Thursday, November 20, 2008

Radio Info... Sweet Lou and Jimbo on the radio.

Lou and Jim were on the radio and lets see what they had to say-

- Lou said the Cubs need to add a left-handed bat and some speed. I think Roberts and Furcal fit this mold. Teahen and DeJesus also could be an intriguing possibility. Teahen could probably steal 20+ bases in the NL, having 4 last season, 13 in 2007, and 10 in 2006. DeJesus stole 11, 10, and 6. He would also probably steal about 20-25. Remeber the AL is not as adventurous as the NL.

- Lou also talked about Fukudome and how "was not is as good a shape, core wise" and because the "added length of the Major League season" caused his drop in power in production. He also brought up the fact the injury Fukudome had during the 2007 season effected this season a lot. He also stated that the Cubs will change this training program saying "more Americanized"

- Hendry is looking to make changes and addition to the roster, saying they need a lefty bat. He said they are fine pitching wise but is not against adding a guy to the staff if the right situation comes around. He also says the Cubs need to add some speed.

- The Cubs will stay on top of the all the free agents but is willing to explore the trade route or in house options. Hendry also said the Cubs must be prepared for "options A, B, and C and it could take a little creativity but the objective is to make the team better than a year ago.

- Jimbo said the Larry and Lou will decide on whether to have Kevin Gregg or Carlos Marmol the Cubs next closer.

- Jim Hendry thinks Fukudome will be a lot better next season with development and adjustments to MLB.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Talks for Peavy are Still Alive??

Depending on what source or media outlet you listen to might determine your knowledge on the Jake Peavy situation. We have all heard that talks with the Cubs are on and we have also heard they are off. Here is the latest that we have heard from the wire-

-Kevin Towers said, "We're still talking to the Cubs. They may have to redo some things."

- Here are some other quotes from Towers in the San Diego Union-Tribune

"Talks with the Braves have not resumed and that he hasn't heard from the Angels." according to Kevin Towers

"Among some of this ballplayer friends, Padres ace Jake Peavy has created the impression that if he is traded, he would like to pitch for the Cubs." said Towers

Here is what I think on the matter. I think the Cubs are in talks with a third or fourth team to get this deal with Peavy done. Jake has made it known that he basically wants to play for the Cubs and no other team. The Cubs do have issues with payroll but if they could shed a contract like Jason Marquis, Derrek Lee, Soriano, Derosa, Fukudome or Ramirez they could take on the contract Peavy has. I by all means think that players like Ramirez will stay because of the hole it would present at 3b. Soriano is owed a ton of money so it is unlikely he would be traded for any value and the Cubs would have to pay a big portion of his contract. But guys like Lee, Marquis, Fukudome, and Derosa could be interesting players. Derosa has been asked about from at least the Phillies as we have heard, Lee has been linked to the Giants, and Marquis has also been linked to some trades. Fukudome could be used by a lot of teams and have been asked about by at least 3 teams already. Another thing these players have in common is they have people currently on the team that could replace them. Guys like Hoffpauier, Pie, Fontenot, and pretty much anyone for Marquis.

So what I am saying I think there is a blockbuster on the horizon for the Cubs and I think it is involving Derrek Lee getting traded to the Angels or Giants in a three team trade that gets the Cubs Peavy. The Giants currently have a guy named Sanchez that could interest the Padres and the Angels have a whole slew of prospects that would benefit the Padres. Derrek Lee would take over the reigns at 1st base for Giants or Angels especially if the Angels do not land Tex. This would let the Cubs have the money to land Peavy along with adding a good lefthanded bat for RF. I also could see a blockbuster trade involving Fukudome, not sure what team would show interest, but he has drawn some from unknown teams already.

There is just too much here to think the Cubs will not land Peavy.

- Towers likes dealing with Hendry.
- Jake Peavy wants to pitch for the Cubs.
- Both teams have said they want to make a deal happen and will involve 3 or 4 teams to get it done.
- Jake said he will not approve a trade to any AL team and would require the Braves to pick up his 22MM dollar option and provide a no trade clause, which they will not do.

Just too much here! I think a deal WILL get done!

Rumors Swirl Around Cubs

The Cubs just got done signing Ryan Dempster to a 4 year 52 million dollar deal yesterday making their rotation quite expensive, but that is not likely to effect Jim Hendry making some good solid deals.

- Joel Sherman says the Cubs are expected to try to trade Jason Marquis because of his 9.875 million dollar salary this up coming season. I think the Rockies, Rangers, Mets, and Tigers could be interested.

- Gordon Wittenmeyer of the Sun-Times has this list of options for RF as well as some starting pitching-

OF Adam Dunn (left), free agent (from Diamondbacks): Fits the middle-of-the-order power deficit from the left side and rakes at Wrigley Field. Also an A-plus clubhouse guy. But a market that figures to command long-term years and top dollar and the fact that he is a poor defensive fit take him out of the Cubs' realistic range.

OF Bobby Abreu, free agent (from Yankees): Another probable big-ticket guy who looks good on paper but isn't an easy fit in the 2009 parameters. As with Dunn, Cubs haven't even kicked the tires here.

OF Brian Giles, Padres (one year, $9 million left on contract): Forget it. Has an ideal-fit look but also has a no-trade clause and says he doesn't want to leave Southern California.

OF Raul Ibanez, free agent (from Mariners): Played for Lou Piniella coming up. Cubs tried to trade for him in July and have made contact this offseason. Might emerge as a top target, although some suggest he might command eight figures annually. That could become a challenge.

OF Mark Teahen, Royals (arbitration-eligible): Probably more of a secondary focus, depending on what other bat the Cubs might land first or how long it takes to fill the need. Cubs probably have the prospects to make it happen, but the teams haven't discussed it.

SS Rafael Furcal (right), free agent (from Dodgers): Cubs thought they had him signed the last time he was a free agent until the Dodgers swooped in. Furcal is said to have a half-dozen teams interested with ''two or three'' getting serious, including one team reported to have a three-year, $39 million offer on the table.

2B Brian Roberts, Orioles (one year, $8 million left): Orioles want to sign Roberts to an extension and appear poised to trade him this time if they can't get a deal done. But that process might take long enough to force the Cubs to look elsewhere.

2B Orlando Hudson, free agent (from Diamondbacks): If Cubs go in this direction, they might be competing against the Cardinals and White Sox. And depending on whom you believe, Hudson either will fall into an affordable range or quickly be bid out of the Cubs' zone.

LHP Randy Johnson (right)/RHP Jake Peavy/other starting pitching: With Ryan Dempster re-signed, additional starting pitching is viewed as a luxury the Cubs will indulge in only if the right deal falls to them.

Gordon forgot a couple that are still targets. According to Bruce Levine the Cubs are serious about bringing in Milton Bradley. A switch hitting bat in the middle of the lineup that could make his way in the 2,3,4, or 5 hole in the lineup. He is a defensive liability but so is Raul and Dunn. Another guy that is still intriguing is Jermey Hermida( a favorite of mine), he is said to be a plan B or C but still a guy the Cubs should have on their list.

Out of the players he listed, I think Abreu and Dunn top the list. With guys like Furcal and Roberts right up there because they would provide a legitimate leadoff hitter and allow some other flexibility in RF with Hoffpauier and Derosa.

- Paul Sullivan says the Cubs have spoke to Furcal's agent but nothing is that serious. He also stats the Cubs are interested in Randy Johnson and/or Jake Peavy still. If the Cubs got either one of those pitchers it would be an incredible rotation!

-'s Carrie Muskat says talks have ended for the Cubs and Padres about Peavy, even though other sources stat otherwise.

-With Crisp officially traded to the Royals it seems a deal that sends either DeJesus or Teahen to the Cubs is on the horizon. Crisp to the Royals only makes sense if they are going to trade DeJesus or Teahen because they already have overstuff outfield before the transactions. Keep an eye on this one!

Of course, more to come!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cubs moving onto Teahen or Bradley??

UPDATE!- According to's Dick Kaegel, a source of his says that Dayton Moore and Jim Hendry have not talked about a deal for Teahen or DeJesus. Moore would not comment on the rumor and Teahen and his agent are unaware of any trade talk. This could be posturing but with the Cubs payroll climbing close to 130MM, a trade for a left handed hitting RF is their best bet, rather than spending 10MM+ a year on a free agent.

- The Kansas City Star's Bob Dutton said the Cubs are once again targeting Mark Teahen to fill RF. The Cubs were holding onto their young trading chips for Peavy but it looks like talks are now on off with the signing of Dempster. He was talking about Mike Fontenot, Ronny Cedeno, and Felix Pie being apart of a trade but it seems just like speculation. I would trade Pie and Cedeno for Teahen but I would not part with Fontenot.

- Here is some detail on Dempster's contract-

4 million dollar signing bonus
8 million for 09
12.5 million for 10
13.5 million for 11
14 million option for 2012

Leaving a lot of room in the payroll for this season.

- Jim Hendry wants to add another starting pitcher to strengthen the rotation. The Cubs really like Randy Johnson and could sign him to a deal and trade Jason Marquis. I purpose they trade Jason Marquis and Ronny Cedeno to Detriot for Nate Robertson or Dontrelle Willis, they could use them in the pen or a spot starter, or even as a starter if they do not add a guy like Randy Johnson. Detriot is looking for a young shortstop and want to get rid of some payroll or swap a bad contract for another one. This makes good sense for the Cubs and Detriot in my opinion. Cubs get to pawn Marquis(9.875 million next season) and Cedeno( out of options, and bad clubhouse guy) on Detriot and the Tigers get to purge a guy like Willis( who makes 10 million next season) or Robertson( who makes 7 million next season).

- Bruce Levine reported on ESPN 1000 that the Cubs are actively reported Milton Bradley to fill the role in RF for the Cubs. Although it seems the Cubs rather have a younger, cheaper, LH bat for RF, Bradley still interest the Cubs.

Cubs Signing Ryan Dempster??

-UPDATE- It is official. The Cubs sign Dempster to a 4 year deal worth 52 million. Not a bad deal hopefully we do not see a decline, which I do not expect.

- Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times says there is a 4 year 52 million dollar deal that both Ryan and the Cubs have agreed on. Dan Graziano of the Newark Star-Ledger,'s Jon Heyman , and Rosenthal all agree that a deal is done.

- Also according to Ken Rosenthal, he said depending on their ownership situation, the Cubs may still pursue Jake Peavy or Randy Johnson. As well as be in the mix for Furcal. I would love if the Cubs added Peavy or Johnson on top of signing Dempster!

- Jon Heyman says that Mark Cuban's bid for the Cubs is not high enough.

-'s Corey Brock says that there is not much going on with the Yankess, and in fact Towers says he has had "no direct conversations with Cashman about Peavy over a period of time." Towers is currently focused on the Cubs but thinks a third of even fourth would need to get involved to get a deal done.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Peavy Talks.

Here is the latest on Peavy.

- It seems that the Yankees are going to get involved now but Jake does not want to go to an AL club according to him and his agent.

- Towers said "Chicago didn't give us any deadline and I imagine we'll continue to talk, but it is definitely going to take a third team to get something done there" Dempster remains the be Jim Hendry's #1 priority but the Cubs will not go 5 years. IF the Cubs lose out on both, Randy Johnson looks like he will be in Cubbie blue.

- The San Diego Union- Tribune had this to says-

*****"Jake Peavy was in Puerto Rico last week with Hoffman, Young and several other ballplayer friends, including the Brewers' Ryan Braun and the Yankees' Derek Jeter. Another friend called Peavy to ask if he had heard that Peavy soon might be dealt to the Braves.

Peavy's response left one person present to conclude that Peavy, whose consent is needed for a trade, will not be going to Atlanta anytime soon, even if the Padres and Braves were to agree to a trade. "I think he wants to go to Chicago," the friend said.

Former Cubs stars Rick Sutcliffe and Mark Grace are friends of Peavy who speak fondly of their experiences with the Cubs.