Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cubs Talk- Bradley, DeRosa, and Cubs Sale...

Here is the last update for maybe a week Cub fans. A lot of things going on now but I will have your updates as soon as I have time to get to them. Thanks for your patients!

- Bleed Cubbie Blue says Milton Bradley must go. Not only is Bradley not producing but his off the field antics, words with Lou, and teammates bad mouthing him are really hurting the team. I agree with BCB.

- Gordon Wittenmyer of The Chicago Sun-Times says the Cubs and Indians talked about a trade earlier this month that would bring Mark DeRosa back to the north side. A lot is depending on Aramis, the Cubs sale, and asking price. I am in favor of DeRosa because he is an all around good guy and good baseball player.

- The Cubs sale is moving in a good direction. said this-

The Chicago Tribune quoted sources as saying the Ricketts family and Tribune Co. have made "good progress" recently in negotiations to reach an agreement on the sale of the Cubs, Wrigley Field and a 25 percent stake in Comcast SportsNet Chicago.

"We're closing the gap," a source told the newspaper. "The attitudes are much more positive."

This is really good news Cub fans!

Til' next time Cub Fans!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cubs Talk- DeRosa, Teahen, and More....

- The Cubs have considered bringing back Mark DeRosa. You can't blame them for trying to get him back. He would provide the versatility and bat the Cubs need on this team. Guys like Freel and Miles just do not cut it. Anyone who does not approve of this move needs their head checked.

- The Cubs are also very interested in Mark Teahen. He would also provide the Cubs with versatility and a good lefty bat. The Royals are to be listening to offers on everyone except their core players which leaves off Teahen strangely. I would love to see a Mike Fontenot, Mitch Atkins, and mid-level prospect for Teahen. That would make sense for both teams.

- Geovany Soto tested positive for marijuana while playing for Team Puerto Rico during the WBC. I do not see this being that big of an issue. It was once and he said it was a big mistake.

- Reed Johnson was placed on the 15 day DL and the Cubs called on Ryan Freel.

That is it for now. I may not be able to update the Hot Stove until maybe Monday or Tuesday because of a crazy weekend ahead. But stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cubs Agree to Terms with Brett Jackson.

Thanks to MLBTR for this one-

According to an press release, the Cubs have agreed to terms with first round pick Brett Jackson. The 20-year-old outfielder bats left-handed and received praise from Baseball America on his athleticism. The Cubs selected him with their first pick in the draft, 31st overall.

Jackson should be a good guy for the outfield in the next 3 years or so. Another guy I am awaiting to see if the Cubs signed is Austin Kirk. He is the scouting reports on him-

Consistent lefty that was dominant this year at the high school level with an overpower fastball with late movement. Throws in the low 90s, but upped his stock a bit by being clocked as high as 95 mph in the state semifinals. Sharp breaking ball coupled with a solid changeup give him three quality pitches to keep hitters off balance. Struck out 111 with only 21 walks in 62 innings this spring.-

Austin Kirk- LHP 6'1", 205 lbs, 19 yrs old, bats left, throws left: This kid played for a high school baseball powerhouse in Oklahoma that has produced several professional players. He posted a record of 9-1 0.45 ERA with 21 walks versus 111 K's in 62 IP. What I like about this is it does not appear the kid was abused, because he was on a good team (unlike Kerry Wood, who was the bread and butter of his team in the playoffs). Has overpowering fastball (at least on high school terms) that was clocked at 95 MPH in state semi-finals, as well as a sharp breaking ball and solid change-up. This might be a difficult sign, as he's already signed a letter of intent with the University of Oklahoma. An important note ... is he's also a good hitter too, hitting .400+ with 5 HR this year when he wasn't pitching. So, he has several things going for him ... a very polished arm, playing for a baseball powerhouse in high school, not having his arm abused, AND apparently he's a really good kid with a solid head on his shoulders. There was a 70 year old that kind of adopted the team as his own, and was a huge fan of Kirk's...It's almost like a Babe Ruth story. The guy was on his deathbed still rooting for the team, and recently passed away, and Kirk had given him his old jersey, a signed ball, and their state championship medal. When he was buried, the guy had on Kirk's jersey, the ball, and medal. It was a very heartwarming story, and I hope we can sign a kid of that type of ability AND character.

Austin Kirk video

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day! Brain Roberts Anyone???

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! Lets hope the Cubs give us a win today! Here are the latest from the Hot Stove-

- Brain Roberts? I know, I know, we all thought he would be a Cub the past two years but that has not happened, but could it happen this year after he signed an extension?? Rick Dempsey thinks it is time for the club to dump over priced players and keep the youth movement going. He names players like George Sherrill (who the Cubs should look that), Jeremy Guthrie(Another guy I really like), Aubrey Huff, Melvin Mora, and yes Brain Roberts. Rick has this to say-

He is a quality position player who could draw a lot of attention from a contender and be worth a few good young prospects. Now the only reason I suggest B-Rob is because he has probably missed his window of opportunity to win with the O's and now that the nucleus is becoming much younger, having to wait two more years to contend may take Brian out of his prime and out of his value. I would hate to see him go, but it might be the best overall for the Orioles for the future.

I do realize a lot of concern with the "ownership" situation may put some limitations on players we get at the deadline. Especially since some writers think the Cubs can't add Pedro because of the money issue and he only cost 5 million. But regardless of what the writers say, Jim has said that he will do whatever deal makes the most sense for the Cubs, no if's, and's, or but's. Brian is owed 10 million over the next 4 seasons and the O's may be willing to either take on a bad contract to off set the money or pay a lot of the contract if they get quality players in return.

The Cubs have been looking for a true lead off man since they signed Soriano and they could get one in Roberts for the right price. I honestly believe that Roberts would not only provide the Cubs a switch hitting lead off hitter but the catalyst they need to push them into and through the playoffs.

I am not sure of what the O's would want in return for Roberts but you better believe they would want some good young prospects to build for the future. Guys like Randy Wells, Jake Fox (perfect for DH), Jeff Samardzija, Jose Ascanio, and others would really interest them. But to get those quality guys they would need to pay a large portion of Roberts' contract. The Cubs could also dump a large contract onto the O's but the only players worth dumping are Milton Bradley and maybe Fukudome (which I do not endorse trading) to balance the money some. But the O's already have a good young outfield that they do want to disturb so that is not a likely option.

Either way if the Orioles make Roberts available, Jim should be the first GM to call!