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Clock ticking for Ramirez, Cubs
November 11, 2006
BY CHRIS DE LUCA Staff Reporter After a relatively dormant stretch in negotiations, talks between Cubs general manager Jim Hendry and the representative for free-agent third baseman Aramis Ramirez moved into overdrive the last 36 hours, with agent Paul Kinzer insisting Friday night the club would get a hometown discount and saying there was a ''50-50 chance'' a deal could be reached by today.
Today also marks the last chance the Cubs have at exclusive rights in dealing with Ramirez. If he isn't signed by today, Ramirez will be free to talk with other teams beginning Sunday. At that point, Kinzer said, Ramirez will be seeking at least a six-year deal.
''If we hit the market, basically, we are looking at six or seven years,'' Kinzer told the Sun-Times. ''Some people have put him as the No. 1 free agent on the market. I certainly feel that way, and obviously I'm biased, but I don't think I'm alone.''
Kinzer said Ramirez would be seeking a contract similar to the seven-year, $119 million package center fielder Carlos Beltran signed with the New York Mets two years ago. That's the range free-agent outfielder Alfonso Soriano -- also high on the Cubs' wish list -- reportedly is seeking.
But Kinzer stressed the Cubs could get Ramirez for less -- even if he hits the open market on Sunday.
''There will be a hometown discount,'' Kinzer said. ''They definitely want to keep him, and that is still his No. 1 choice. Jim knows where we stand.''
Ramirez, 28, hit .291 with 38 home runs and 119 RBI last season. He has averaged 35 home runs and 105 RBI the last three seasons -- all with the Cubs. The four-year, $42 million contract he signed on Opening Day 2005 allowed him to opt for free agency after the 2006 season. Ramirez did just that, walking away from the remaining two years and $22.5 million guaranteed in his contract.
Ramirez's status was a major topic discussed by Cubs officials during their weeklong organizational meetings that wrapped up Friday in Mesa, Ariz.
Kinzer and Hendry had dinner together Thursday in Arizona and were scheduled to have another round of late-night talks Friday over the phone. Kinzer said there has been ''significant'' progress in his negotiations with the Cubs.
Hendry maintained his stance of not commenting on free-agent discussions.
The Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros and Detroit Tigers are also expected to pursue Ramirez if he hits the market on Sunday. Kinzer said he has been contacted by ''about nine teams.''
Kinzer also confirmed he discussed free-agent pitcher Vicente Padilla with Hendry during their dinner meeting.
Padilla, 29, went 15-10 with a 4.50 ERA for the Texas Rangers last season. The right-hander is high on the Cubs' wish list.
Kinzer said Padilla likely will be seeking at least a four-year deal. After earning a career-high 15 victories last season, Padilla is expected to seek a minimum of $10 million annually.
NOTE: Silver Slugger winners for the best hitter at each position were awarded. White Sox third baseman Joe Crede, right fielder Jermaine Dye and Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano were winners.
The award is voted on by managers and coaches.

good news for cub fans in my opinion... it seems he actually wants to stay in chicago and if we can get him for 5-6 years 75 to 85 million range it would be great for cub nation.. like i said before we have to many holes as it is without looking for another 3b in a depleted market. less than 24 hours left to go til free agency, lets see what jimbo can get done


Cubs bid for Matsuzaka, may settle for leftyBy Phil RogersTribune baseball reporterNovember 10, 2006, 11:15 PM CST
Though the Cubs entered a bid for Japanese ace Daisuke Matsuzaka, there's a better chance they will wind up with 27-year-old left-hander Kei Igawa, whom the Hanshin Tigers made available Friday.Igawa, who was 14-9 this season, has led the Central League in strikeouts three of the last six seasons but isn't considered to be as sure of making a smooth transition to U.S. baseball as Matsuzaka.

ESPN reported the Red Sox might have submitted the high bid for Matsuzaka, at between $38 million and $45 million. The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram reported the Rangers might have bid $30 million; a Boston TV station reported the Angels might have the high bid, without offering an estimated amount.The team made the highest bid has exclusive rights to sign the pitcher. If Matsuzaka chooses not to sign within a 30-day window, he would return to Seibu for the 2007 season and become a free agent in 2008.If the Cubs don't land the rights to Matsuzaka they are almost sure to bid aggressively for Igawa. The Cubs had been interested in right-hander Hiroki Kuroda, but he re-signed with

Check this guy out.. he has some good stuff

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3rd Baseman Avaliable????

So if Aram leaves chicago (hope it doesnt happen) lets see some available player to play the hot corner, wiether it be through a trade or free agency.

rich aurilia- not a bad option.. will give you some power, decent with a glove and wont command big bucks, downfall is talent level is just over a utility player

david bell- hes getting older but good with a glove, terriable with the bat

mark bellhorn- former cub, switch hitter.. ok with the bat.. not ok with the glove

jeff cirillo- decent player, will cost nickels but i think the brew crew will resign him

aaron boone- ok power ok glove and adverage player all around

wes helms- has tremendous power and great pinch hitter but not an everyday 3rd baseman.. not the worst possiability tho

aubrey huff- good power, ok fielding.. has injury concerns but one of the best on the free agent market for 3rd baseman.. but thats not saying alot

nomar garciaparra- left on good terms.. does have injury problems but can still hit.. if aram leaves he is your best free agent option!!

Akinori Iwamura- POWER left handed hitter, he is posted and they are still taking bids.. he is said to be flexiable to play ss of 3rd or 2nd base for a team in the usa.. we should bid on him regardless!!

other options are through trades

miggy tejada- dont think he will be moving to 3rd anytime soon.. but see what they want for him and worry bout that later.. it worked well with soriano and washington

arod- wont happen unless dlee or big Z are in the convo

morgan ensberg- if the stros sign huff ensberg will probly be avalibale, give houston a call

adrian beltre- great hitter when he is hot but when he is not watch out.. if you dont give up alot for him not a bad deal

mike lowell- mite be avalaible, hit and fielded well for boston last year..

mark teahen- decent power, could be available accordian to some sites

bill hall- great homerun hitter strikes out alot ok in the field.. brew crew pry wont trade him

hank blalock- i guess he mite be avaiblable for the right price.. would love to see him in a cubbie uniform

and last resort

scott moore- cubs 3rd base low level prospect.. dont want to see that next year, he wont give us that win now mentallity

there it is, any info.. anyone i left out?? let me know

Aram ransom demands! give in or give up

Deal or no deal? Cubs' Ramirez seeks six-year contract

By Jerry

Third baseman Aramis Ramirez took advantage of an out clause in his contract to walk away from the two years and $22.5 million still owed him by the Chicago Cubs.
Aramis Ramirez
He'll be looking for a considerably longer, more generous commitment in his next deal.
Agent Paul Kinzer told it will take a six-year deal for a team to sign Ramirez once the Cubs' negotiating window expires this weekend and the third baseman hits the open market.
"If we go out, we're going to look for six years," Kinzer said Friday. "I'm pretty confident it would go there. Aramis is only 28 years old, and that puts him in his prime."
Free agent outfielder Alfonso Soriano is reportedly seeking a deal similar to Carlos Beltran's seven-year, $119 million contract with the Mets. When asked if the total dollar figure for a six-year deal for Ramirez could approach $100 million, Kinzer replied, "That's a good assumption -- hypothetically speaking."
Ramirez has averaged 35 homers and 105 RBI over the past three seasons in Chicago. Halfway through a four-year, $42 million contract, he exercised his right to void the final two years and become a free agent.
The Cubs, looking to improve upon their 66-96 record under new manager Lou Piniella, have expressed a strong interest in keeping Ramirez. It's believed that the club has discussed a five-year contract in discussions with Kinzer.
Chicago general manager Jim Hendry met with Kinzer on Thursday night in Arizona, and it appeared likely the two sides would speak again Friday. But Kinzer wasn't optimistic about Ramirez re-signing with the Cubs before the team's exclusive negotiating window runs out Saturday night.
"We're running out of time to get it done before then," said Kinzer, who plans to travel to the general managers' meetings in Naples, Fla., and begin discussions with other clubs Sunday. Several baseball sources said the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will make a strong push for Ramirez.

Seriously give him the 6 years 80 million.. we dont need a gap at 3rd along with needing 3 pitchers and a person in cf.. but if all else fails and he just doesnt want to stay in chicago then so be it. us cubs fans will be in a uproar but we will get over it cuz were use to disappointment. we will move on and create creative ways to get tejeada or arod to play 3rd.. or make scott more the next ron santo.. cuz thats what we do, and thats why we are cub fans


There is a local station in des moines called kxno am 1460. On weds. at 530 to 7 theres a show called umps eye view. it gives a unique prospective to baseball through the eyes of a mlb umpire. the two host are umpires eric cooper and tim mccollughn(sp). they get some great guess such as arod, derek lee, dusty baker, etc. they have an impressive rolodex and its a great show. they comment and take calls from listeners. just thought i would pass the word. it streams live on i think.. so check it out

Big Z wins silver slugger!!

Well the one bright spot last year was Z... he has proven that he is the heart and soul of the pitching staff.. congrats carlos! i hope your a cub your entire career!!

matsuzaka to boston

Espn reporting the red sox have wone the bid to talk to the lion's power righty.. they said the post is anywher3 from 38 to 45 million.. let me tell you im glad the cubs didnt pay that much to get him.. plus yeah his stuff is nasty and yeah he is only 26... but over in japan there are no pitch counts and they ware out there arm at a young age.. buyers beware!!!

Sheffield off cubs radar, J.D. Drew on???

Jon Heyman reports that the Tigers have acquired Gary Sheffield for Humberto Sanchez and two Class A pitchers, Kevin Whelan and Anthony Claggett. i have to say seeing gary go somewhere except the cubs is good for the northsiders.. he would have been a cancer on the clubhouse and he is too old to take a gamble on.

now JD Drew on the other hand wouldnt be a bad pick up. When healthy he is a good outfielder and a great hitter.. as you can see the cubs are pretty right handed and you look at the market and it lacks left handed power which i think the cubs need badly.. having said that he will probly command 12 to 13 mill a year over 4 years.. that may be over paying but is a cheaper and more effective option that lee or soriano... not saying i would pick Drew over them but i think our big concern should be pitching.. well see, the count down is on to free agency is on!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

gerald perry cubs new hitting coach reporting lou finished his coaching staff by adding former M's hitting coach gerald perry.. awsome pick up for cubs.. a hitting coach that actually preaches patience.. i like the coaching staff overall..would have liked to have seen ryno, grace, stoney, or sutcliffe somewhere in the organization tho.. but thats my opinion..lets see if this staff fairs well its first year!!

Cubs resign wade miller to one year deal

the cubs have added another arm to the rotation next season.. this is a good pick up in my opinion, he wont be expensive, he mite be a good #5 pitcher and he came on strong at the end of last season.. lets hope he turns into the pitcher that did well with the astros!!!

vernon wells in cf????

from our friends at have a short but intresting line about mr. wells.. i would love to see him in cubbie blue.. great fielder and cannon for an arm.. most under-rated player in baseball.. will be seaking beltran money next year but take a gamble this year. it will cost prospects like veal, pie, marshall, marmol, or guzman to get him probly an combo of some of them. the jays will shop him over winter meetings and jim better have them on speed dial!!!

• In baseball, the Chicago Cubs are planning a big trade pitch to the Blue Jays for Vernon Wells .

according to espn 1000

cubs offer aram 5/70mill??? to me this is a good sign considering earlier today the score said and several other sites say ( that the cubs will give a take it or leave it offer saturday. so if in fact that is true you have to believe 5/70 isnt there final offer but with the angels willing to overpay as soon as free agency starts, this is the last chance to attain the power hitting 3rd baseman.. this will be a really interesting weekend indeed... i know i will be listening to wscr, while the tv is on espn news and checking the computer all at the same time sat..

matsuzaka affordable???

thanks to for this info.. good or bad news for cubs who knows????

Low Ball
I'm not one for rumor or innuendo. The process of posting and waiting is filled with speculation, as everyone involved has been sworn to absolute silence and secrecy. Nary a leak has been heard from either side of the Pacific, and it would appear that the business at hand has been done according to strict, upright standards. It's frustrating for the fans, who have flooded internet bulletin boards with unsubstantiated remarks about a cousin who heard from a paperboy that the Boston front office made a bid of $26 million, but that the Diamondbacks swooped in through a Middle East mediator to outbid them at $26 million and 1 dollar.
All of it is beyond ridiculous and unworthy of comment, except in mockery. I will report to you some tabloid news from the Japanese press this morning. This news is not to be taken as legitimate press coverage, or anything related to fact. I present it to you as a way to show the angst on both sides.
Two tabloids are reporting that their is tension at the Seibu offices as a result of a possible low bid. Speculation has been widely made, including here, that the winner may produce upwards of $30 million just to speak with Matsuzaka. These new reports suggest that the amount was substantially lower, and that it may even be half of Ichiro-like posting bid. I can't say that I believe any of this, as I find it hard to imagine that someone didn't bid over $20 million, as hyped as this free agent market is, but I suppose it is possible. If true, the Seibu board will have a tough choice to make today. Do you accept the lowball bid, and count yourself lucky you got anything for Matsuzaka, or do you retract him from the market and allow him to walk in the winter of 2007 for nothing? On one hand, you have cash in hand, but you feel shortchanged. On the other hand, you get the draw of Matsuzaka for another season, a chance at the title, but you risk #### him off, disappointing a large fan base in two countries, and walking away empty handed next year. Is one more contentious season of Matsuzaka in Seibu blue and white worth $15 million? Only they can answer that, if the rumors are true. Again, I doubt it, but anything is possible.
More when it's announced.
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Thursday, November 09, 2006Still Waiting
It's Thursday evening in Japan and we're all still waiting for word on the bidding process. Rumors abound...the Yankees at $27 million, the Rangers at $25 million, but nothing concrete or from a remotely reliable source. Seibu has the bids and is discussing the matter internally. These things take a long time in Japan, so it could be another 18-24 hours....maybe more, though I doubt it. Which logo will fly at the top of this blog?
could explain why they are meeting with the board.. what you think???

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