Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring Thoughts...

Here are the things I see after the first games of spring from the Cubs-

-Reed Johnson seems like a good leader and looks like he can still play but Perez is hitting at .375 in a small sample size with 2 walks and a stolen base.

-Jeff Baker better kick it up a notch because Scott Moore and Marquez Smith are showing they want his spot on the roster.

-Unless Darwin Barney goes down with an injury Augie Ojeda does not belong on this team.

-Rudy seems to be getting through to player like Soriano, Ramirez, and Castro. All are hitting well this spring and giving Rudy all the praise.

-Carlos Pena looks like a leader. Let’s hope he starts hitting.

-Brett Jackson and Matt Camp both look like the future for the Cubs even though Jackson’s numbers don’t show it.

-Marlon Byrd looks great and ready for the regular season.

-I am not a big Blake DeWitt fan right now. He is not hitting or playing good defense. Bobby Scales, Darwin Barney, and Jeff Baker are all playing well.

-If DeWitt does not pick it up then the Cubs should look at picking up Castillo when he is released. He plays decent defense, decent speed, and is a switch hitter.

-Silva has been awful and the Cubs should do one of two things. Trade him for another bad contract or put him on the DL with an “injury.”

-Cashner looks like a lock for the rotation and you have to like how Zambrano, Dempster, and Wells have been pitching.

-It looks like James Russell will be sent to AAA to start the year unless an injury occurs. I would not be surprised to see Maine, Wellemeyer, and Samardzija in the bullpen to start the season.

-Marmol looks better than last season if that is possible.

-Who is Coello?? He has a 3.00 ERA in 3 innings of work with 4 SO.

-Looper does not have a chance to make this team.

-Garza does not look like the pitcher he was with the Rays but a lot can change from now until Opening Day.

- Justin Berg has a 189.00 ERA. WOW!

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cubs/Phillies discussing trade...

According to my sources the Phillies and Cubs are discussing a trade that would send Kosuke Fukudome to the Phillies for Joe Blanton. The Phillies are looking for another established player to round out there outfield since Dominic Brown went down with injury. The Phils have called the Red Sox about Mike Cameron but talks have not gone far which is why the Phillies and Cubs have discussed a trade around Fukudome.

The Phillies have been looking for suitors for Blanton and the Cubs may have more interest that previously thought with the Carlos Silva blow up. The Cubs also have a good problem on their hands, they have several good outfielders and only a few spots. Trading Fukudome would allow the Cubs to play Colvin full time in RF along with keeping Johnson and Perez on the 25 man roster.

One other thing I am hearing is the Cubs want to send Silva along with Fukudome in a deal but the Phillies want nothing to do with Carlos. No word on the money that would exchange hands, if any.

More on this as I hear it.

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