Friday, November 10, 2006

3rd Baseman Avaliable????

So if Aram leaves chicago (hope it doesnt happen) lets see some available player to play the hot corner, wiether it be through a trade or free agency.

rich aurilia- not a bad option.. will give you some power, decent with a glove and wont command big bucks, downfall is talent level is just over a utility player

david bell- hes getting older but good with a glove, terriable with the bat

mark bellhorn- former cub, switch hitter.. ok with the bat.. not ok with the glove

jeff cirillo- decent player, will cost nickels but i think the brew crew will resign him

aaron boone- ok power ok glove and adverage player all around

wes helms- has tremendous power and great pinch hitter but not an everyday 3rd baseman.. not the worst possiability tho

aubrey huff- good power, ok fielding.. has injury concerns but one of the best on the free agent market for 3rd baseman.. but thats not saying alot

nomar garciaparra- left on good terms.. does have injury problems but can still hit.. if aram leaves he is your best free agent option!!

Akinori Iwamura- POWER left handed hitter, he is posted and they are still taking bids.. he is said to be flexiable to play ss of 3rd or 2nd base for a team in the usa.. we should bid on him regardless!!

other options are through trades

miggy tejada- dont think he will be moving to 3rd anytime soon.. but see what they want for him and worry bout that later.. it worked well with soriano and washington

arod- wont happen unless dlee or big Z are in the convo

morgan ensberg- if the stros sign huff ensberg will probly be avalibale, give houston a call

adrian beltre- great hitter when he is hot but when he is not watch out.. if you dont give up alot for him not a bad deal

mike lowell- mite be avalaible, hit and fielded well for boston last year..

mark teahen- decent power, could be available accordian to some sites

bill hall- great homerun hitter strikes out alot ok in the field.. brew crew pry wont trade him

hank blalock- i guess he mite be avaiblable for the right price.. would love to see him in a cubbie uniform

and last resort

scott moore- cubs 3rd base low level prospect.. dont want to see that next year, he wont give us that win now mentallity

there it is, any info.. anyone i left out?? let me know