Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Cubs Chatter....

- I am sad to say that Eric Byrnes will not be a Cub at the start of the season. He signed with the M's today.

- The Cubs offered Jermaine Dye 3.3 million bucks for the fourth outfield spot. He turned it down so the Cubs inked Nady for the same amount. Dye will regret not taking that deal. Dye will now either sign for less money, retire, or wait this year out. That is my own opinion of course.

- The Jays are shopping Scott Downs and Jason Frasor and the Cubs have checked in on both. If the Cubs could nab Downs I would be pumped! Downs for Marshall or Guzman! Get it done Jimbo!

- Mark Prior is throwing off the mound and would like to make a comeback. Any Cub fans want to see a reunion? I do on a minor league deal.

- The Cubs officially signed Xavier Nady to a one year deal worth 3.3 million with extra incentives to bring it above 5 million.

- The Indians are trying to trade Fausto Carmona to make room for Orlando Hudson. That name should interest the Cubs.

- Here are my last three moves for the Cubs.
***Trade Angel Guzman for Scott Downs.
***Sign Noah Lowry to a minor league deal.
***Trade Sean Marshall and Mike Fontenot to the Mets for Luis Castillo with the Mets picking up 8 million of the 12 million left on his contract. Which would mean the Cubs only adding 2 million to the payroll in this trade.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nelson Want to be a Cub... Other Notes....

- A report in the Tribune stated that Joe Nelson is very much interested in the Cubs. He has put together so pretty decent numbers through out his career and should be a fit but only in a minor league deal in my opinion.

- Castro hit the Top 50 prospect list on all three lists issued today.

- Dawson will be elected into the Hall of Fame as an Expo.

- Here is a funny Ryan Theriot video.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eric Byrnes Burns To Be A Cub....

Eric Byrnes wants to be a Chicago Cub and the Cubs should give him the chance. On a XM radio interview, Chad Tracy said his good friend and former Dback teammate Eric Byrnes wants to be a Chicago Cub. He went on to say the Cubs are his first choice and he is very jealous of Tracy because he signed a minor league deal with the Cubs. He even asked him to put in a good word for him to the front office.

The Cubs need to sign Eric Byrnes, period! If he wants to play here then sign him to a minor league deal with a invite to Spring Training. Have him battle it out with Fuld, Colvin, and Snyder for the 5th outfielder spot. It is a Win-Win situation! Byrnes is a good defensive player, has a decent bat, and is a gamer. For those reasons alone they should sign him!

Here is Eric Byrnes stat page.

Lowry, Hudson, and more.....

- Noah Lowry is set to throw for teams Tuesday and is seeking a one year deal. According to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN their will be about 15 teams in attendance that include the Reds, Cards, Braves, Astros, M's, and yes the Cubs. If his session goes well, there is not a doubt in my mind that the Cubs should offer him a Major League contract with a small base and incentives. He would provide the Cubs will a low risk high reward pitcher to battle for the 5th spot in the rotation.

- Three teams are in on Orlando Hudson according to Fox Sports. The Nats and Rays are pursuing Hudson and a mystery team is in the mix. Some say it is the Twins or Rockies. I would not be surprised if it is the Cubs. The rumor floating around is that Hudson is willing to sign a similar deal that he did last season which is 3.38 million guaranteed with tons of incentives. The Twins and Rockies have their sites around a 2 million dollar base and it is unknown what the Nats and Rays are offering. The Cubs currently need a top of the order guy that can play good 2nd base, if they sign Hudson, they would have one. It would also give the Cubs trade bait in the form of Fontenot, Blanco, or Baker.

- The Cubs officially signed Chad Tracy to a minor league deal. I expect him to make the team out of Spring Training.

- The Cubs avoided arbitration with Sean Marshall by signing him to a one year deal worth 950,00K. Theriot and Marmol are the only players left unsigned.

Latest From Levine-

- Fukudome will start in RF unless they can find another bat that can hit the top of the lineup.
- He said Theriot will be the starting 2nd baseman out of ST with Castro making the team at SS.
- Jim will look to the bullpen now, Luke Gregerson looks like a realistic trade.
- Rich Hill signed a minor league contract with the Cards.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nady To Sign With Cubs.... Other Notes.... UPDATE!

Update! -7:45pm- The Cubs are not in on Edmonds according to many sources. The Cubs have signed Chad Tracy to a minor league deal to cement the fact that the Cubs and Edmonds will not have a reunion. Tracy will make 900K if he makes the team and can earn up to 525K if he makes 450 plate appearances.

This is a good move for the Cubs. Tracy will provide injury insurance for Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez even if he starts in AAA which I do not see happening. Tracy has had many injuries in his career and has yet to live up to his .911 OPS in 2005 but a change of scenery could change all that. You can find Tracy's lifetime stats here and his splits here. He really hits well against RHP and provides good defense as well, this could spell the end of Hoffpauir in Chicago. The Cubs will announce the signing Wednesday.

-First reported by Bruce Levine, the Cubs are going to sign Xavier Nady if he passes his physical. Tim Brown tweets that Nady reached an agreement on a one year deal pending a physical which could cause some problems because of his repaired elbow. Heyman has the details on the contract. Nady will get 3.3 million guaranteed plus 2 million in incentives based on games played.

Seems like a very reasonable deal for the Cubs. Nady provides them with good power and decent defense. Nady will likely platoon with Fukudome while filling in for Soriano and Lee from time to time. It should be noted that he can also play CF as well. You can check Nady's career stats here and his split stats here. I got to say I love his lifetime stats against lefties (.308 AVG, .383 OBP, .854 OPS, in 597 ABs) and his Wrigley Field numbers (.304 AVG., .371 OBP, and .812 OPS in 102 ABs). Both numbers make this a very good signing for the Cubs as long as his elbow is fine.

- The A's signed Ben Sheets to a one year deal worth 10 million plus performance bonuses. I am glad the Cubs did not make that mistake. Of course the A's could use him as trade bait (to Cubs?) at the deadline if they are out of the playoff picture and get some good prospects in return. But that is only if Sheets stays healthy.

- Are the Cubs one of the two tams left in on the Edmonds sweepstakes? According to one baseball source the Cubs are one of the two teams in on Jimmy Ballgame. This source says the Cubs are offering the league minimum with a guaranteed roster spot while one of my readers says he has heard it is a minor league deal with an invite to ST. Both the source and reader agree that Edmonds would be used as the 5th outfielder and spell Lee at 1st. This would likely leave Hoffpauir as trade bait or start the year in AAA. I have not confirmed this source and rumor with any "Chicago Writers" but I thought I would throw it out there for you.

- If the Nady does sign and Edmonds signs as well, expect a reliever to be inked soon. Jim likes to do things in bunches.

- Orlando Hudson's price tag continues to drop while the Cubs interest in him continues to increase. The Cubs may do what the Dodgers did last season and sign Hudson in February for a low base salary with incentives. One things is for sure the Cubs are keeping their eyes open for upgrades at 2nd base because it is the weak spot in the field and lineup.

- The Cubs have contacted Chan Ho Park's agent and he is reportedly looking for 3-4 million a year. So a deal is not likely. Why not Smoltz again?

- has the latest Cub prospect rankings. Check out what they say about Vitters, Castro, and the surprising good comments for Hak-Ju Lee. They do a good job of breaking things down and laying it out there for you. CCO you are truely a first rate Cubs site.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Rumor Rumblings....

Here is the latest from

- Morosi says Kiko Clero is still a primary item on the Cubs' list but have decreased their interest some.

- They also say that Xavier Nady is their first choice unless Dye contract demands come down. I like both Nady and Dye over Gomes.

- Ben Sheets in unlikely but Mark Mulder is more of a possibility. I like the idea of Mulder a lot.

- The Cubs have looked at Adam Kennedy and Orlando Hudson but adding a guy for 2nd base is not a priority. It should be and I would be very happy if the Cubs added either one, especially Hudson.

---------------------------Other Rumors and Notes....

- The Rangers designated Joe Inglett for assignment. I would like the Cubs to make a play for him. He can play all over the infield and outfield pretty well and has a lifetime .293 Avg and .349 OBP as a utility guy. I would prefer him over Fontenot.

- Another guy that has been said to be trade bait is Ty Wigginton. With the additions of Tejada and Atkins the right handed utility man will receive a lot less ABs. The Cubs would be very smart to get in on him. A guy that has played everywhere except CF, P, and C could be very valuable coming off the bench for the Cubs. He only makes 3.5 million in the final year of his contract. I think a Fontenot for Wigginton deal would be fair.

- The Chicago Cubs and Ray are after reliever Chan Ho Park according ot Jon Heyman.

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