Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Spring Training News.

- Rick Sutcliffe will be a guest instructor for ST until the WBC starts.

- Lou says Soriano will be the lead off man although in ST he will get a look at other guys in the 1 hole.

- Lou is looking forward to meeting Tom Ricketts.

- The Cubs will look for a back up infielder in ST both on their own team and others. Right now they only have one backup infielder on their depth chart. I just do not see how Hoffpauir can stay on this team only being a backup for 1st base and the corner outfield spots. I think they should try Hoffpauir at 3rd as well this spring and if he does OK then it is settled. Otherwise they need to sign Nomar or Hudson or a guy that can play the entire infield and well. Unfortunately this would mean Hoffpauir will start in AAA. I think Lou would be stupid to carry Hoffpauir and not Gathright. Gathright gives the Cubs speed and backup at all three outfield positions and plus I think Joey is out of options.


waldo7239117 said...

Im having a chat on my blod tomorrow at 6 central of all Chicago sports. Hope you be there.

Anonymous said...

He could carry Hoff and Joey if Miles backs-up 3rd, SS, and 2B.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've seen many lefty throwing 3rd basemen.... I don't get why you are so high on a guy (Gathright) who Kansas City didn't want. I would much rather see Hoffpauir than Gathright on the team.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Gathright can play all 3 OFs so can Johnson and Fukudome. If you take Hoffpauir out you have no pop off the bench. Also gaths 6 years in the majors (78SB) that's 13 per year. He maybe fast, but he can't steal. Cubs have a lot of pitching so i think there will be another trade, but Gath has to go before Hoff.

Anonymous said...

90% of the role is left-handed pinch hitter. Figure out who fills the 90% portion of the job the best and don't worry so much about the 10%.

If Hoffpauir can hit, let him be the guy and don't over-think it. The pinch-hitting is the most valuable part of the equation.

Miles can play SS, 2nd, & 3rd.

If you have an injury, a minor league infielder is always only one day away.