Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cubs made contact with Rowand??

Thanks to MLB RUMORS-

Rowand Taking Over In Center For Dodgers?: Free agent outfielder Aaron Rowand is drawing a lot of interest from teams around the league, and his new contract is expected to be big. Although he is asking for fifteen million, one MLB executive tells me he expects the deal to top 90 million dollars. There are several teams interested in Rowand that could take on that kind of contract. The Dodgers, White Sox, Rangers, Cubs, and Astros have all made contact with Rowand, but it appears the Dodgers have the inside track because of Rowand's connections to Southern California.

The Cubs are probably just keeping there options open, this is curious tho. Hendry said he wants a high OBP OF with power and Rowand is righthanded. Plus Pie slotted to play center next year, they could move him to RF but he is more serviceable in CF. If the Cubs did acquire Rowand that means Pie could be expendable for pitching, a RF, or a shorstop. Pie for Greene has been rumored and that would make sense if the Cubs inked Rowand to a deal. This is all speculation right now, but never less it is interesting.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Blockbuster deal going down???

This is from a emailer of mine who also emailed me about the Marquis deal a week before it happened, but he also emailed me the Cubs were getting Renteria last year but that didn't pan out. So here it is take it for what its worth-

This is a move for the ages. The Cubs are in discussion with Boston and Nationals about a blockbuster deal! Here is the scoop-

Cubs get Ryan Church and JD Drew

Nats get CoCo Crisp, Matt Murton, and Ryan Dempster

Red Sox get Sean Marshall, Austin Kearns, Ronny Cedeno, and Wil Ohman

You heard it from Prophet79 first. Remember I tipped you off on the Marquis signing!

Take it for whats its worth. It seems fair to me but this could just be one of the unfounded rumors. Lets see if anyone else can confirm this trade or at least tell me if it has some truth to it.

Matsui Deal done by weekend??

Thanks to MLBTR-

WGN Radio's Dave Kaplan reported that the Cubs could complete a contract with second baseman Kaz Matsui this week. It'd be a multiyear deal; not sure if the Cubs would have to go three years on it. This would be an indefensible signing.

This is a good move in my opinion. I wasent sold on it before but Matsui can play SS, 2b, and even some third. He is speedy and a patient hitter with good gap power. He provides a good platoon with Derosa and Theriot. The cubs need speed and a pesky hitter and Kaz is that! He had a .342 OBP and stole 32 bases in 104 games. This only makes the team better. Plus it provides the Cubs with the option of trading Font, Cedeno, Omar or even Theriot for a RF or pitching.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bonds a cub? DOUBTFUL. Hendry on 1460 in des moines and other notes and rumors

-It looks like Bonds wont be in a Cub uniform next year. He will be in stripes but only behind bars. Bonds was indited today on perjury among other charges.

- Jim was on Umps eye view today at around 630 on 1460 kxno and he likes Pie in CF and they are going to pursue a power hitting lefty that can play RF thru either a trade or free agency. He dismissed the Crawford for Marmol or Hill trade saying " We are not going to trade the players that helped us into the playoffs, Hill and Marmol are untouchable" He did not say they weren't discussing a trade for Crawford tho. He also wouldn't touch the Dempster situation but said he liked the idea of Marmol being the closer. He also said he would like to add a speedy OFer and utility infielder this offseason still. My bet is Lofton and Matsui. Both would be solid pickups, and Lofton could play CF if Pie isnt ready. Matsui would be good defensive sub and can platoon with Derosa, Infante, and Theriot. Dont look for Cedeno or Font being on the 25 man roster if the get Matsui.

- The Cubs have supposed interest in Jenkins but I think that may be a last resort. That means players like Stewart, Bradley, Wilkerson, Church Green, and Nixon would probably be ahead of him on the list. I don't like the idea of Jenkins! Strike out king, doesn't hit with RISP, low OBP, power declining.. NO WAY! Might as well sign Burnitz again!

- Fukudome still hasn't decided whether to stay in Japan or come to the US. He is expected to make a decision after thanksgiving at the latest. I hope he decides soon so we can move on or sign him to a contract!

- The Cubs are discussing options for RF, including players on other teams. They have interest in players like Abreu( if becomes availible), Drew( Sox maybe shopping him), Nick Markakis ( would cost a bundle but they could look into him), Luke Scott( not a sexy name but is a good power hitter with high OBP), Crawford( we have already went over this lol), and Raul Ibanez ( great power, bad fielding). Either way the Cubs need a power hitting LF or a lefty who hits for average and OBP and some power.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Crawford to Cubs Dismissed??? Why not Bonds??

According to MLBTR-

Crawford To Cubs Rumor Shot Down
ESPN 1000's Bruce Levine suggested yesterday that the Cubs were preparing an offer for Carl Crawford. However, team officials told Roger Mooney today that there's nothing brewing. Apparently the rumor was Rich Hill, Eric Patterson, and a prospect for Crawford. That doesn't seem sufficient anyway. There was even some talk of a three-way deal involving the Brewers and Yankees, which was from Gotham Baseball. According to Mooney, none of it is for real. You be the judge.
In other Rays news, they
picked up Al Reyes' $2.3MM option and passed on Greg Norton at $1MM. No surprises there. UPDATE: Reyes actually has a $1MM base salary plus $1.3MM in incentives

This is not a shock to me. Hendry and the Cubs usually like to keep things quiet on the trade and free agent front. Remember Soriano signing out of nowhere?? That was announced on November 19th by the way, maybe he can make another big splash from now until then. Remember the Cubs just traded two OFers so there has to be a move on the horizon. Even if the Crawford deal doesn't go down expect the Cubs to be making some nice big moves before Thanksgiving, Fukudome anyone???

I purpose this question, Why not Bonds in Cubbie Blue??

Lets forget about Steroids, lets look at Barry Bonds.

With the RF free agent market weak and if the Cubs lose out on Crawford and Fukudome( which I don't see happening) why not give Bonds a call?? Barry has said he would gladly play in either league next year even as a parttime player. If the Cubs do miss out on Fuk or Craw then you have guys like Wilkerson, Sosa, Jenkins, Stewart, Bradley, Greene, Guillen, Nixon, and Sanders for corner OFers. These are all medicore RFers except maybe Guillen so why not go after Bonds. He will cost about 10-15 million a year which isn't a bad price you could also load his contract with incentives to lower the price. You could platoon him with Murton and give him days off. It would be the ideal platoon situation, plus he would be in a great hitters park and I think the fans would welcome him at Wrigley. Not to mention he could either hit 2nd or 4th and finally have protection for him in the lineup.

This is just a thought and I think the Cubs would be a fool not to at least talk to him if the cant land Fukudome or Crawford. The other option is of course signing a CFer like Rowand, Hunter, Cameron, or A. Jones and moving them or Pie to RF.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Source Could Be Right ON!! Cubs notes

Thanks to MLBTR-

Cubs To Make Offer For Crawford?
A trusted reader dropped me a line regarding a Bruce Levine appearance on ESPN Radio 1000. Remember, Levine was the guy who scooped the Jacque Jones trade.
Levine reported today that the Cubs are putting together a package of young talent in an attempt to acquire the Rays' Carl Crawford. That would leave the Cubs with a speedy, athletic outfield of Alfonso Soriano, Felix Pie, and Crawford.
The emailer says today's report did not mention names. Ronny Cedeno would certainly be a useful addition for the Rays, and you'd have to expect some premium pitching heading over as well. I'm thinking Rich Hill, Carlos Marmol, or both. The problem with these proposed blockbuster deals is they often open up new holes. Thoughts?

My site was first to report this but I decided to put this down anyways. Bruce is usually pretty good about his rumors, tho like this site some have been off( I wonder if we have the same source??)... I think we could get Crawford without giving up Marmol. The package of Hill, Cedeno, and Epatt should get it done( thats the same package my source said) yes this does create more holes but with Crawford you get a young guy with good average, speed, power, and defense. Hill is a really good lefty but you have to give up something to get something. Crawford would look great in cubbie blue!
Other notes-

Craig Monroe was traded today to the Twins for PTBNL. This is a minor move mainly to clear a roster spot.

The Cubs also activated Guzman and Prior off the 60 day DL.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Cubs aquire Omar for Jones. Fukudome declares Free Agency.

Thanks to

The Chicago Cubs acquired infielder Omar Infante from the Tigers on Monday in exchange for outfielder Jacque Jones. Infante, 25, batted .271 with two home runs and 17 RBI in 66 games with Detroit last season. Versatile in the field, Infante played six positions last season, most often at second base (20 games). He also appeared at shortstop (14 games), third base (nine), center field (12), right field (six) and left field (one). The Venezuela native hit .281 off left-handed pitching and posted a .413 batting average with runners in scoring position in 2007.

This means one of two things in my opinion. That the Cubs feel Pie is ready to be the starter in CF or there going to trade for an CFer. I honestly believe the Cubs will acquire Crawford or Fukudome this offseason and put them in RF and leave Pie in CF for defense. To me this also says that Cedeno will be traded this offseason. The cubs don't need Omar, Derosa, Theriot, Font, and Cedeno on there roster.. Too many MIers.


Thanks to MLBTR-

As you may have heard, Kosuke Fukudome filed for free agency today. He's listening to offers from both Japanese and MLB teams - he's still undecided. The Chunichi Dragons are not expected to modify their offer. They've got a one year proposal out to Fukudome for about $3.5MM and a four-year offer for about $15.4MM. The Hanshin Tigers are expected to offer something like four years, $20MM. Obviously he could beat those offers in the U.S. The Rangers, Cubs, Giants, Red Sox, Yankees, White Sox, and Padres have all been connected to Fukudome.
Meanwhile lefty closer Hitoki Iwase, coveted by many MLB teams,
has decided to stay in Japan. The Rockies, Royals, and Cubs had their eye on him.

To have Fukudome sign with the Cubs would be unreal. I project this guy as a .290 hitter with 20 homers, and 90 rbi will having a robust .390 OBP... He plays great defense and would look great in that cubbie blue.

To bad about Iwase, he would also have been a nice pick up!

Another note is the Cubs have interest in Troy Percival and Masahide Kobayashi.