Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Info on the Sale of Cubs.

Update on sale of the Cubs-



waldo7239117 said...

Does that mean the Cubs will have more money to spend and also does that mean the ownership is almost complete.

cubsfan82 said...


I have heard from some sources that the end is near but that since the Ricketts family had to sell some of it stock it is unlikely that the payroll will increase much. You can put to rest any rumors linking Halladay or Peavy coming to the Cubs via trade before June.

That is just what I am hearing.

waldo7239117 said...

Did you hear that teams called the Cubs about Kosuke and one team was mention. The team was the Mariners. The players that could of been in the trade are Bedard, Washburn and there catcher.

Cubs get ichriole

Mariners get Kosuke Hill(before the Cubs traded him, Hart and a minor league

That might of work necause the Mariners would of save money

What do u think

willybilliams said...

waldo... with all due respect... learn how to type in english. It's could HAVE - not could OF. There are 4 or 5 more too.

To the point - Ichiro isn't coming to the Cubs and he never was.

Cubsfan82 - I check here quite regularly... keep up the good work man...