Thursday, April 17, 2014

5 Cub Players To Trade....

5 players I would like the Cubs front office to trade before the trade deadline:


1.     Jeff Samardzija:  The most likely to be dealt because he has the most value.  Plus honestly he does not understand the vision of the front office and it gets under my skin with his comments to the media.  I will be happy when front office finally makes this trade and get players to actually help the future.


2.     Edwin Jackson: Theo and Jed’s biggest mistake and it is time to cut the ties.  Let’s just hope he bounces back a bit to get that trade value as high as possible.  Trading him is a loss no matter how he does but it would be better to limit that loss as much as possible. So turn it around Edwin!


3.     Nate Schierholtz: I really like Nate and he is going to really help a team during their playoff push.  He has good trade value right now and it is better to cash in before the Cubs lose him for nothing.


4.     Darwin Barney: I am in the minority thinking Barney has good trade value as a utility infielder/defensive replacement.  He will be traded before the deadline because the Cubs have several infield prospects knocking on the door.  Not to mention several players currently on the MLB roster looking for more playing time.


5.     James Russell:  He is cheap, somewhat effective, and a lefty specialist.  But he also has a ton of miles on that arm which is why dealing him before the deadline needs to happen.  I think they can get Sean Marshall trade value from him and they missed out selling high on him last year so they do not want to wait too long to pull the trigger.


An interesting player I left off the list is Jason Hammel.  I fell Hammel could be a part of the future as a 5th starter.  He would stay with the Cusb which would then force out Edwin Jackson.  Hammel is also cheaper which is a huge benefit and honestly I love what he brings to this team.  If the Cubs went into 2015 looking for two free agent impact pitchers to go along with Wood, Arrieta, and Hammel I would be a happy camper.  Can you imagine the Cubs getting two of Jon Lester, Justin Masterson, or Max Scherzer to go along with Wood, Arrieta, and Hammel.  What a nice rotation that would be!


Until Next Time…