Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cubs Manager Quick Hits

Nothing too much to write about so here are some quick hits-


·         Dave Martinez is likely to interview by the end of the week and have been quoted to be “very excited.”

·         Torey Lovullo is another guy who may start gaining some steam just like the recent trend with Renteria and Martinez.  Many of us have been on him for a while like Chicago Cubs Online, Cubs Den, and myself but to me he is more than a flavor of the week candidate. Read this Q&A from fangraphs here.  Hard not to love his approach.

·         Speaking of Lovullo he could actually interview before the Red Sox are out of the post-season if the Red Sox front office/coaching staff allows it.  Usually teams have stipulations on organization employees interviewing during the postseason but there has been exceptions.  Lovullo could interview on the Red Sox next off/traveling day which is Friday the 18th.  He could also be interviewed between the time the ALCS ends and the WS begins (if the Red Sox get pass the Tigers that is).

·         I honestly believe that Lovullo will the final interview and the front office could conduct 2nd interviews or make their decision from there. 

·         My preference for manager goes in this order Acta, Lovullo, Martinez, Renteria, and Hinch.

·         I do not believe there is any hidden or surprise candidates on the docket and those are the 5 the front office will pick from.

·         I am in the minority that feel the Cubs could get 2 of these candidates on the coaching staff.  Which one as manager and one as bench coach.

·         I am being told that Sandy Alomar Jr. will be considered a strong candidate for the bench coaching position regardless of who gets named manager.  The front office loves the idea of having him on the coaching staff but is just unsure about him being a manger of the Chicago Cubs.  There will be a strong recommendation for him to the new manager I am told.

·         The front office making coaching recommendations is not a new concept for any team.  Which is why it is no surprise the front office will also recommend bring back Dave McKay in some capacity, possibly Chris Bosio as pitching coach, and I am hearing the front office has been thrilled with the development and work Bill Buckner has done has hitting coach of the Boise Hawks.  Remember these are recommendations not requirements and it is more than likely going to be up to the new manager.

·         While all the qualities of the new manager that was laid out by Theo and Jed are all obviously important.  I am now told the usage and understand of advance stats, Latin influence, and development outweighs the rest including winning and management experience.  Although I am told by another source that if a guy like Hinch or Lovullo is hired the Latin influence could come way of a bench coach (ie Sandy Alomar Jr.) so that is likely not to hurt them as much as we would think.


Until Next Time..