Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Crawford to Cubs Dismissed??? Why not Bonds??

According to MLBTR-

Crawford To Cubs Rumor Shot Down
ESPN 1000's Bruce Levine suggested yesterday that the Cubs were preparing an offer for Carl Crawford. However, team officials told Roger Mooney today that there's nothing brewing. Apparently the rumor was Rich Hill, Eric Patterson, and a prospect for Crawford. That doesn't seem sufficient anyway. There was even some talk of a three-way deal involving the Brewers and Yankees, which was from Gotham Baseball. According to Mooney, none of it is for real. You be the judge.
In other Rays news, they
picked up Al Reyes' $2.3MM option and passed on Greg Norton at $1MM. No surprises there. UPDATE: Reyes actually has a $1MM base salary plus $1.3MM in incentives

This is not a shock to me. Hendry and the Cubs usually like to keep things quiet on the trade and free agent front. Remember Soriano signing out of nowhere?? That was announced on November 19th by the way, maybe he can make another big splash from now until then. Remember the Cubs just traded two OFers so there has to be a move on the horizon. Even if the Crawford deal doesn't go down expect the Cubs to be making some nice big moves before Thanksgiving, Fukudome anyone???

I purpose this question, Why not Bonds in Cubbie Blue??

Lets forget about Steroids, lets look at Barry Bonds.

With the RF free agent market weak and if the Cubs lose out on Crawford and Fukudome( which I don't see happening) why not give Bonds a call?? Barry has said he would gladly play in either league next year even as a parttime player. If the Cubs do miss out on Fuk or Craw then you have guys like Wilkerson, Sosa, Jenkins, Stewart, Bradley, Greene, Guillen, Nixon, and Sanders for corner OFers. These are all medicore RFers except maybe Guillen so why not go after Bonds. He will cost about 10-15 million a year which isn't a bad price you could also load his contract with incentives to lower the price. You could platoon him with Murton and give him days off. It would be the ideal platoon situation, plus he would be in a great hitters park and I think the fans would welcome him at Wrigley. Not to mention he could either hit 2nd or 4th and finally have protection for him in the lineup.

This is just a thought and I think the Cubs would be a fool not to at least talk to him if the cant land Fukudome or Crawford. The other option is of course signing a CFer like Rowand, Hunter, Cameron, or A. Jones and moving them or Pie to RF.


Anonymous said...

If the Cubs get Bonds, they lose me as a life long fan. It is time for Barry to fade away....................

Anonymous said...

Rowand,Hunter,Cameron,and Jones are all right handed. I think the cubs are looking at lefty's only. I hate to say it but i think they will settle for G.Jenkins and C.Patterson. Pie has not proven he can hit in the majors. I do like the Bonds idea. I do love your rumors too keep it up. Nick I

Anonymous said...

It is more than 1 source that has said the Cubs are trying to trade for Carl Crawford. I do know that Jim Hendry will not trade Marmol or Rich Hill to get him though.

Bruce Levine would not make up the story about them going after Crawford no matter what Roger Maloney says. Bruce has been right on about the trading of Jones and Monroe, so I have a tough time not believing him. Jim N.