Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bonds a cub? DOUBTFUL. Hendry on 1460 in des moines and other notes and rumors

-It looks like Bonds wont be in a Cub uniform next year. He will be in stripes but only behind bars. Bonds was indited today on perjury among other charges.

- Jim was on Umps eye view today at around 630 on 1460 kxno and he likes Pie in CF and they are going to pursue a power hitting lefty that can play RF thru either a trade or free agency. He dismissed the Crawford for Marmol or Hill trade saying " We are not going to trade the players that helped us into the playoffs, Hill and Marmol are untouchable" He did not say they weren't discussing a trade for Crawford tho. He also wouldn't touch the Dempster situation but said he liked the idea of Marmol being the closer. He also said he would like to add a speedy OFer and utility infielder this offseason still. My bet is Lofton and Matsui. Both would be solid pickups, and Lofton could play CF if Pie isnt ready. Matsui would be good defensive sub and can platoon with Derosa, Infante, and Theriot. Dont look for Cedeno or Font being on the 25 man roster if the get Matsui.

- The Cubs have supposed interest in Jenkins but I think that may be a last resort. That means players like Stewart, Bradley, Wilkerson, Church Green, and Nixon would probably be ahead of him on the list. I don't like the idea of Jenkins! Strike out king, doesn't hit with RISP, low OBP, power declining.. NO WAY! Might as well sign Burnitz again!

- Fukudome still hasn't decided whether to stay in Japan or come to the US. He is expected to make a decision after thanksgiving at the latest. I hope he decides soon so we can move on or sign him to a contract!

- The Cubs are discussing options for RF, including players on other teams. They have interest in players like Abreu( if becomes availible), Drew( Sox maybe shopping him), Nick Markakis ( would cost a bundle but they could look into him), Luke Scott( not a sexy name but is a good power hitter with high OBP), Crawford( we have already went over this lol), and Raul Ibanez ( great power, bad fielding). Either way the Cubs need a power hitting LF or a lefty who hits for average and OBP and some power.

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Joe said...

Glad to hear Hendry say Marmol and Hill are untouchable. Two key arms from last season that can only get better. I wouldnt put the closer label on Marmol just yet, but he gives us options along with Howry and if we can re sign Wood.

Also glad to hear no to Bonds. I know you liked him as an option, but not worth the money as part timer and definitely not worth the headache in the clubhouse. If the Cubs are plannin to spend that kind of money, lavish it on Fuku or one of the FA CFs.

I was one of the first to say I wouldnt mind Matsui in a rotation with Theriot and DeRosa in the middle IF, but with Infante also in the mix, I could see either him bein flipped again or even Theriot or Fontenot being packaged. The White Sox and Cards, just off the top of my head, are lookin for SS and/or middle IF options. Dont know what we would be lookin to get in return from those teams or from other teams, but we're starting to get clogged in the middle IF if we go after Matsui.