Saturday, July 03, 2010

Cubs looking to sell?

- Heyman talked to a GM that says the Cubs would love to move Soriano but do not know how they could with the money he is owed. He also names players like Zambrano, Fukudome, and Aram as players with close to unmovable contracts.

- wonders if the Mets would trade for Zambrano and lays out a scenario that would land the Cubs Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo along with maybe John Maine. That does not sound that crazy for either side.

- According to multiple sources the Dodgers are considering trading Russell Martin and Matt Kemp. If they do shop the two the Cubs would be “very interested” according to sources. A couple of things would have to happen though, the Cubs would need to trade two of Xavier Nady, Soriano, Byrd, and Fukduome to make room for Matt Kemp in the outfield along with making Tyler Colvin an everyday outfielder. The Cubs also have interest in Russell Martin but view him as a 3rd baseman not a backstop.

- The Cubs agreed to sign Dominican SS Daniel Sanchez for a 6 figure bonus.

- Chad Tracy asked for his release rather than reporting to AAA Iowa.

- The Red Sox had interest in Mike Fontenot before the acquired Eric Patterson from the A’s. But do not be surprised if the Red Sox come calling again if Epatt does not pan out.

- NYTIMES shares some truth about the Cubs.

Hey, Tom Ricketts, look at what Arizona just did! Follow their lead!

Monday, June 28, 2010

More on Z and Other Chatter.....

- MLBTR has the latest on the Cubs/Big Z saga. Zambrano will go to the Restricted Listed but the Cubs will pay him while he is on the list. According to reports the Cubs want to trade Zambrano and at least half his contract. In addition to that I am hearing more on the "retirement rumor" that states if Big Z does decide to in fact retire the Cubs and Z would likely settle on a buyout of the contract rather than him forfeit 45 million.

- The Mets will target Ted Lilly if they fail to acquire Cliff Lee. That is the case for a lot of teams in contention for a playoff spot. I am still sticking to a Ted Lilly for Ike Davis straight up trade.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The latest on Big Z..... Other Notes....

Here are the latest links on Big Z-

- Ken Rosenthal explains why trading Big Z might not be as tough as a lot of people think. Especially if the Cubs are willing to eat a lot of the 45 million left on his deal.

- Jim Hendry stands by his investment of Carlos Zambrano and says they should know the length of the suspension in the next couple of days. It seems to me that Jim maybe digging his own grave with comments like that.

- Buster Olney has his take about Big Z.

- Gordan Wittenmyer says the Cubs should cut ties with Zambrano and trade him, even if they have to eat almost all of his contract.

- This is interesting from my mailbox today. Someone said that it maybe a possibility that Zambrano "retires" at the end of the season or "sooner" which would remove the remaining 45 million off the books for the Cubs. We have all heard Z talk about retirement here. If this is in fact true I am thinking Zambrano may get back in the good graces with the Cubs as an organization and fan base.

- The Red Sox could be calling the Cubs soon. Rumor has it that they are interested in 2nd baseman Ryan Theriot among others to replace the injured Dustin Pedroia.

- Jeff Stevens was optioned to AAA and the Cubs called up Brian Schlitter. In another "prospect watch" move the Cubs promoted Brett Jackson to AA.

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