Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lets Talk Baseball.

- Soriano worked out this off-season for the first time in his big league career.

- Jeff Samardzija will start the Cactus League opener on Wednesday against the Dodgers.

- Lou is leaning toward Gregg closing than Marmol, saying Carlos is much more valuable in the set up role. Gregg has hit 98 mph on this fastball!

- Lou says only two positions on the field are not set and that is 2b and CF. He obviously had a senior moment and forgot backup catcher.

- Len Kasper thinks the Cubs will go with 6 starts to give Harden additional rest. I could deal with that. My two picks are Heilman and Marshall.

- Bruce Levine said that the Ricketts family will have to come up with 50% or more of their own money to finalize the deal for the Cubs.

- Levine has been told that the sale of the Cubs will be complete by late April, early May.

- The Cubs are still looking for a right-handed bat to back up Aram and Lee. I think Nomar is a perfect fit but the Cubs have competition for him in the A's.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hudson Gone, Teahen Not Coming Either. Other Notes

-Orlando Hudson signed a one year deal worth 3.4 million and 4.6 million in incentives. The Cubs did not want to lose a draft pick and the Dodgers eventually decided to sign Hudson. One thing this does effect is the Royals trading Teahen or releasing him because they did not land Hudson. So as of right now the Cubs will still go with Gathright as the 5th outfielder, Hoffpauir to back up first, and one backup middle infielder.

There are still guys the Cubs will look at during spring training. A couple of names I am hearing are Jose Valentin and free agent Nomar Garciaparra.

- Bill White signed a minor league deal with the Cubs this off season was released today for failing a physical. The Cubs added Brian Schlitter to the list of non-roster invitees.

- Marmol may not pitch for the Dominican in the WBC because he wants to focus on the Cubs upcoming season. Soto, Lilly, and Fukudome are still going to play in the WBC.

- Soriano is telling people he will start stealing a lot of bases again. If he is going to be in the lead off spot he better.

- Lou says he plans on having Bradley bat clean-up as of right now. That could change fast though.

Lou's Lineup??


That is it for now, I will keep you posted!

Soriano Would Move to 2b for Manny.

This is very interesting, but unlikely to happen- Link-

Chicago Tribune - After three years in the outfield, Alfonso Soriano says that he'd move back to second base if the Cubs were able to sign free agent Manny Ramirez.

"Sure, why not?" Soriano said. "Our lineup with Manny? Man, it would be kind of like a Yankees lineup."

At this point in time, it appears as though the Cubs are unlikely to land Ramirez.

"Sori is OK with going to second?" Aramis Ramirez said. "Who wouldn't to have Manny Ramirez in their lineup? We already have a good lineup, but if we added him—it would be awesome. But it's a long shot.

To have Manny in the lineup would make us the favorite to win the World Series for sure. There is no way any pitcher would have success pitching against that lineup! Having said that there is a 2% chance of that happening.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Spring Training News.

- Rick Sutcliffe will be a guest instructor for ST until the WBC starts.

- Lou says Soriano will be the lead off man although in ST he will get a look at other guys in the 1 hole.

- Lou is looking forward to meeting Tom Ricketts.

- The Cubs will look for a back up infielder in ST both on their own team and others. Right now they only have one backup infielder on their depth chart. I just do not see how Hoffpauir can stay on this team only being a backup for 1st base and the corner outfield spots. I think they should try Hoffpauir at 3rd as well this spring and if he does OK then it is settled. Otherwise they need to sign Nomar or Hudson or a guy that can play the entire infield and well. Unfortunately this would mean Hoffpauir will start in AAA. I think Lou would be stupid to carry Hoffpauir and not Gathright. Gathright gives the Cubs speed and backup at all three outfield positions and plus I think Joey is out of options.

Fukudome Has Trade Value??

Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune had a interesting tidbit regarding Fukudome. He said that a major-league source said teams approached the Cubs about trading for Kosuke but only for another bad contract. The Mariners were one of the teams interested and said to be dangling guys like Washburn, Johjima, and Bedard.

Are you kidding me??? I would have traded Bedard for Fukudome straight up in a second! Bedard is a potential number 1 if healthy and a lefty. He would add balance in our rotation, allow the Cubs to pitch Marshall out of the pen, and go with a Johnson/Gathright platoon in CF ( I am a Gathright fan!). The Cubs could have also signed Edmonds for one year and had that Johnson and Edmonds platoon that worked well last season. Either way if there was a deal that involved Bedard coming to the Cubs for Fukudome, you make that deal!

One good thing to take from this is that Fukudome does have trade value and scouts obviously think he will have a bounce back year. Lets hope they are right.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Info on the Sale of Cubs.

Update on sale of the Cubs-


Mark Teahen on Cubs Radar.

We have heard a lot of rumors on Orlando Hudson and Mark Teahen in the recent days and it just keeps coming. The Royals are pleasantly surprised that O-dawg wants to sign with them and may decide to trade or release Mark Teahen along with Travis Buck to make financial room for Hudson. This would make Royal Nation very happy according to reports.

The Cubs are still in on Hudson but would prefer to do a sign and trade for him rather than sign him and lose a draft pick. The Cubs are still unsure whether the players union or the Diamondbacks would allow this to happen. The Cubs are currently looking for a guy that can play all over the field and getting Hudson would allow the Cubs to use Miles as utility player to play IF and OF and Fonty at 2b, 3b, and SS. But by signing Hudson they would eliminate Hoffpauir's position on the 25 man roster, leaving a big hole at 1st when Lee needs a rest.

So the Cubs may target Mark Teahen instead of signing Hudson. The Cubs would have a guy that can play 1st, 2b, 3rd, RF, and LF if they land Teahen. He would again take Hoffpauir's place on the team but he gives the Cubs more versatility and a proven ML bat in the lineup. This would also allow Lou to leave Gathright as the 5th outfielder and provide speed and defense off the bench. Not to mention Gathright could start for the Cubs when one of the other outfielders need a rest and be used as a lead off guy when he does start. Teahen would be the ideal pick up for the Cubs and he has been on and off their radar all winter, so if he is released or traded, he will be on the Cubs. You can bet on that!

All said and done it is a better move for the Cubs.

Versatility- Teahen>Hoffpauir
Speed- Teahen>Hoffpauir
Power- Hoffpauir>Teahen
Defense- Teahen>Hoffpauir

Hard to argue with that.

An Updated Look at the 25 Man Roster.

With some minor moves made like Weurtz and Hill traded, I have decided to update the 25 man roster.








The Cubs main concern on this team is the pen. They have several solid guys to pitch out there. You have Guzman who is out of options, Samardzija who deserves to be there but won't be unless he wins the starting job, Waddell or Stranton who should be in the pen as the 2nd lefty with Marshall starting, and you really can't switch Marshall out with another righty in the rotation because Lou wants balance in the rotation as well. The only way you could work this is have Heilman in the rotation and Marshall in the pen. That way you have two leftys in the pen and keep Guzman in there as well. But the problem with that is Marshall deserves the 5th spot in the pen and Lou wants two leftys in the rotation.

I will keep updating this as other moves are made through out spring training.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring Training Talk, UPDATE


- All Cubs have reported to Spring Training except Fukudome who will be playing in the WBC.

- Lee said it does not matter to him if he bats 3rd, 4th, 5th, or even 6th. I think he would be a decent #2 hitter. He also says February is not time to get worked up over lineups.

- Soriano is in tremendous shape according to Bruce Miles.

- Soriano is willing to hit anywhere Lou wants him to.

- Aram and Lee will not play in the WBC.

- Lilly will play in the WBC for team USA.

- Jeff Stevens was throwing some nasty curveballs today.

- Barack O'bama has been invited by the Cubs to visit their ST site on Weds. He is a damn BlackSox fan! LOL

Here some tidbit from Mesa-

- According to Hoffpuir will make the cubs roster as the 5th outfielder and backup first base. It is Hoffpauir's job to lose according to Lou. He would actually be the 6th outfielder with Gathright in there. Soriano, Fukudome, Johnson, Bradley, Gathright, and Hoffpauir.

- Cory Provus is leaving the Cubs for the Brewers.

- Lou will move down Soriano in ST to see how he does. Mike Fontenot, Aaron Miles, Ryan Theriot or Kosuke Fukudome could be used to lead off. Lets hope Hudson!

- Miles and Fonty will back up Aram at 3rd as of right now.

- Paul Sullivan thinks Jim will make another move in ST. I wonder who?

- Throw Mitch Atkins in the mix for the 5th starter job. He will joining Aaron Heilman, Sean Marshall, Chad Gaudin, and Samardzija in the mix for the last spot in the rotation. I see Gaudin and Jeff as long shots. With Atkins in the mix he could surprise some people. He throws a low 90s fastball, nice curveball, and change up. He does have a nice cutter as well.

More to Come!

O-Dawg Update

Ken Rosenthal said today that the Dodgers still like Orlando Hudson and that Hudson would like to play for the Royals but they do not have the money to sign him. The only way they could land Hudson is by trading or releasing Mark Teahen, which is unlikely.

Jon Heyman says Ned Colletti has had some talks with Hudson after Dunn signed and said that the club could afford to get both Hudson and ManRam. He goes onto say that the White Sox are not players in Orlando (I will believe that when he signs somewhere else) but says the Cubs have been linked to him recently.

None of these articles really mention that much about the Cubs pursuit on Hudson but I will provide you with what I have been hearing. The Cubs are still very much in the mix with getting Hudson. In fact there is a stir in the organization that has Hudson there #1 priority to get now that Peavy seems unlikely. The Cubs are looking at the situation carefully because if they can get Hudson without giving up a draft pick they want to go that route. The Dbacks as of right now are working on a sign and trade with Juan Cruz and the Cubs may approach the Diamondbacks to to the same with Hudson after the Cruz transaction is complete. The Cubs currently have a surplus of young pitching that the Diamondbacks may want which could make it a very even and easy deal for both teams.

I am also hearing that while the Dodgers do still have interest in Hudson they may go with DeWitt at 2nd base rather than spend money and perhaps a draft pick on the aging Hudson. Their #1 priority is Manny right now.

I am also hearing if the Royals do release or look to trade Teahen, the Cubs would be very interested. Teahen would fill in as a super utility guy and unfortunately take over Hoffpauir's spot on the roster because Teahen can play everywhere except CF, P, and C.

More to come I am sure.

Monday, February 16, 2009


BIG UPDATE- Cubs TV Schedule announced thanks to BCB.

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O-Dawg May Sign Soon?? With Cubs?

ESPN's Buster Olney says he expects Orlando Hudson to make a decision soon where to sign, maybe by Wednesday. He also goes on to say that Hudson will not get the contract he was looking for and will likely sign a one year deal. At Hot Stove Cubbies we have heard the Cubs want to see how Miles and Fonty do before they make an offer for Hudson but that looks like it may have changed with the recent price and market drop off for Hudson. Orlando has recently been rumored that he will sign for 3 or 4 million for one year but now I am hearing his price has dropped more since he would require a top draft choice, which in turn makes him more attractive.

The recent teams that are looking at Hudson are the Cubs, Dodgers, and White Sox. Other teams that have either a long shot or out of the picture are are the Giants, Nationals, and Royals. Some baseball execs said that the Dodgers, WSox, and Cubs have all made offers for Hudson. While other sources say the clubs are going to wait and see how this possible sign-and-trade(thanks to MLBTR) idea works before making a formal offer.

Either way if the Cubs added O-dawg for about 1 year 2 million dollars it would be a steal. They could then move Fonty and Theriot to platoon at SS and Miles would be moved to the super utility role. Not to mention Hudson could be a decent lead off hitter that would allow the Cubs to move Soriano in the order. He could also fill out the 2 hole very nicely. I just think the Cubs would be stupid not to give up a first round draft choice and 2-3 million dollars for a guy that will play great defense, add more balance to the lineup, proven ML hitter with good power, and good OBP. Those are just my feelings on the issue.

More to Come!

Power Rankings Come Out.

The power ranking came out for and Foxsports has the Cubs listed 6th behind the Yankees, Rays, Phillies, Red Sox, and Mets. Wow, do not let your west and east coast bias show that much! I can see the why they would stack most of those teams ahead of us but the Mets??? They are awful and chock artist. To have them ahead of the Cubs is appalling. Lets keep in mind that only the Rays matched the Cubs in win total in 2008 that is in the top 5 of that list. I also want to say to the Yankees, you can not buy chemistry and I would be surprised if they won above 90 games this season.

As far as WhatifSports, they give a little more kudos to the Cubs. Only the Red Sox have a higher power ranking. There list is quite unusual as well though. Rounding out there top ten looks like this. Red Sox, Cubs, Rays, Brewers, Phillies, Dodgers, Cards, Blue Jays, and Mets. Quite an interesting list for me. There is no way the Brewers, Blue Jays, and Cards deserve to be in the top 10.

So what about my power rankings? Here is my top 20-

1. Red Sox
2. Rays
3. Cubs
4. Braves
5. Phillies
6. Angels
7. Yankees
8. A's
9. Marlins
10. Dodgers
11. Reds
12. Mets
13. Diamondbacks
14. White Sox
15. Cardinals
16. Blue Jays
17. Brewers
18. Astros
19. Twins
20. Tigers

Here is some more power ranking places-

MVN- Cubs 3rd
Listology- Cubs 7th
USATODAY- Cubs 5th

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bako and Hill to Battle for Backup Catcher. Spring Traning Update.

UPDATE 4:30pm- Here is some updates from Spring Training-

- Milton Bradley showed up early because he was eager to get a head start.

- Reed Johnson has lost 14 lbs, is there anything left of him??? LOL

- Mike Stanton could make the team as the 2nd lefty in pen if Marshall gets the starting job. I think Jason Waddell has a decent shot to join the team as the 2nd lefty in the pen. He has great numbers.

- Fonty, Theriot, Taguchi, Johnson and Barney have all joined Bradley in showing up early.

- Luis Vizcaino is having Visa problems but should be in camp any day.

- Harden threw off the mound and looked good, he also did not have any arm issues. He also wants to make at least 30 starts. If he does that I will be surprised and happy because that means he is healthy and the Cubs will have a number one starter in the rotation!

- The Cubs will watch how Miles and Fonty do is Spring Training before making an offer to Hudson who could provide more balance, speed, and defense than both Miles and Fontenot.

The Cubs have made it known that Bako will not be handed the job of backup catcher but compete for it against Koyie Hill. The Cubs really like Hill and pitchers really liked throwing to Hill, even better than Hank White last year. I am glad to hear that the Cubs will not just get the average Bako the job. I have felt all winter that if the Cubs did not bring back Blanco that Hill would be the backup catcher. I hope I am right because Hill has a better bat and glove than Bako. Plus he is younger and a switch hitter, which would give the Cubs more versatility.

More to Come!!!!!!