Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cubs Hits: Lim, Rosario, Hamilton, & the Fallout

  • It looks like the Red Sox could be landing former Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster. No surprise there considering they had interest in trading for him during the deadline in July.
  • The Cubs claimed pitcher Sandy Rosario off of waivers from the Red Sox. The 27 year old Rosario has not been given much of a chance in the big leagues. Putting up just 7.2 IP and a 15.26 ERA but his minor league numbers say a different story. Last season with Miami’s AAA affiliate he posted a 1.04 ERA with 16 SV in 26 IP. His career numbers are pretty good as well posting a 21-14 record in the minors with a 3.48 ERA in 310 IP with 319 SO. This guy seems like a classic “let’s see if this guy has it figured out”. He has the make-up of a good reliever but only time will tell.
  • The Cubs are set to sign 36-year-old Korean pitcher Chang-Yong Lim to a 2 year $5M deal but it is a minor/major league split which means he does not make a ton of money until he is in the majors. The big issue is he is coming off his 2ndTommy John Surgery and will not be ready to pitch in games until 2014. There is some risk but more reward. He is right-handed reliever with a funky side arm delivery in which his fastball sits in the low 90s. I really like a pick up like this for the Cubs.
  • Buster Olney said the buzz around baseball is positive on how the Cubs are rebuilding from the ground up. He also throws in a tidbit about the Cubs being poised to maybe trade for David Price next winter to which I say… HELL YEAH!
  • Jayson Stark is reporting the Cubs among 7 other clubs are in the mix for 34-year-old right-handed reliever Mike Adams. He goes on to say that he will likely make his decision in the next few days.
  • The Cubs adding depth to their bullpen is an obvious need but with a rotation that is not as strong they see a very cost effective way to counteract that by signing good relievers. Thus making their rotation not leaned on as much like last season.
  • Now onto the good stuff. It looks like the Angels and Josh Hamilton are on the verge of a 5 year deal worth $125M which could impact the Cubs in many ways. First off the deal makes the Angels outfield, infield corners, and DH too full. They have Mike Trout, Peter Bourjos, Mark Trumbo, Vernon Wells, Alberto Callaspo, Albert Pujols, and Kendry Morales to fill only 6 starting spots. Players that will not be traded are Mike Trout and Albert Pujols so that fills two spots. Vernon Wells is a tougher sell than Soriano so he is likely not to be moved. So out of this possible fall out after Hamilton you really only have 2 starting spots open for the rest of the players involved. That tells me that Bourjos, Trumbo, Morales, or Callaspo will be traded before the start of the season. There has already been thoughts that Callaspo could be traded with Bourjos taking over in CF, Trumbo at 3rd, Morales/Wells to DH and Hamilton in RF. There has also been talk about Bourjos or Trumbo being traded for starting pitching (RA Dickey) which makes some since minus their rotation being solid.
Now with the players that would interest the Cubs the most are Peter Bourjos which you can find his stats here, Mark Trumbo (here),or Alberto Callaspo (here). Morales is purely a DH/1st baseman and that does not fit the Cubs. The Cubs have an obvious fit with Peter Bourjos to fill the huge void in CF for them. He is 25 years old, has not even tapped into his talent, can play great defense, and has great speed. He also would cost the Cubs a lot in the terms of talent. Another big fit would be Mark Trumbo who will be just 27 next month. Trumbo can handle the OF, 1st, and many think he can handle 3rd. Trumbo is a pure power hitter and very cost effective but he could cost more in talent than Bourjos. Finally Callaspo fits what the Cubs are doing right now. Looking for guys they can plug into hole in hopes of him doing well then flipping them for prospects. The Cubs currently have Luis Valbuena and Ian Stewart (non-guaranteed contract) to man third in this up and coming season. So obviously Callaspo is an upgrade offensively but he could also be a good platoon with Stewart or Valbuena being a switch hitter. He is going to cost a lot less in talent but is not as good of a player.
The fall out of this Hamilton deal is going to spread far and wide. Whether the Cubs are able to capitalize remains to be seen.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cubs Hits: Soriano, Garza, Trades, and More...

  • So there are reports the Cubs are opting out of the MLB’s deal with StubHub while the Cubs said they are not opting out but looking at all options.
  • The Phillies really like the idea of adding Soriano but will look at other players on the market as well like Cody Ross, Nick Swisher, and Josh Hamilton.
  • The Cubs have announced their minor league coaching staff found here here.
  • The Indians are interested in Alfonso Soriano according to a source. The Indians are looking for a corner outfielder and DH so he is a fit.
  • You can add the Tigers to the list of teams who like Soriano. Here is a quote from Dombrowski say his top priority is to find ““the correct right handed bat for the outfield”
  • The Tigers could also be interested in Matt Garza once he is proved healthy since they were in on James Shields and still very much want Anibal Sanchez. They were dangling Avisail Garcia plus other prospects for Shields. Garcia is a good piece but he is no Wil Myers. Find Garcia’s stats here.
  • I still have not been able to confirm or deny the Delmon Young contract offer.
  • The Cubs front office has big hopes (AND I MEAN BIG) that a player like Cody Ross, Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn, or even Josh Hamilton falls in their lap for a cheap price. Which is why you see them in a kind of wait and see pattern currently regarding position player (minus the Nate Schierholtz signing).
  • Jason Grilli ended up signing with the Bucs.
  • The Cubs have been more active in the trade talks than talks with free agents a source tells me. He also says the Cubs are in a holding pattern to see how the market for outfielders and relievers pan out after bigger names come off the board.
  • A report originated from Jon Heyman says the Cubs discussed a deal that would have sent Soriano and a lot of cash to the Phillies for Domonic Brown. Later Jayson Stark said the Phillies were initially uninterested when the Cubs approached them about Soriano but now they are kicking the tires on him. A trade remains possible but unlikely.
  • The Dbacks, Reds, and Indians pulled off a monster trade last night netting the Reds OF Shin-Soo Choo and IF Jason Donald, the Diamondbacks got SS Didi Gregoruis, P Tony Sipp, and 1stbaseman Lars Anderson, and the Indians got CF Drew Stubbs, P Trevor Bauer, P Bryan Shaw, and Matt Albers.
  • A trade like this does make me ill because the Cubs could have sent a similar package to the Dbacks for Trevor Bauer without giving up much in the way of the future.
  • The deal could spark the Dbacks trading Gerardo Parra since they landed Lars Anderson in which Parra would interest the Cubs a lot.
  • Did you know that pitchers and catchers are going to report to Spring Training on February 10th? I mere 2 months away. HOORAY!
  • The Cubs have called the Tigers on Porcello which is no surprise.
  • Bruce Levine chimes in to say the Cubs and Phillies did discuss a deal with Philly for Soriano but it involved pitching not former prospect Brown.
  • The Red signed Jack Hannanhan to a one year 2M deal. The Cubs had interest until they signed Ian Stewart to a similar deal.
  • The Red Sox could wait until Pitchers and Catchers report before acquiring a starter to help their rotation. They could be a match for Travis Wood or Matt Garza.
  • David DeJesus is gaining a lot of trade interest from both leagues.
  • Here is another round of Bruce Levine’s chat from yesterday. (Some of my twitter followers “love” Levine :sarcasm: )
    • Marmol’s value will just increase as the relievers come off the free agency board.
    • The Cubs will be hitting the trade market soon.
    • The Cubs will likely platoon Schierholtz and Sapplet.
    • If Garza proves healthy this spring he will likely be traded.
    • The Rangers have always been interested in Garza and was very interested before the deadline. So a deal with them is not out of the question if proved healthy. Olt could be a part of it.
    • The front office has said that players must have 500 Abs in AAA before making it to the ML.
    • The Cubs and Dempster had talks about a 1 year $10M deal but nothing official came of it.
    • Baez will likely move back to SS after he played 3B in fall league.
    • Delmon Young does not makes sense to him.
    • The Cubs are not interested in trading Baez but they will listen to every player in the organization.
    • The Cubs want to add a quality arm or two before ST.
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