Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cubs Talk: Pitchers and Catchers Edition

- Tim Sheridan has a fantastic blog called "Boys of Spring." Please check it out as it is loaded with everything Cubs Spring Training related. The pictures are amazing as well. Find it here.

- Blake DeWitt cleared waivers and was sent to AAA yesterday. I thought he has an OK chance to be claimed with interest from several clubs but obviously no one is "that'' interested.

- The Phillies are now considered long shots to land Soler. I am hearing the Yankees are the most aggressive besides the Cubs.

- The Theo compensation issue should be completed by Monday according to numerous baseball officials. Selig has spent a ton of time on the issue and my guess neither the Cubs or Red Sox will like the decision. An established player like Jeff Baker or young prospects like Dolis or Golden could be disappointments for both teams if considered compensation by Bud.

- Bryan LaHair is named the Player of the Year in the Winter League. The guy can just rake and I really hope he does the same in Chicago this year.

- The Marlins have dropped out of the Soler sweepstakes and the Orioles have jumped in.

- Chicago Cubs Online has a great look back on the Cubs offseason. Which you can find

- Tom Loxas of Cubs den does a nice 5 question interview with Baseball Tonight's Chris Singleton. Which you can find Here.

- Please check Hot Stove Cubbies updated "Hot Stove Friends" that includes Bleacher Nation, Cubs Den, and The Boys of Spring. It is located half way down the page on the right hand side column.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Soler has (NOT) Signed, Theo, Ricketts, and More..

UPDATE! @ 5:20 PM- The Giants signed Ramon Ortiz to a minor league deal! That was close!

- It has been a whirl wind of reports about Jorge Soler. First it was reported by several websites, newspapers, twitter accounts, and blogs that Jorge Soler has reached an agreement with the Cubs on a 4 year deal worth $27M. Then reports started coming out that Soler is not a free agent because he has yet to establish residency and if the Cubs did “sign” him they could be fined by the MLB and be in trouble with the Federal Government. So as of right now the Cubs remain in the mix for Soler along with the Marlins, White Sox, Phillies, Jays, and Yankees.

- I have heard from my sources that the Cubs and Soler have the parameters of a deal in place but not official deal. The source stated Soler and the Cubs have a handshake agreement but cannot come out with the deal because of many reasons including Soler not officially a free agent and how the signing could affect the Theo compensation issue.

- Want the most information on Soler down to the last detail please check out BleacherNation.

- Speaking of the Theo compensation; both the Red Sox and Cubs submitted arguments to the commissioner’s office and a decision could finally be announced this week.

- Theo Epstein and Tom Ricketts made the top 100 most Powerful People in Chicago. Epstein landed in 48th place with Ricketts taking the 30thspot.

- The White Sox finally go their man! Former Cubs Fukudome signed with the Southsiders on a one year deal.

- Marlon Byrd, Steve Clevenger, Jason Jaramillo, Trey McNutt, Casey Weather, Chris Carpenter, Joe Mather, and Dave Sappelt have all reported to camp early.

- The Cubs may sign Ramon Ortiz to a minor league deal. There are so many other pitchers looking for work like Scott Kazmir, Sergio Mitre, Ross Ohlendorf, Tim Wakefield, Brandon Webb, and Chris Young which is why the Ramon Ortiz possible minor league signing confuses me.

- Still cannot believe the A’s signed Cespedes! But good news is he has a no-trade clause and will be a free agent by the time he is 30 so the Cubs could in fact still get there man (if he does well).

- The Cubs maybe working a long term deal with Matt Garza but it will not include a no-trade which means even if he does sign a long term deal he could still be traded this season.

- The Cubs are holding off on trading Marlon Byrd until Spring Training to first see how Brett Jackson does. The only way the Cubs trade Byrd soon is if their blown away by an offer.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Cubs Lose One Cuban... May Land Another

- The A's pulled a shocker today signing Cespedes to a 4 year contract worth $36M. This stunned the Marlins who looked like they were in the drivers seat with the Cubs basically pulling out of the race.

- One source told me the Cubs offered Cespedes a longer deal with less salary. Something like a 7 year deal worth $30-35M.

- The reason the Cubs felt like they were out of the race because the Marlins offered 6 years $35M and I am assuming knowing the A's offer of 4 years $36M was just too much for them.

- The Cubs have now turned all their attention to 19 year old outfielder Jorge Soler. Many feel that the Cubs could pay Soler upwards of $30M over several years which others are unlikely to match. Another reason the Cubs have a leg up is because they signed 2 of his teammates already this offseason.

- Want to know more about Jorge Soler check him out here

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cubbie Quick Hits....

- Bleeding Cubbie Blue has a great write up on the Theo compensation talks which seem to be never ending. If the Red Sox think they can get someone like Travis Wood or Anthony Rizzo then they must be under the influence of a drug so powerful it takes away all reasoning and logic.

- If you have not heard the Marlins did make an offer to Yoenis Cespedes before he went back to the Dominican. It was first reported at 6 years over $40M but now sources and sites like are reporting the deal is worth 6 years but lower than $40M. The Fish are banking on Cespedes really wanting to play in Miami which is a big gamble.

- I think the Cubs could easily top the deal and think they will ultimately offer Cespedes a 6 year deal with an option and incentives guaranteeing him $50M. Whether he takes it is another story.

- Jon Heyman says the Cubs could have interest in Edgar Renteria to back up shortstop next season. Makes sense on a minor league deal but nothing more.

- The Chicago Cubs are not done working on this year's team according to sources. Theo and Co. are still working on dealing Matt Garza and Alfonso Soriano while gaging suitors and interest for Ryan Dempster, Carlos Marmol, Geovany Soto, Randy Wells, and Marlon Byrd. My source told it could be a very busy Spring Training for the Cubs with potential moves on the horizon. Another team is just one injury away from overpaying for a player like Garza, Marmol, Byrd, etc..

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