Monday, May 13, 2013

Rizzo & Cubs Strike It Rich and Trades Coming... Plus Signings?

·         The Anthony Rizzo deal for the Cubs is fantastic but now  I think it maybe even better than first thought after seeing the breakdown  Rizzo will get a $2M signing bonus, make $750K in 2013, $1.25M in 2014, $5M in ’15 &’16, $7M in ’17 & ’18, $11M in ’19, and teams options of $14.5M for ’20 & ’21.  Special thanks to Jon Heyman for the breakdown on this.  Basically making this a 9 year deal worth $70M with incentives.

·         With the Cubs only paying Rizzo $14M over the next 3 years it allows the Cubs to hand out more money to other FA and able assume more dollars in contracts via trades.  The deal also does not get expensive for several years which in turn helps the Cubs because by then the money from the renovation, TV deals, signage, etc… should be really paying off.

·         The next step now in the words of Tom Loxas of CubsDen and others is to lock up Shark and Garza (once proved healthy).  I am on board with both but only if the money is right with Garza.  I think a deal modeled after Edwin Jackson for Garza is a good starting point for the Cubs and his representatives.  Do I think Garza would sign for that, not likely unless a NTC is given, which is not going to happen either.  I really do not have grasp on what Shark would get on the open market so I will leave that guessing up to you.

·         If the Cubs did lock up Garza and Shark then they could be looking to really cash in on players like DeJesus, Soriano, CarVill, and Feldman as far as prospects.  I could then see them packaging the prospects from those deals with current prospects in their farm like Baez, Vogelbach, Johnson, and/or others for a premier young impact player like Giancarlo Stanton for example.  Or they could use those prospects and trade them for other prospects which is rare but it has happened.

·         Once again if the Cubs did extend Garza and Shark (and deal the others listed above) then their rotation looks pretty strong for 2014 with Shark, Garza, T. Wood, and E. Jackson.  Then if they draft Gray or Appel and they are as advertised then wow 2015 looks pretty dang great!

·         One guy I think the Cubs need to try to acquire besides Stanton is Jurickson Profar.  The guy is going to be a stud, he is near ML ready right now, and is being dangled by the Rangers but not for pieces the Cubs necessarily have. Although a lot could change if Texas has pitching woes and Garza comes back strong.  Texas had a lot of interest in Garza last season remember.  I also still hold to the fact that a prospect exchange is still very possible between the Rangers and Cubs.

·         I love trade scenario’s so how about this one-

Cubs get- Jurickson Profar, Martin Perez, and Mike Olt

Rangers get- Matt Garza, Javier Baez, Brett Jackson, and Josh Vitters


The Cubs would have their young dream team infield assembled and ready for the 2014 season with Rizzo at 1st, Profar at 2b, Castro at SS, and Olt at 3rd.  I know it is a pipe dream but I can dream can’t I?


Until Next Time….