Saturday, May 08, 2010

Starlin Castro

I just want to say congratulations to Starlin Castro and his 6 RBI debut as a Chicago Cub. It is truly amazing how a 20 year old kid has so on his shoulders can deliver how he did last night. It is truly amazing and something the Cubs obviously needed.

Starlin should have started in the big leagues after Spring Training and if you have read my blog before you know how I felt when they started him in AA. But that was then and this is now.

I think all Cub fans can agree, this is going to be an exciting kid to watch!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rumor Round-Up....

Here is a weekly thing I want to call "Rumor Round-Up." Here I will put down what I am hearing from TV, radio, Internet, and my personal sources on the Cubs rumor front. Lets get it started.

- CubbieCrib says that Gorzelanny and Baker head the list for trade candidates. He also says that they would trade both to acquire a late-inning reliever, then place Z back in the rotation. I am hearing that the Cubs and Astros are discussing a deal that would send Tom Gorzelanny and Micah Hoffpauir to the Astros for Matt Lindstrom. Lindstrom would provide them with a fireballer in the back of the pen, he also could fill in as a closer if Marmol is unavailable.

- According to my sources the Yankees have called the Cubs about the availability of Fukudome. The Yanks recently lost Curtis Granderson for at least a month and they need a replacement both offensively and defensively. All I know for sure is that the Yankees called the Cubs about Fukudome, more on this as it becomes available.

- Bruce Levine stated that Jim Hendry says Starlin Castro will be up with the Cubs sometime this season and even talked to Theriot about changing positions and working on his foot and glove work at 2nd base. A good sign!

- Caridad pitched a scoreless inning in AAA Iowa. He will get a couple of more innings of work before the Cubs bring him back to Chicago.

- Put this in your "WHAT?!?!?!" folder. According to a reliable source the Cubs and M's have discussed a Chone Figgins for Aramis Ramirez trade. If Aram is traded his 2012 option is vested which means the M's would be on the hook for 30 million over 2011 and 2012, not only that but they would also be on the hook for a portion of the 15 million he is owed this season. The Cubs would be on the hook for 36 million for 2010 through 2014. So the money is about even. All I can say is interesting and WHAT?!?!?

Until Next Time....