Monday, February 16, 2009

O-Dawg May Sign Soon?? With Cubs?

ESPN's Buster Olney says he expects Orlando Hudson to make a decision soon where to sign, maybe by Wednesday. He also goes on to say that Hudson will not get the contract he was looking for and will likely sign a one year deal. At Hot Stove Cubbies we have heard the Cubs want to see how Miles and Fonty do before they make an offer for Hudson but that looks like it may have changed with the recent price and market drop off for Hudson. Orlando has recently been rumored that he will sign for 3 or 4 million for one year but now I am hearing his price has dropped more since he would require a top draft choice, which in turn makes him more attractive.

The recent teams that are looking at Hudson are the Cubs, Dodgers, and White Sox. Other teams that have either a long shot or out of the picture are are the Giants, Nationals, and Royals. Some baseball execs said that the Dodgers, WSox, and Cubs have all made offers for Hudson. While other sources say the clubs are going to wait and see how this possible sign-and-trade(thanks to MLBTR) idea works before making a formal offer.

Either way if the Cubs added O-dawg for about 1 year 2 million dollars it would be a steal. They could then move Fonty and Theriot to platoon at SS and Miles would be moved to the super utility role. Not to mention Hudson could be a decent lead off hitter that would allow the Cubs to move Soriano in the order. He could also fill out the 2 hole very nicely. I just think the Cubs would be stupid not to give up a first round draft choice and 2-3 million dollars for a guy that will play great defense, add more balance to the lineup, proven ML hitter with good power, and good OBP. Those are just my feelings on the issue.

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Cubbies412 said...

I really like the Hudson idea... he can take over 2B and Miles can take over Cedeno's spot on the roster from last year. Plus, who knows, we might not even have to give up our top pick if we can negotiate a sign-then-trade!