Saturday, March 27, 2010

Few Notes....

- The Cubs traded Andres Blanco to the Rangers for a PTBNL. My question is why? A switch hitter, with speed, can play all over the infield, and has a plus glove should be valued not traded. If the Cubs were looking to deal an infielder for a PTBNL they have one named Jeff Baker. Blanco is more valuable to the Cubs than Baker is, plain and simple.

- The Cubs got to keep Mike Parisi because he was sent back to St. Louis but since he was outrighted before he had the choice to be a Cardinal or be a free agent. He chose free agency and was sent to AAA Iowa.

- With Tyler Colvin looking everyday like the real thing. It makes me wonder, if he continues to hit does he replace Fukudome in RF? I say yes!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Seven Gone with Pitching Set....

- The Cubs cut seven players from their roster today bring it down to 33 players. The players cut are James Adduci, Jeff Gray, John Gaub, Marcos Mateo, Darwin Barney, Robinson Chirinos, and Bobby Scales.

- James Russell will be with the Cubs to start the season, he will join a pretty young and inexperience pen.

- The Cubs set their starting rotation today. Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster, Randy Wells, Carlos Silva, and Tom Gorzelanny.

-The Cubs will go with Marmol, Marshall, Grabow, Caridad, Berg, Shark, and Russell for their bullpen.

- Mike Parisi will be offered back to St. Louis because he did not make the roster.

- Here is something in the interesting column. I heard from a source close to Jim Hendry that earlier this offseason the Cubs and Yankees almost made a trade that would have sent Fukudome, Samardzija, and a type A prospect for Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher but talk that Fukudome would invoke his no-trade clause killed the possible trade.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Week Left.....

With one week left and on the eve of the Cubs big decisions we have some good notes from ST-

- It appears Tyler Colvin will make the big league club out of ST but Lou says he will need to get consistent ABs. That means he will likely split time with Byrd and Fukudome or if anyone struggles early because the guys can hit!

- Aram is getting better and hit a homer yesterday and should see action at 3rd base very soon.

- Nady played the outfield yesterday. It seems he might play the outfield only once in a while in April.

- The Cubs will make a decision on their rotation tomorrow and will likely cut the roster down to 30. The club will also make a decision on Tracy or Millar very soon.

- Russell will likely make the team out of camp which will likely have either Gorzo or Marshall go to the rotation.

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Projections coming soon!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New From Cubs Camp....

- Lou announced yesterday that rookie right-hander Justin Berg make the pitching staff to start the season.

- He said John Gaub, James Russell, and Marcos Mateo will battle out for a lefty specialist while Mike Parisi is also battling for a spot. Gaub or Russell should get a spot.

- The Cubs will have either Colvin or Fuld as their 5th outfielder this Spring. If it is not Colvin, what is the purpose of hitting well in ST then?

- Millar and Tracy will battle it out but it looks like Millar may be a better fit because of his clubhouse leadership qualities.

- The Cubs will decide on the rotation on March 24th. The leaders for the 4th and 5th spots are Gorzelanny and Silva. Interesting picks...

- After Monday's game the Cubs management will have a meeting in order to figure out final roster spots and also any potential trades as well as options for their 40 man roster.

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