Wednesday, September 07, 2011

We are back... and with News and Rumors...

I finally have internet and here is the latest rumors, news, and notes….

- Tim Wilken is likely to get an extension in the coming weeks from Tom Ricketts. Tom recently extended Oneri Fleita 4 years to keep him from the Detroit Tigers. While I think it is a right decision to extend Wilken, Fleita is a head scratcher to me.

- Some media outlets think the decision to extend Oneri and possibly Wilken may make the GM job look less attractive. I agree with Oneri but signing Wilken to an extension should give the next GM excitement because he is the best in the game.

- Quade is still going to play veterans even though fans, media, and other want to see the young kids.

- Quade in my opinion is playing the last managerial job he will ever have.

- The move made with Fleita and possibly Wilken show some around baseball that Ricketts will hire a young assistant GM from another team.

- There is a ton of rumors that Ricketts is “strongly considering” Kim Ng who is a senior VP of Baseball Operation with MLB and a top GM candidate.

- So far the Cubs have brought up Bryan LaHair, Andrew Cashner, DJ LeMahieu, John Gaub, and Lou Montanez. Why Montanez I ask you?

- Brett Jackson will not be called up. He will play for team USA and likely play fall ball.

- Carlos Zambrano’s season is done and the team will likely trade him this winter.

- The White Sox and Cubs could swap bad contracts this off-season according to sources.

- Carlos Pena still remains a top 3 option for the Cubs to play 1st base next season.

- Prince Fielder and CJ Wilson are high on Ricketts list of players according to a source.

- Aramis Ramirez has a 16 million dollar club option for next season. If the Cubs decline it they pay a 2 million dollar payout. If they exercise and Aram rejects it he forgoes the payout and becomes a free agent. Many think the next GM and Aram will work out an extension. I think exercising his option is a win/win!

- Here are my odds on the rumored GM candidates actually becoming the Cubs GM.

Brian Cashman 1000-1

Andrew Friedman 750-1

Jon Daniels 750-1

Ned Colletti 500-1

Jerry DiPoto 400-1

Theo Epstien 250-1

Allard Baird 150-1

Thad Levine 100-1

Ben Cherington 75-1

Billy Beane 30-1

Josh Byrnes 25-1

Kim Ng 10-1

Rick Hahn 4-1

- I think ultimately it will be down to four with Beane, Byrnes, Ng, and Hahn. I think Rick Hahn lands the job and brings in Ryne Sandberg as his next manager.

Until Next Time…