Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Cubs Make Some Waves, Typhoons Maybe Coming

- First lets get this out of the way. The Cubs claimed utility player Adrian Cardenas from the A's and designated Blake DeWitt for assignment. If you follow me on twitter you already know Hot Stove Cubbies was the first to rumor this which is found here and more on Cardenas is found here. This is a great move for the Cubs going forward because Adrian brings a lot more to the table than DeWitt.

- I talked to one of my sources that said there is a good chance DeWitt gets claimed because numerous teams have interest such as the White Sox and Mariners.

- Tom Loxas on Twitter says the a name being thrown around in the compensation talks is Josh Vitters. I say WOW considering most thing it is a low level prospect. But having said that I do think Vitters is worth Theo and if they announced it I would be disappointed but of course I would accept it.

- Yoenis Cespedes is set to visit the Marlins Weds. but a source tells me he has met with the Cubs front office more than twice and he may have even talked to Tom Ricketts as well.

- Soler maybe harder to get than originally thought. More than 10 team are expected to fight for the young outfielder.

- Bleacher Nation throws out Junior Lake as possible compensation for Theo. I will add Chris Carpenter to that list as well. The fact that Lake, Carpenter, and Vitters have all been rumored as possible compensation has to tell you the Red Sox will get more than the Cubs thought they would.

- A source tells me that if the Cubs land Cespedes it will not be because the Cubs offered him the most money rather that he wants to be a Cub and they can give him intangible things that the Marlins cannot give him. He then goes on to say if it is purely about money then he will go to Miami because the fish will not be out spent on Cespedes.

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