Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cubs moving onto Teahen or Bradley??

UPDATE!- According to MLB.com's Dick Kaegel, a source of his says that Dayton Moore and Jim Hendry have not talked about a deal for Teahen or DeJesus. Moore would not comment on the rumor and Teahen and his agent are unaware of any trade talk. This could be posturing but with the Cubs payroll climbing close to 130MM, a trade for a left handed hitting RF is their best bet, rather than spending 10MM+ a year on a free agent.

- The Kansas City Star's Bob Dutton said the Cubs are once again targeting Mark Teahen to fill RF. The Cubs were holding onto their young trading chips for Peavy but it looks like talks are now on off with the signing of Dempster. He was talking about Mike Fontenot, Ronny Cedeno, and Felix Pie being apart of a trade but it seems just like speculation. I would trade Pie and Cedeno for Teahen but I would not part with Fontenot.

- Here is some detail on Dempster's contract-

4 million dollar signing bonus
8 million for 09
12.5 million for 10
13.5 million for 11
14 million option for 2012

Leaving a lot of room in the payroll for this season.

- Jim Hendry wants to add another starting pitcher to strengthen the rotation. The Cubs really like Randy Johnson and could sign him to a deal and trade Jason Marquis. I purpose they trade Jason Marquis and Ronny Cedeno to Detriot for Nate Robertson or Dontrelle Willis, they could use them in the pen or a spot starter, or even as a starter if they do not add a guy like Randy Johnson. Detriot is looking for a young shortstop and want to get rid of some payroll or swap a bad contract for another one. This makes good sense for the Cubs and Detriot in my opinion. Cubs get to pawn Marquis(9.875 million next season) and Cedeno( out of options, and bad clubhouse guy) on Detriot and the Tigers get to purge a guy like Willis( who makes 10 million next season) or Robertson( who makes 7 million next season).

- Bruce Levine reported on ESPN 1000 that the Cubs are actively reported Milton Bradley to fill the role in RF for the Cubs. Although it seems the Cubs rather have a younger, cheaper, LH bat for RF, Bradley still interest the Cubs.


Anonymous said...

Yea i heard the search for a left handed OFer should intensify over the next cpl of days.

But still i don't want Teahen in cubs uni

I'm all for Bradley, Dunn, Ibanez, or Abreu

I expect the cubs to sign Johnson too.

Thanks for keeping obsessed cubs fans like me informed of all the rumors. I check your site 24/7 good job.

Unknown said...

I dont know how I feel about this. Yeah he gave us the hometown discount. But if the Cubs parted with Wood merely because of not wanting to commit big money and years to a P with injury history who had one good year as a CL... whats so different about doing the same for a career .500 SP turned CL turned SP who ad one career year? Dont get me wrong... its huge that we can keep Demp in the rotation. He is in line for another 12-15 win season.

But if now talks are turning to trading for Peavy or going after Big Unit or Furcal, there should be money available to keep Wood here and give him the years/money Hendry said Wood deserved to get bout wouldnt get here with the Cubs.

While you are on the subject of the Tigers, what about Mags contract? I think he has one year left for double digit mil. He isnt the power lefty bat we are looking for, but he is a power bat that also hits for avg and helped take the Tigers to the WS back in 2006.

But I wouldnt deal Pie and Cedeno for scraps like Willis and Robertson. Might as well hold them out in hopes of landing a Peavy in a package deal.

And whats this talk about not bringing Blanco back? I thought there was mutual respect. I'm sure Blanco isnt asking for a boat load of money or too many years. I'm worried about a drop off from Soto if Blanco isnt back cause both being Latino I think they had a good relationship going.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe that the Cubs will bring back Wood on a one year deal. He wants to stay here, I think he will be their last piece signed this off-season.