Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soriano Will Not Be Sent Packing...

ESPN's Rob Neyer wrote yesterday and David Kaplan on 1460 KXNO both stated on Thursday that there is a 50/50 chance Alfonso Soriano is released before the end of his contract in 2014. David Kaplan went a little further and said he would not be surprised if Soriano is released this Season, because they have Fukudome and Colvin who are producing with the bat.

But according to Hendry, he said that there "Never has been a thought to it" and blames the media for the rumor. Jim Hendry will not make a mistake twice in the same season. Late last year and early this year Jim Hendry made it known he "needed" to trade Milton Bradley. There is no way he is going to say, "yes we actually considered releasing Soriano because we cannot trade him." How silly and dumb would that be for Hendry say. While I believe that Neyer could be onto something about releasing Soriano before his contract ends, I do not believe it will be this year.

Whether you agree or not Cub fans, Soriano does have trade value. According to my sources, and I stated this on Tuesday, the Cubs are looking to move Soriano and they do have suitors. The Tigers, Yankees, and Blue Jays are rumored to have some sort of interest but a three new teams have emerged. The Nationals, Mariners, and Braves have now shown some interest in Sori, it is not know how much of the salary the Cubs would have to pay with these teams or who they would receive in return but the Cubs are looking for bullpen help so that could be the Cubs target.

I will let you know more on this as it becomes available.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cubs Notes....

- Lilly threw 25 pitches Monday during a bullpen session at Wrigley field Monday. Lilly will likely have two outing with AAA Iowa before joining the Cubs. His target date is April 24th against the Brewers.

- Lee is day to day with right thumb inflammation. The X-rays he received came back negative and he will probably get Weds. off and will likely be back in the lineup on Thursday.

- Soriano will not be in the outfield in late in games according to Lou. Lou does not want a repeat of what happened in Cincy on Sunday. He will likely be lifted for Tyler Colvin, Nady, or Fukudome.

- Ricketts told us Monday that there will be room to add a player if there is an injury or if Jim feels they need a player for an important role. That is some good news because our bullpen needs an important player!

- I am hearing from my sources that Jim Hendry is talking to other GMs about Alfonso Soriano. Word is that the Cubs would be willing to eat 50% of his contract or take on a player with a bloated contract in return for the slugging left fielder. Some names and teams that have been tossed out there are the Blue Jays and Vernon Wells, Diamondbacks and Chris Young, Tigers and Magglio Ordonez or Carlos Guillen, and the Yankees also have some interest.

If the Cubs can unload Soriano with only paying 50% or less of his contract, no matter what player you get in return it is a good deal! If the Cubs dumped him and 50% of his contract they would save 45 million over the next 5 years!

I will keep you updated as I hear more on this and all other Cub related rumors.

Go Cubs!