Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fukudome Has Trade Value??

Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune had a interesting tidbit regarding Fukudome. He said that a major-league source said teams approached the Cubs about trading for Kosuke but only for another bad contract. The Mariners were one of the teams interested and said to be dangling guys like Washburn, Johjima, and Bedard.

Are you kidding me??? I would have traded Bedard for Fukudome straight up in a second! Bedard is a potential number 1 if healthy and a lefty. He would add balance in our rotation, allow the Cubs to pitch Marshall out of the pen, and go with a Johnson/Gathright platoon in CF ( I am a Gathright fan!). The Cubs could have also signed Edmonds for one year and had that Johnson and Edmonds platoon that worked well last season. Either way if there was a deal that involved Bedard coming to the Cubs for Fukudome, you make that deal!

One good thing to take from this is that Fukudome does have trade value and scouts obviously think he will have a bounce back year. Lets hope they are right.

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