Sunday, April 01, 2007

Z deal likely to go down to opening day, boxscore, and other notes

As many papers are writing there was no progress yesterday in the contract negotiations for Z's 5 year deal. Barry Paver is meeting with Hendry today and (if need be) tomorrow in Cincy. Sources indicate Zambrano's "deadline" of Opening Day isn't set in stone, despite Zambrano's pronouncement Thursday that he won't extend it even if they are close.


Let me first say that I believe the papers and sites are over reacting a bit. Aram's deal was done at the last minute, Hendry is known for that. These articles saying Z wont have a deal done before opening day are funny to me. Just yesterday they were saying a deal was close and there making progress and looking like they will get it done. What changed from now til today? The only thing that did is no contract was announced. Before fans start freaking out that Z won't be a Cub next year let me assure you this. Hendry wouldn't have shelled out 300 mil this offseason just to turn around and lose his Ace the following offseason. There is no one in this rotation that can fill the Ace roll like Z. So keep the faith!
Here is my prediction. There will be a press conference before the Mets vs. Cards game tonight announcing that Z has signed a 5 year deal worth 85 million dollars. The reason for this is it would make a big splash before the Cubs start the season. Give the fans a even bigger lift and wouldn't it be smart to get a deal done during or right before Baseball Tonight? To me it does. If no announcement is made by then look for the Cubs to announce the extension of Z right before Mondays game. That's my BOLD PREDICTION.

Here is the box score from yesterday-


- Dodgers acquired infielder Tomas Perez from the Cubs for future considerations.The Dodgers just wanted some extra shortstop depth with Rafael Furcal sidelined. Perez is expected to report to Triple-A to begin the year.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. It makes no sense for Hendry to shell out all the money and the contracts that he did this off-season if he hadn't put some away for the only Ace we have right now. Zambrano is going to have a big season.