Saturday, April 24, 2010

Moves Could Be Coming.....

- First rumored by Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs could decide to move Tom Gorzelanny for a relief pitcher but now David Kaplan said the Cubs are working on some "major trades." This could be to improve the middle infield some or more than likely an upgraded bullpen. Many rumor sites are reporting that a deal could involve Heath Bell. According to sources of mine I am hearing a the Cubs want both Heath Bell and Luke Gregerson and the Padres want Josh Vitters in any deal involving Bell but also want a pitching prospect in return. I am also hearing that the Cubs want to "pawn off" Ryan Theriot in the deal so the money swap is about even (only 1.4 million dollar difference). It should be noted that the Padres are 10-6 and might want to hold onto Bell until they decide if the are a contender to pretender. One thing for sure the trade and rumor talk has heated up recently. I will keep you updated.

- Ted Lilly will be activated today, no word yet on who will be sent to Iowa. You have to believe it will be Shark.

- The Cubs have strong interest in Juan Cruz who was released from the Royals yesterday. Cruz pitched for the Cubs from 2001-2003 and the Cubs maybe looking to bring the fireballer back to strengthen their pen. Cruz numbers this season are not that bad, a 3.38 ERA in 5 innings of work. Although he has walked 4 and gave up 9 hits, but he is better than Shark and Grabow.

- Last night the Cubs looked like a playoff team but we will have to see what team shows up tonight. According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs may bring up Castro and Cashner sooner rather than later. He even stated that if Castro still hits like he has been (.426/.455/.705) he WILL be called up in May. Bruce said the Cubs are more reluctant to call up Casher, worried he may develop into a pitcher like Shark.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In Z Bullpen and Out of the Loop....

- Carlos Zambrano is officially in the Cubs bullpen. The Cubs struggling pen and Zambrano struggling in the rotation with his pitch count and cramps, it is not that bad of an idea. I think Zambrano as a reliever is interesting in that he will have new challenges but in the end I think you will see him do very well. I think Lou is looking at what Barry Zito went through and is trying the same thing on Z. Should be very interesting seeing a 18 million dollar set-up man.

- Braden Looper pitched for the Cubs but that is the closest he will come to becoming a Cub. Carrie Muskat said she does not expect Looper to sign with the Cubs.

- MLBTR has a interesting take on if the Cubs become sellers. I think if they become sellers they will not become full blown seller just like they said on MLBTR but I do expect them to shop guys like Fukudome, Nady, Tracy, Soriano, Grabow, Shark, Zambrano, Theriot, Fontenot, and Baker. I also assume they will listen to offers for Lilly, Lee, and Aram but only if they think they will not be back next season.

- Would the White Sox trade the Cubs Juan Pierre, Scott Linebrink, Mark Teahen, and Alex Rios for Soriano, Shark, Nady, and Ryan Theriot? The money really is not that far off, Cub players=98.6 million and White Sox players=91.5 million. Only 7.1 million difference. Both offenses are struggling and in the trade both teams are acquring players that are struggling and doing decent. I honestly think this trade is very fair and if Williams or Hendry is out there, get this trade done.

Cubs lineup-
1. Juan Pierre LF
2. Starlin Castro SS
3. Derrek Lee 1st
4. Aramis Ramirez 3b
5. Kosuke Fukudome RF
6. Marlon Byrd CF
7. Mark Teahen 2b
8. Geovany Soto C

Fontenot IF
Baker IF
Hill C
Colvin OF
Rios OF

1. Dempster
2. Lilly
3. Wells
4. Silva
5. Gorzelanny

Marmol C
Zambrano SU
Marshall SU

Released- Chad Tracy

This trade would make the Cubs a better balanced team with a better bench and bullpen. Of course this is just my thought and this is not even a rumor but hey, this is what you do when the Cubs are sucking....

On a side note, I think if the Cubs reach 20 loses before 10 wins.... Lou should be gone!

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