Friday, October 01, 2010

3rd Base Swap Meet!

We heard earlier this week that the Red Sox are extremely interested in acquiring Aramis Ramirez. The Cubs are also at least listening to offers for Ramirez among other players. Aramis is expected to pick up his 14.6 million dollar player option for next season which included a 16 million dollar club option for 2012 and a 2 million dollar buyout. So he will come with a pretty high price tag, one the Cubs might have to pony some money on.

Also if the Cubs did trade Aramis Ramirez they would have a glaring hole at the hot corner with no one in house to replace. This brings up the latest rumors circling the web, the Cubs interest in Mark Reynolds. The D'backs are looking to get cheaper, younger, and more fundamentally sound in the field and at the plate. Kevin Towers wants to bring in small ball to Arizona, something he also preached in San Diego. The rumor is the club is looking to deal players like Stephen Drew and Mark Reynolds for young prospects.

Now, Jim Hendry and Kevin Towers have a good working relationship which is a bonus but the fact of the matter is they will have to get three teams involved which I have a feeling this is where this rumors spawned from. Here is what we are hearing.....

Cubs get Mark Reynolds
Dbacks get Jacoby Ellsbury
Red Sox get Aramis Ramirez

I can see why this would be a legit rumor. The Cubs will get a younger, more powerful, and better defensive 3rd baseman, the Red Sox will hope that Aramis Ramirez will have a bounce back year and player pepper with the Green Monster at Fenway, and the Dbacks would be getting a good defensive leadoff hitter that already joins one of the most exciting young outfielders in the game with Justin Upton. This would also possibly allow the Dbacks to trade Chris Young for some good pitching or exciting young infielders.

The hang up with have to be Aramis Ramirez no-trade clause but he would likely waive that to go to Boston where they would contend next season. Aramis could also enjoy some time in the DH role to keep him healthy the whole year. The only other hang up would be money. Jacoby is owed basically nothing and will receive his first year of Arbitration next season. But Reynolds is owed 13 million over the next two season and has a 11 million club option with a 500K buyout for 2013. Aramis is owed 14.6 million next season with a 16 million option or 2 million dollar buyout for 2012. So money will have to exchange hands. I could see the Cubs taking on the 7 million dollar owed to Mike Cameron for next season to balance out the money some but I have a feeling the teams will all have to pay a portion of the contracts that exchange hands.

It will be cool to see if this rumor gains steam because honestly I can say I like the deal for all teams involved.

I will keep you updated!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here We Go.......

Sorry the updates have been few and far between but lets get caught up!

- Xavier Nady could be apart of the 2011 Cubs if he signs a similar deal to this year.

- Tom Ricketts has not made any decision regarding next year’s payroll but thinks it will be slightly lower than this season. Which means the Cubs could spend upwards to 40 million on next year alone.

- Mitch Atkins was DFA.

- The Cubs have really like how Mike Quade has handled the ball club but he would be a tough sell for fans if he is the Cubs next manager.

- There is not timetable on hiring a new manager according to Jim Hendry. But he would like to get something done shortly after the World Series if not sooner.

- Bob Brenly withdrew his name from the Cubs manager consideration stating it is not a fit for him personally or professionally at this time.

- The Cubs are scouting Victor Martinez, Adam Dunn, and Carlos Pena for their first base vacancy. They are also said Xavier Nady and Tyler Colvin could be in the mix. It is said that Dunn is the number one with Carlos Pena a close 2nd. The Nationals reportedly are NOT going to offer Dunn an extension but offer Pena that money instead.

- Bruce Levine stated once again that Orlando Hudson will be the Cubs starting 2nd baseman next season.

- Bruce also said the Cubs could trade Marmol, maybe to the Yankees for Chamberlain, Gardner, and Montero? I would do that in a second!

- Josh Vitters’ work ethic is being questioned by media and scouts around baseball.

- Brett Jackson will likely take the same route as Starlin Castro did to the big leagues next season.

- Levine says Hoffpauir days with the Cubs are likely over.

- The Cubs may hold onto Koyie Hill because they do not see Castillo as ML ready yet. That is so much BS!

- Carlos Zambrano seems to have found his pitching groove and will likely stay with the Cubs unless the team trading for him takes on at least half his contract and gives up players as well.

- The Mets may try to trade players like Reyes and Wright while there stock is high. The Cubs will have interest in both Wright and Reyes. The Cubs were interested years ago about trading for Reyes and having him play 2nd base so I am assuming there is still interest. The Cubs, just like any team, would prepare for a bidding war for David Wright. They would likely play him at his nature position of 3rd base and put the injury prone Aramis Ramirez at 1st. I would not be shocked to see the Cubs offer up Cashner, Marmol, Brett Jackson, Hak-Ju Lee, or Jay Jackson in a package for Wright.

- The manager position will likely be between three candidates; Joe Girardi, Ryne Sandberg, and Mike Quade.

- Regardless of what Ozzie says he is not a candidate for the Cubs job.

- Kerry Wood could find himself back in a Cubs uniform next season. The Cubs are looking for a veteran presence out of the bullpen. Not to mention insurance in case the Cubs trade Marmol over the winter.

- The Cubs may have some suitors for Fukudome next season but only if they pay most of his contract or take a bad one in return.

- CubbieCrib takes a look at the payroll situation for next season and I hope the Cubs follow what they laid out. I think adding Adam Dunn (14M), Orlando Hudson (5M), Kerry Wood (6M), and Brandon Webb, Justin Duchscherer, or Vicente Padilla (8M) would really round out and make this team very competitive next season. With these additions it would likely place the payroll around 133 million for next season before arbitration raises and other players non-tendered or traded.

Until Next Time…..