Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Source Could Be Right ON!! Cubs notes

Thanks to MLBTR-

Cubs To Make Offer For Crawford?
A trusted reader dropped me a line regarding a Bruce Levine appearance on ESPN Radio 1000. Remember, Levine was the guy who scooped the Jacque Jones trade.
Levine reported today that the Cubs are putting together a package of young talent in an attempt to acquire the Rays' Carl Crawford. That would leave the Cubs with a speedy, athletic outfield of Alfonso Soriano, Felix Pie, and Crawford.
The emailer says today's report did not mention names. Ronny Cedeno would certainly be a useful addition for the Rays, and you'd have to expect some premium pitching heading over as well. I'm thinking Rich Hill, Carlos Marmol, or both. The problem with these proposed blockbuster deals is they often open up new holes. Thoughts?

My site was first to report this but I decided to put this down anyways. Bruce is usually pretty good about his rumors, tho like this site some have been off( I wonder if we have the same source??)... I think we could get Crawford without giving up Marmol. The package of Hill, Cedeno, and Epatt should get it done( thats the same package my source said) yes this does create more holes but with Crawford you get a young guy with good average, speed, power, and defense. Hill is a really good lefty but you have to give up something to get something. Crawford would look great in cubbie blue!
Other notes-

Craig Monroe was traded today to the Twins for PTBNL. This is a minor move mainly to clear a roster spot.

The Cubs also activated Guzman and Prior off the 60 day DL.


supercapo said...

So any idea when this deal is supposed to go down, if it ends up going down at all. I like the idea of getting Crawford.

The cubs removed Guzman from the 60 day DL? He is recovering from Tommy John surgery, why make this move? He is going to miss most if not all of the next season.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we should trade Hill how about Cedeno, Marshall, Ohman,Veal or Gallagher. And there is no way they trade Marmol. Nick I.

Kamel said...

I'm still not comfy with including Hill. I know it takes talent to get talent... but I strongly say we include other names, even if it means Pie instead of E Patt and two or three young arms (such as Marshall and Veal) instead of the one in Hill.

cubsfan82 said...

I am unsure when the deal is suppose to go down. Levine mentioned the JJ rumor about a week before it happened so who knows. But if I hear anything i will let everyone know.

I would hate to give up Hill to but Tampa is going to want him and Cedeno in a package for Crawford. I dont see them being intrested in Marshall who has been very inconsistant and had some arm fatigue this year.