Thursday, November 18, 2010

Updating the Meetings..

Updates for the meetings-

- It is uncertain that Blake DeWitt will be the Cubs starting 2nd baseman next season. Darwin Barney could replace him if he has a good ST and the surprise candidate is Hak-Ju Lee, although the rumor is if he breaks camp with the Cubs he will play SS and Castro will play 2nd base. Lee has better fielding tools, speed, range, and arm than Castro. I cannot wait to see both playing together in ST.

- The Cubs believe they have a future ace in the making in Chris Carpenter.

- Carlos Zambrano will not be traded. He will not waive his no-trade and the Cubs will not ask him to do so. The Cubs also may hold onto Fukudome as their 4th outfielder. He did well under Quade and Kosuke does better when he has limited ABs. He is not an everyday player and does not have the stamina to play 150+ games either.

- Marmol will get a nice raise this year. He will likely make 4-5 million for 2010.

- The Cubs have not talked to Adam Dunn’s agent and are instead looking for an above average defensive 1st baseman for next season. Rumor has it that Pena is at the top of the Free Agent list.

- Jim Hendry meant with a lot of agents during the meetings and also a lot of teams. He meant with the Rangers to see if they could match in a potential trade. The Rangers want a young up and coming catcher and the Cubs are looking for a young left-handed 1st baseman. It is rumored the Cubs could offer Wellington Castillo or Robinson Chirinos for 25 year old first baseman Chris Davis.

- The Cubs are meant with agents for Javier Vazquez, Aaron Harang and Vicente Padilla.

- Micah Hoffpauir signed a one-year deal to play in Japan.

- Jim Hendry had talked trades with the Royals, Rangers, Rockies, Yankees, and Red Sox over the past two days but nothing is imminent according to sources.

- The Cubs would love to bring Kerry Wood back to Chicago.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Latest Cub Rumors from the Meetings

- The Cubs are very interested in James Loney if the Dodgers officially make him available. The Dodgers are looking for a power hitting first baseman and could look to trade Loney and sign someone like Carlos Pena or Adam Dunn. The rumored asking price for Loney is really not that bad. The Cubs could obtain him for a good prospect and a mid-level prospect.

- The Cubs have no interest in Justin Upton or Stephen Drew according to sources. The Cubs like the outfield they have and are likely to go into next season with Blake DeWitt at 2nd and of course Starlin Castro at SS.

- Westbrook signed with the Cards, leaving the Cubs with rumored interest in Garland, Millwood, and Vazquez. Why is there no love for Brandon Webb?

- Bruce Levine cannot confirm or deny interest in Jacoby Ellsbury. I can see them going after Ellsbury if they trade Marlon Byrd.

- Levine said the Cubs could trade Marlon Byrd if they find a run producing outfielder. I think trading Byrd would be a mistake because he brings more to the table than just baseball skills.

- Levine says these meetings are a precursor to the deals that will be completed within the coming weeks. The Cubs are rumored to be ready to make a "huge push" toward Adrian Gonzalez. Even if that means trading Andrew Cashner or another one of their stud prospects.

- The Cubs are evaluating the trade front for 1st baseman and have interest in Billy Butler, Todd Helton, Kila Ka'aihue, Nick Swisher, and Luke Scott

- Hendry is encouraged by recent talks with other GMs and said he has been talking more trades this year than in years past.

- The Cubs signed Scott Moore to a minor league deal.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Trying to Deal...

- GM meetings run Tuesday and Weds. but most GMs stay there the whole week.

- Most teams lay out the frame work for trades this week and complete or revisit them by the Winter Meetings in December.

- Hendry is looking to make two or three solid additions rather than one big splash.

- The Cubs top target is to trade for Adrian Gonzalez, there 2nd choice is Carlos Pena if he comes at a better price (cheaper than Dunn).

- If the Cubs fail to get one of the two they will turn there attention to stop gaps like Adam LaRoche, Aubrey Huff, Nick Johnson, Lance Berkman, and Lyle Overbay.

- Westbrook, Millwood, and Vazquez have made the Cubs watch list.

- Jim will try desperately to unload Fukudome, even for another bad contract. Luis Castillo for Fukudome or Oliver Perez for Fukudome deals has been rumored. Along with Fukudome for Gil Meche.

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