Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Chicago Bound, Anthony and Bryan Together, and other Cubs Stuff

Here are some Cubs rumors, news, and notes the day before I head to Chicago for 3 days to watch the Cubs play the LA Fighting Matt Kemps. For those of you interested I will be in the bleachers on Friday and the upper deck on Saturday. I will also be doing live updates at the game via twitter and the entire time I am in Chicago. So make sure to follow me!
- What a difference a couple of days make! The Chicago cubs are talking internally on what to do to get Anthony Rizzo and Bryan LaHair in the same lineup when Rizzo gets called up. Sveum said “you’ve got to figure out some kind of way to get two power-hitting left-handed bats in the lineup.” LaHair sure does not mind the idea; ‘‘I wouldn’t even look at it as a position change for me,’’ said LaHair. ‘‘I’ve been playing the outfield my whole life. I’m very comfortable in the outfield. I mean, I want to be the first baseman, but if it helps for him to be at first, it is what it is.’’
- Don’t expect this change to happen overnight though. The management still wants to see Rizzo get about 100 more ABs before being even considered coming up to the majors. The same goes with Jackson. But if you start seeing LaHair taking practice in LF or RF then you know something is up.
- So no one seemed to notice that Brett Jackson has been playing some RF recently and that will increase the chatter of David DeJesus being on the trading block.
- The Cubs would love to deal Soriano to anyone right now because of young talent producing at the lower levels but talks are going nowhere.
- CubsDensays the Cubs next call up could be Adrian Cardenas and I totally agree. In fact I don’t know why Cardenas and Valbeuna have not been called up to replace Baker and DeWitt. Both are more valuable, younger, and producing better than DeWitt and Baker so why not bring them up.
- The Yankees have contacted Jed Hoyer about Garza but the two teams have just talked. There is a still a strong chance he signs and extension but the Yanks have some really intriguing prospects.
- The Angels do have mild interest in Marmol but the Cubs don’t want to trade him off with his value so low.
- Travis Wood or Randy Wells could be landing in the 5th spot in the rotation if Volstad continues to struggle.
Until Next Time…