Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lots of Talk....

UPDATES!- CSNNE.COM is reporting that the Cubs approached the Red Sox about trading them Fukudome. The Red Sox did not engage talks or talk players but with the Cubs willing to eat 13 million of the 26 million left on his contract they could get the Red Sox (or another team) to take on Fukudome.

The Mets are looking for a
top of the rotation starter and according to sources are interested in Ted Lilly and Ryan Dempster. One of the sources said the Mets have already had "some talks" with the Cubs about both starters.

In other news the Cubs have come to terms with first round draft pick Hayden Simpson.

- Ryne Sandberg might make it to the big leagues soon but it might not be with the Chicago Cubs. Sandberg told the Des Moines Register that he has enjoyed climbing up the ladder in the Cubs organization and his ultimate goal is to manage in the big leagues and hopes to get “chance with someone” soon. Former Chicago Cubs team president Andy MacPhail is looking for a long term managing solution in Baltimore for the recently fired Dave Trembley. So far no call has been made to Ryne but he said he would listen if he did call. A lot of Cub fans just assumed that Ryne Sandberg would take over the Chicago Cubs after the Lou Pinella Era was up. Well after this season (hopefully sooner) Lou’s contact is up so a decision will have to be made. Promote Ryne Sandberg to Chicago Cubs manager or look elsewhere? Ryne said he is ”waiting for an opportunity” and everyone will be wondering if it will be with Chicago or somewhere else. Personally he better be the Chicago Cubs next manager and if he is not that is a HUGE MISTAKE!

- The Twins are looking for an upgrade at the hot corner and the Cubs could benefit. The Twins are looking for a power hitting middle of the lineup 3rd baseman that can help them on the road to the playoffs. The Twins recently called up top-prospect Danny Valencia to help but he is no guarantee. The Cubs are 7 games under .500 and could be getting ready to sell off this team unless they start winning a lot and very soon. The Cubs have two third baseman that could help the Twins. The affordable Chad Tracy has not been great but is an up grade over what they have now but the Twins could try to catch lighting in a bottle with Aramis Ramirez. Ramirez has been struggling and his trade value is low and his contract is big, which could in fact help the Twins. The Twins could trade for Aramis without giving a lot of young players and still have him opt out of his deal at the end of the year getting the Twins off the hook of 16 million. Not to mention if the Twins did trade for Aramis you have to believe the Cubs would pay a big part of this contract. Since the Twins are looking for a 3rd baseman the Cubs should trade them one!

- The Angels suffered another injury losing Maicer Izturis and Erick Aybar. The Cubs once again my benefit from this by trading them Ryan Theriot. MLBTR labels Cesar Iztruis, Omar Vizquel, Stephen Drew, and Ryan Theriot as possible targets. No on has been contacted via trade yet because GM Tony Reagins says they are not at the point. The Angels could have interest in Mike Fontenot as well who has played both SS, 3rd, and 2nd.

- The Cubs have interest in recently DFA player Renyel Pinto from the Marlins. The Cubs traded Pinto along with 2 other former Cubs in the Juan Pierre deal so there is some history with Pinto. Pinto has been good but his wildness has designated him for assignment. Pinto only makes $650,000 this season and is under control for 2011 and 2012. Pinto went 15.2 innings this season with 16 K’s and 8 BB. He has actually been better against righties than lefties and averages a K per inning thought out his career as a reliever. Since Pinto is cheap financially the move makes perfect sense for the Cubs.

- Jim Hendry still feels Lou Pinella is the guy to get this team out of the dumps. Jim continues to say that Lou’s job is not in jeopardy. Last night was great, don’t get me wrong, but come on! Lou has lost his step and it seems like a cardboard cut out of Lou has been managing this team not the Lou that took this team to back-to-back playoff appearances. The Cubs need a new manager and if our GM does not see that, maybe there should be a change there too!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On The Move.....

- Regardless of the Angels saying they are not interested in a rental player there are rumors still saying they are interested in Xavier Nady while their interest in Derrek Lee has decreased.

- The Cubs are interested in moving Kosuke Fukudome but John Paul Morosi says Hendry would be selling low and would have to eat a lot of the 21 million left on his contract. The Cubs have not approached Kosuke about a trade but will likely have to because he can veto trades to 15 teams. Nationals still have interest but they are on Fukudome’s no trade list. The Red Sox and Yankees are not but have not inquired on the outfielder.

- Will the Cubs trade Lilly or not is the question around Chicago. Many media outlets feel Lilly is the biggest trading chip and it is hard to disagree. If Hendry was wise he would trade Lilly and get some nice young players for the rebuilding process.

- Tom Gorzelanny is another big trading chip but he is under team control and is a cheap young pitcher. The Cubs maybe reluctant to trade him because of Randy Well’s struggles this season. In fact he could replace Wells in the rotation depending on how he does against the A’s this week.
- Jon Paul Morosi chimes in again saying Jim Hendry should trade Theriot with Starlin Castro already in the big leagues and Darwin Barney ready in AAA. Not to mention Hak-Ju Lee is a couple of years away from being one of the Cubs starting middle infielders. The Padres, Tigers, Twins, and A’s could look at Theriot as an upgrade to their team.

As of right now Jim Hendry has not “talked to anyone” about trades according to the Tribune. One thing is for sure if the Cubs do not start winning the phone will be ringing!