Monday, August 22, 2011

An Update During a Crazy Time...

A rare blog post during a crazy move-

- So far the Cubs have several rumored candidates for GM in Josh Byrnes, Billy Beane, Brian Cashman, Rick Hahn, Theo Epstien, Ben Cherington, Andrew Friedman, Allard Baird, Jerry DiPoto, Ned Colletti, Jon Daniels, Thad Levine, and dark horse Greg Maddux.

- Ricketts said this will not be a quick process. He is looking for an experienced guy with a strong track record outside the organization. That pretty much rules out the Greg Maddux rumors.

- Jim Hendry could land with Kevin Towers in Arizona.

- Kenny Williams endorses Hahn by saying this- "I've made no secret about it, Rick Hahn is, to me, one of the most qualified men to assume the position moving forward," Williams said. "What Mr. Ricketts does is his own business. He's a guy that's had a lot of success in business and in his world, and his world over there is none of my business at this point in time. But if he called for a recommendation on Rick Hahn, I absolutely would give him my highest."

- I reported via twitter over the weekend that the only thing standing in the way of the Chicago Cubs landing Rick Hahn is the White Sox granting access to interview him and Rick wanting the job. Sounds like the first hurdle is crossed by the Denny Williams endorsement.

- Rumor has it if Hahn is announced the new GM he WILL hire Ryne Sandberg as the next manager of the Chicago Cubs.

- Andrew Friedman is getting endorsed by former players and current Cubs Matt Garza and Carlos Pena. It would be great to see what Friedman can do with a big market team considering we already know he is a wizard at player development and talent evaluations.

- The Cubs have reached out to Greg Maddux about remaining in the organization. The club also would like to retain some front office staff as well.

- Ricketts said specifically on Friday he is looking for a GM committed to player development, stronger analytical background, and a track record of success.

- The Cubs will likely ask to interview 15 current or up and coming GMs over the next couple months.

- The new GM will have the opportunity to bring in a new manager or keep Mike Quade around. I see Q’s job in serious jeopardy.

- Ramirez maybe having 2nd thoughts on whether to stay in Chicago. He will wait the naming of the new GM and then test the free agent market. But honestly it is not his decision until the Cubs decide whether or not to exercise his 16 million dollar option.

- If the Cubs do not sign Ramirez then the talent falls off dramatically via free agency. Michael Cuddyer (has played some third) and Edwin Encarnacion (has a club option) are the next tier down. While players like Greg Dobbs, Mark DeRosa, Eric Chavez, Miguel Tejada, and Jose Lopez fill out the rest of the list. Not too promising!

- If Aramis does leave the Cubs will likely look the trade route. There have been rumors in the past about the Cubs jumping all over David Wright if he is made available. Also Alex Gordon, Brandon Inge, Mark Reynolds, Chone Figgins, Scott Rolen, and Mark Teahen are also trade canidates. Brandon Phillips also maybe willing to move to 3rd to make him more converted on the free agent market.

- MLBTR took a look at possible ways to trade Zambrano. MLBTR does a good job! The most intriguing to me is Z for Dunn, Z for Burnett, and Z for Roberts. I would also be OK for the Teahen for Z or Zambrano for Figgins. How about Zambrano and Soriano for Dunn and Peavy?

- Dempster is now not a lock to come back next year either.

- Fielder could be the first prize landed by the new GM giving Ricketts comments about willing to spend on impact players while developing their own.

- While I have not endorsed a candidate for GM I have a short list in no particular order Andrew Friedman, Rick Hahn, Brian Cashman, and Billy Beane are most suitable to me. If you guarantee that Hahn brings in Ryne Sandberg then he is my number 1 choice!!!

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