Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cubs and Prior avoid arbitration

The Cubs and Prior avoided arbitration earlier today by agreeing on a 1 year deal. The deal includes a base pay of 3.575 million, which is less than he made last year. Tho Prior wanted 3.875 million, he could still get it becuase he also has performance bonus in the contract that could push it up to 3.8 million.

According to, next up is Zambrano. Zambrano did set the Season opener as his deadline for a long term deal to be reached. If the cubs cant reach it by then they run the same risk of losing him as they almost lost Aramis this year. Thats something Jim wants to avoid. Z has said he hopes the Jim "has some money for Z." You got to think that if a deal doesnt get done, Z will be the hottest player on the market next year. Having said that Jim and Z both have stated that Carlos wants to be a Cub his entire career and I think they will fullfill that by signing him to a long term deal during Spring Training.