Sunday. Zambrano, 64-42 lifetime with a 3.29 ERA, is a two-time All-Star. He has pitched 209 or more innings in each of the past four seasons. Agent Barry Praver and GM Jim Hendry are working out the final incentives, including opt clauses and a potential no trade clause.

I told you fans nothing to worry about!

Z deal likely to go down to opening day, boxscore, and other notes

As many papers are writing there was no progress yesterday in the contract negotiations for Z's 5 year deal. Barry Paver is meeting with Hendry today and (if need be) tomorrow in Cincy. Sources indicate Zambrano's "deadline" of Opening Day isn't set in stone, despite Zambrano's pronouncement Thursday that he won't extend it even if they are close.


Let me first say that I believe the papers and sites are over reacting a bit. Aram's deal was done at the last minute, Hendry is known for that. These articles saying Z wont have a deal done before opening day are funny to me. Just yesterday they were saying a deal was close and there making progress and looking like they will get it done. What changed from now til today? The only thing that did is no contract was announced. Before fans start freaking out that Z won't be a Cub next year let me assure you this. Hendry wouldn't have shelled out 300 mil this offseason just to turn around and lose his Ace the following offseason. There is no one in this rotation that can fill the Ace roll like Z. So keep the faith!
Here is my prediction. There will be a press conference before the Mets vs. Cards game tonight announcing that Z has signed a 5 year deal worth 85 million dollars. The reason for this is it would make a big splash before the Cubs start the season. Give the fans a even bigger lift and wouldn't it be smart to get a deal done during or right before Baseball Tonight? To me it does. If no announcement is made by then look for the Cubs to announce the extension of Z right before Mondays game. That's my BOLD PREDICTION.

Here is the box score from yesterday-


- Dodgers acquired infielder Tomas Perez from the Cubs for future considerations.The Dodgers just wanted some extra shortstop depth with Rafael Furcal sidelined. Perez is expected to report to Triple-A to begin the year.