Friday, July 27, 2012

Cubs Rumor Bag: Its full but of what I don't know...

UPDATE: Sources say Dempster will consider trades to other teams than the Dodgers.
UPDATE #2:  The Cubs are willing to absorb all but $2M of Soriano's contract if they can get the right player in return.
UPDATE #3: The Cubs, Red Sox, and another team have been talking about a trade revolving around Carl Crawford, Alfonso Soriano, and Ryan Dempster a source tells me.

  • Finally heard from one of my sources today and here is what he had to say-
  • “The Dodgers and Cubs have almost hit a point of no return in Dempster talks because neither team is moving from their asking price. It now seems the Dodgers have left talks with the Cubs to move onto pitchers that can be controlled beyond this year, mainly James Shields. They view Shields as a better pitcher than Dempster and better cost effective for what they have to give up in prospects. In fact the Dodgers interest in Ryan Dempster was initially low but then became intense once he turned down the Braves offer. The reason being is it was known Dempster turned down the Braves offer because he preferred the Dodgers. The Dodgers believed they could get Dempster for a lot less than what the Braves were offering thus why they are not moving off their asking price. Theo and Jed meanwhile are content with waiting this out rather than giving into LA’s offers for Dempster. The front office has told Dempster they have tired and even tried to compromise with the Dodgers to get a deal done but it is not going to happen ( Me: I am guessing the compromise is moving from players such as Zach Lee to a Webster package to straight up for Webster). So now that ball is in Dempster court. The Cubs and Braves still have the framework for a deal and the Cubs also have other teams very interested in Dempster. But after all this the front office has made it clear to Ryan Dempster that they want to trade him.”
    • That is a lot to take in but makes sense. I hope the Cubs start making some moves since the trade deadline is 5 days away.
    • One of those teams that are interested in Dempster just may have revealed itself. GM Ben Cherington says the Red Sox see a chance take the Wild Card spot and will go for it now. He is looking to upgrade the rotation and bullpen he says.
    • The White Sox have interest in Dempster but there is not much of a farm system on the south side of town.
    • The O’s are looking at Bryan LaHair and have been scouting the Cubs system.
    • A source recently told me the big hold up on moves is the Cubs and several other teams are trying to complete a multi-team trade that would involve several big pieces from the Cubs going elsewhere. This is something David Kaplan suggested on twitter yesterday as well.
    • Jae-Hoon Ha had a scary moment when he went in head first into a concrete wall yesterday going after a flyball. He was removed off the field on a stretcher in bad shape. Our prayers are with him.
    • Phil Rogers said today the Rays badly need Soriano and hopes he heads there to open up a spot for Brett Jackson.
    • He also has an absurd trade that would send Alfonso Sorian, Bryan LaHair, Geovany Soto, and $22 M for Luke Scott or Carlos Pena, Chris Archer, Tim Beckham, and two or three prospects. WHAT????
    • Rogers says that the Braves could still end up with Dempster and Garza could end up in LA especially if Greinke goes to Texas.
    • The Giants and Cubs are in deep talks for Carlos Marmol a source tells me. This goes along with recent talk that the Giants want to acquire a pitcher with closing experience beyond this year. They have also been linked to Chris Perez.
    • The Braves are still in on Ryan Dempster and could be the fall back plan for the Cubs if they cannot work something out with the Dodgers. The Braves fall back plan now seems to be Dempster if they cannot get Zack Greinke.
    • Trade interest for Garza is gone since learning he will not pitch before the deadline because of fluid build up on his tricep.
    • The Cubs have discussed trading Bryan LaHair or Alfonso Soriano along with Dempster in a deal with the Dodgers according to Danny Knobler.
    • Latest update has the Braves cooling on Grienke and starting to go back to Dempster.
    Doug Padilla does a chat today so let’s take a look at the highlights-
    • Dempster is a better fit for a NL club but a cross town match up could work.
    • The closer the Cubs get to the deadline the better deal they will receive.
    • He thinks Garza is the best pitcher on the block even with a sore arm.
    • Dempster could still agree to be traded to ATL.
    • Garza’s arm complicates things but he still could be dealt to a team like Texas.
    • Soriano is looking like a long shot to get traded.
    • Vitters needs to get better defensively before getting the call up to the majors.
    • The Cubs are focusing in on deals involving Dempster and Garza.
    • Not a lot of LaHair chatter which is surprising.
    • There is a chance Marmol is traded.
    • Soto has a good possibility of being dealt.
    • Valbuena is a place holder for third.
    • There is a slim chance the Cubs stand pat at the deadline.

    Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    Cubs Rumor Bag: Rumors and not all about Dempster

    Here are some quick hits from a day filled with talk and no action for the Cubs-
    • Randy Wells is done for the year because he is having elbow surgery.
    • Garza will pitch a side session on Friday and if everything goes well he will pitch Monday’s game.
    • Buster Olney is reporting the Cubs are hoping Dempster changes his mind about Atlanta.
    • Morosi says the Dempster deal with the Dodgers is not dead but the Cubs are upset because they lost all leverage.
    • The Cubs are prepared to hold onto Dempster if they do not get the deal they want. They will then offer him a qualifying offer to hope to obtain a draft pick after the first round.
    • Olney says the Dodgers are confident they can get a deal done for Dempster.
    • The Braves GM says a deal for Dempster is not dead and they have not ruled him out. It is just unlikely and noted some parameters expired already.
    • Soriano seems like he maybe the first piece to leave the Cubs. He is getting interest from the Bucs, Indians, and Rays.
    • The Cubs were interested in acquiring Nate Eovaldi in a Dempster or Garza trade but they went away when he was traded for Hanley Ramirez.
    • Cole Hamels gives the Cubs a boost by signing an extension with the Phillies. One less piece on the board.
    • A package around Allen Webster could be coming the Cubs way if they deal Dempster to the Dodgers.
    • The Braves are very interested in Zach Greinke but so is a lot of teams and his price is higher than Garza and Dempster.
    • The Pirates are now unlikely to land Paul Maholm since the Buccos traded for Wandy Rodriguez.
    • Stat guru Cliff Lippert makes a nice prediction that I agree with on twitter. He says Dempster approves trade today because he won’t have to face the Chicago media during next homestand. Cliff confidence level is at 46%. I just don’t know if he will be traded to the Dodgers or Braves.
    • The Rays recently DFA Matsui… Could they be working a deal for Soriano?
    • Several Cubs maybe dealt after the deadline like Reed Johnson, Carlos Marmol, Geovany Soto, Jeff Baker, and Shawn Camp sources tell me.
    • Many execs feel the Jays or the Rangers will land Josh Johnson which would be cool I guess.
    • The Angels have interest in Matt Garza but won’t pull a trigger until they see how he pitches next.
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    Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    Cubs Rumor Bag: Other Cubs, The Future, and Dempster... UPDATES!

    YOU WANT THE LATEST UPDATES??  Hard to compete with BleacherNation on obsessive Ryan Dempster rumors so here you go. Who likes Dempster Updates??? Bleacher Nation and I do!!!!

  •  Matt Garza has went home to be with his wife who is expecting the next couple days.  He is likely not to start until Monday.
  • Ken Rosenthal is reporting a dagger of a story about Dempster vetoing a trade to Atlanta because he still wants sent to the Dodgers. I want to say if this is true it makes me physically sick that the Cubs could have got Delgado for Dempster and instead have lost all negotiating power and will end up with two low level prospects from the Dodgers. Again; if this is true, having Dempster tell everyone he will do whatever benefits the Cubs because they have been good to him sounds more like BS to me.
  • The O’s have talked to the Cubs about Bryan LaHair but it has not gone beyond that stage.
  • The Rangers have now emerged as front runners for Garza according my source. The same source says with Lewis going down the Rangers maybe willing to deal Olt and/or Perez now.
  • The Dodgers remain interested in Garza and the Dodgers are willing to deal Zach Lee for him. The Cubs will not deal Garza until Dempster is off the table.
  • Sveum said the Cubs trading all of Dempster, Garza, Maholm is not going to happen. He says it is very impossible odds.
  • The talk of the Cubs rotation being “killed” if Dempster, Garza, and Maholm being traded is really quite crazy. These “people” saying this obviously do not know what a trade is. See if you trade someone like Dempster you get a player back like maybe Delgado. Then that player is inserted into their spot in the rotation. And since the Cubs are prioritizing pitching I doubt their rotation will be “killed.” For example lets say Garza is traded for a package around Martin Perez, Dempster for Delgado, and Maholm for not sure. You would then have a rotation of Shark, Wood, Delgado, Perez, and Germano/or an AAA pitcher. So no killing taking place here.
  • BleacherNation looks at the anatomy of a “Broken” Trade found here.
  • I had one source tell me that Christian Bethancourt could be coming along with Delgado in a Dempster trade. To that I say WOW OH WOW! I am assuming the Cubs would give up a piece as well then?
  • Jorge Soler hit a homer two days ago and Almora hit one last night. Future looking bright for the Cubbies. CubsDen has a video of Almora bomb here.
  • Vogelbach has been dong well lately so he was promoted to Boise.
  • Dempster has thanked fans via twitter saying “Nothing official to report. You will be the 1st to know. Thnx to all my fans for the support #RD46” I take that as a good sign of a deal happening. But I am usually optimistic.
  • Garza is unlikely to start on Friday and will likely be pushed back a day or two to rest that arm. The Cubs are taking a gamble on him bouncing back and pitching well in his last start before the trade deadline.
  • The Rays still seem interested in Soriano.
  • Levine’s Latest-
    • In a deal for Garza and Barney the Cubs wanted Smyly, Castallanos, and Turner. What the Marlins got for Sanchez and Infante would have not been enough for the Cubs.
    • The Cubs could have Coleman, Lopez, or Rusin fill in for departing cub pitching.
    • You need Garza to start and throw 100 pitches to get full value out of him before the deadline.
    • Levine only reports on what he knows, unlike some people. Hey Bruce when your done talking can you come down off that pedestal please?
    • Delgado for Dempster is the only specifics Levine knows but assumes money will be exchanged.
    • The Angels were scouting Soto last week and he still could be traded.
    • He thinks Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker will be moved but are better off holding onto LaHair. We agree on this but if the Cubs get a nice package for LaHair it will be hard to say no.
    • Levine does not understand Sveum using the word fabrication since everyone knows the deal of Dempster for Delgado was on the table.
    • Dempster was upset at the barrage of media reports before he had accepted a trade. I can understand that.
    • There have been no takers on Marmol or Soriano although there was interest last week on Soriano but teams don’t want to pay any of his contract.
    • Theo wants a number one prospect for Garza plus a least two other prospects.
    • The Dodgers are still in on Dempster and could take him away from the Braves.
    • Kansas City Royals and the Pittsburg Pirates both have interest in Paul Maholm.
    • If the Cubs get Delgado he will pitch in the ML.
    • Dempster has the right to change his mind but did say there were a few teams he would consider never agreed to be traded to.
    • The Cubs are not interested in Hanley Ramirez or any player like him.
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    Monday, July 23, 2012

    Ryan Dempster Traded to Braves?!?! UPDATE... Umm Not Yet?

    UPDATE!- According to numerous media outlets including David Kaplan and Ryan Dempster himself saying no deal is in place. I am hoping his is just a formality but if this in fact does not go through it is the worst case of media jumping on a band wagon I have ever seen.
    UPDATE 2!- Sources tell David Kaplan that the hold up is Ryan Dempster’s approval. He says it has not been given yet and leads to speculation that an extension is coming from the Braves to Dempster. It is unlikely that Demspter would veto the trade.
    UPDATE 3!- This does not look good. Joe Sheehan says via twitter the Braves have vacated the Dempter trade.
    UPDATE 4!- Joe Sheehan has jokes saying his tweet about the Braves pulling out was a joke but also saying the deal is not completed. This makes more sense.
    UPDATE 5!- Dempster walked into the Cubs clubhouse today getting dressed in a Cubs uniform. He is still officially a Chicago Cub.

    UPDATE NOW- Cubs and Braves have an agreement but the Dempster twitter comment suggested 10/5 veto rights may come into play.
    The Chicago Cubs have traded Ryan Dempster and Cash to the Atlanta Braves for Randall Delgado. Randall Delgado is a 22 year old righty who was ranked the 41stbest prospect in the majors going into this season. He has 24 career starts where he has a record of 5-10 with a 3.98 ERA. Delgado has 56 free passes to his 91 K’s over the 126 innings he has pitched. The Cubs will be giving up 12 starts for Ryan Dempster for a 22 year old pitcher with major league experience that will not be arbitration eligible until 2015 and a free agent until 2018.
    This is the definition of a slam dunk for Theo and Co. and should only raise the value of pitchers like Matt Garza and Paul Maholm.
    More news and notes….
    • The A’s have joined the race for Matt Garza and have a healthy robust farm system. Guys like Granier, Gray, Cole, Peacock, Straily, and Griffin should interest the Cubs.
    • If the A’s dealt for Garza it is your typical Billy Beane move considering if he does not make the playoffs this year or next he can deal Garza to replenish his system since he will have him beyond this season.
    • The Cubs have not completely shut out the Dodgers because according to Jim Bowden the Dodgers and Cubs are discussing a deal that would send Zach Lee to the Cubs for Garza. Of course more would come the Cubs way but he would headline the deal.
    • Sources tell me the Cubs want Zach Lee plus 3 other top 12 prospects for Garza from the Dodgers or Zach Lee, a major league pitcher (Nathan Eovaldi?), and a top 10 prospect.
    • The Cubs are still taking calls on about half their 25 man roster and even some prospects according to sources.
    • Sounds like Garza will not hit the DL or even miss a start